The Golden Boys of BL

Safe House Lakorn

Singtos POV

”Sawadee krub! I am your new KFC presenter, Singto Prachaya. I am very honored to be part of this prestigious fast food chain. KFC has been my favorite food place ever since I was a kid so it is a dream come true to be able to stand here with my fellow artists. ” I began the spiels

”Sawadee krub! I am also your new KFC presenter and the other half of PSingto, Krist Perawat. Just like what he said, I am also a big fan of KFC that is why I said yes immediately after they pitched this endorsement to me. Let us enjoy the show. ” Krist chuckled

”Hi everyone! This is Up Poompat, your eldest KFC endorser. I am here to welcome our new presenters, Singto, Krist, and my partner, Kao. Welcome to the KFC family. ” Up welcomed us newbies

”Hello! I am Kao and I am also the new presenter of KFC. Thanks KFC for picking me as your endorser. Now, can I have some finger lickin good chicken? ” Kao jokingly said but he seems so hungry I think

As you can see, we are now here in the CMMTV building to promote the newest products of KFC. They always hold programs like this whenever the sponsors want to so here we are the chosen four who will introduce the newest cheesy and spicy Zinger burger and chicken.

This the first time that Krist and I will be working with a loveteam from our rival network One 30. Kao and Up are the most famous BL love team this year because of their successful series Lovely Writer.

Krist and I are kind of awkward towards them because we are the two of the most prominent loveteams this year because the series SOTUS S was airing at the same time as their series which were both a worldwide phenomenon.

The two channels, CMMTV and Channel 30, collaborate in this program because there are some speculations that our two loveteams will be the two lead couples for a new series. I hope it is not true. I just don feel comfortable around them to be honest. Krist also mentioned the same thought to me before going here.

”I am very sorry, Nong Singto. ” Kao apologized to me as he ”accidentally ” spilled his drink on my clothes

Now I am soaking wet and sticky at the same time. I saw him smirk and I think he just wants to sabotage me in front of the fans.

”Whatever, PKao. ” I unconsciously replied

Krist, Up, and most of the staff are now looking at us and making the set feel awkward. Well, we have to be professional and continue the show.

I just want this to end now.

”Hey, are you okay? I have an extra shirt there. You need to change. ” Krist asked me with his concerned eyes

”Im okay P Krist, thank you for your concern. Lets just get this over with. ” I said annoyingly

Krist just laugh and said, ”Yes, I want to go home now, lets bail this show? ” he half-jokingly said

Okay. Lets stay here and be professional and just stick with my love team.

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