The Golden Boys of BL

Secret Rendezvous

Singto POV

Kao Noppakao spilled a drink on my shirt just to ”accidentally ” humiliate me in front of the livestream. As I was washing my clothes, Kao followed me in the comfort room then he locked the door. I was surprised when he locked the door and pushed inside the empty cubicle. Oh, I forgot to tell you that Kao or Nine is my real life boyfriend.

”Babe, what are you doing here? Someone will see us. Lets continue this later. I will punish you for spilling your drink on me. ” I warned him

”Thats why I love you babe, you love to punish me. Please punish me harder later, okay? Lets go! ” he held my hand and gave me an extra shirt

The program moves along until the end with a big announcement which I am not that surprised because we already know about our series.

”All the rumors are true. Krist, Singto, Kao, and Up will star in their new series at the end of the year. But before that, they will be in a reality show entitled, ”Safe Zone: Lakorn leading men edition. ” This is a reality live streaming series where eight boys will stay in the house for two full weeks. The winner of this show will be determined through a point system. We will be collecting all of their points and the leading man with the most points will win 100 thousand baht! ” the emcee explained

I am shocked about this to be honest. I only live alone in my home. How am I going to socialize with these other handsome men together with my boyfriend? We don want to be caught sooner. We want to announce it when the time is right.

”The other four leading men are Zee Pruk, Nunew Chawarin, Yin Anan and War Wanarat. These eight handsome men will face different challenges and this will also serve as their workshop for their upcoming lakorn. So let us welcome Krist, Singto, Kao, Up, Zee, Nunew, Yin, and War! Let us give them a warm welcome by watching them for two weeks starting this Sunday from 8am to 12mn. ” the emcee welcomed us

I don have a choice but to follow this ridiculous show since it is also considered as our workship. Good luck to my awkward self and good luck in hiding my relationship with Kao.

”It is like the Thai version of Big Brother but no one will be evicted since it is a point system. So, this is the end of our KFC program and let us give another round of applause to Krist Perawat, Singto Prachaya, Kao Noppakao, and Up Poompat. Thank you everyone and goodnight! ” the emcee ended the program finally

We said goodbye to one another and to my co-presenters, Singto and Up. Kao keeps on looking at me seductively. He really knows how to turn me on. I winked back and bit my lips to seduce him as well. We have this sexual tension whenever we interact and talk to each other. We were already boyfriends before entering the BL industry. We are five years strong. No one knows our relationship except our families and trusted friends.

”Hey babe, lets go to my place and punish me already. ” Kao whispered to my left ear

”Hold your horses babe, we will get there. Can you stop being horny here? We are in a public place and we might get caught. ” I whispered back

”Okay, daddy. See you later. 11pm in my bedroom. ” he replied in a sexy tone as usual

I just love him when he is like this. I think I am loving him more. Kao, you are driving me crazy!

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