The Golden Boys of BL

Secret Rendezvous

for each others hugs and kisses since we have been busy since our respective series aired last year. Our secret rendezvous is usually here in our house in Chiang Mai. It is a secluded home which we both own. The agreement we had was we can only stay there if we are both present in that house. So that is basically everything we meet during our free days.

”Babe, I am so tired today. Can we just move our punishment tomorrow? Im sorry. ” Singto quickly apologized to me

I get it. We are both tired from the event a while ago so we need to rest for tonight. This is not the first time that we were in this situation. I also did this to him countless times and we both understand each others boundaries so it is not a big deal for us.

”Goodnight babe, just dream sexy dreams about me okay? ” I gave him a peck on the lips as a goodnight kiss

And we both sleep and rest peacefully after a long and hectic day. We still need to pack for that reality show that I didn know until it was announced.

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