Kaos POV

I woke up today with the strength to pack for the show tomorrow. Singto and I are still here in our home. We will spend a few hours together here then go back to our respective houses to get ready.

”Krist? Krist? Hug me please. ” Singto said while still sleeping

I am surprised with what I heard because I specifically told him to dream about me last night. What the hell is Krist doing in my mans dream? I have to wake my man up.

”Singto, wake up! Its already 10 am. Lets have some breakfast. ” I woke him up

”Okay babe but I want you for my breakfast. Can I eat you or should I continue the punishment that we postponed yesterday? ” Singto teased me

”Babe, I am not that easy. Come on here, kiss me! ” I easily agreed to him

We kissed hard and wild until our lips got sore. He pushed me on our bed and took off my shirt. He also took his shirt off and instructed me to kiss his body. After hearing him moan, I got hard and while caressing his toned abs. He switched our positions and it is now his turn kissing my body.

”I love you, Singto. I love you so much. I am willing to do everything for you. ” I said without hesitating

”I love you too, Kao. So, lets eat the real breakfast? ” Singto replied

”Sure honey. ” he pinned me down to the direction of his full course meal

Okay, we ate each other as a punishment for me being naughty. It doesn feel like a punishment to be honest. I kinda like it when he does this to me. I know that he likes it too.

”Kao, lets go pack our things. Ill see you in the Safe House tomorrow okay? I love you! ” we took a shower and then leave the house

It is going to be a hectic two weeks for us in the Safe House. Wish us luck!

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