Krist and I are kind of awkward towards them because we are the two of the most prominent loveteams this year because the series SOTUS S was airing at the same time as their series which were both a worldwide phenomenon.

The two channels, CMMTV and Channel 30, collaborate in this program because there are some speculations that our two loveteams will be the two lead couples for a new series. I hope it is not true. I just don feel comfortable around them to be honest. Krist also mentioned the same thought to me before going here.

”I am very sorry, Nong Singto. ” Kao apologized to me as he ”accidentally ” spilled his drink on my clothes

Now I am soaking wet and sticky at the same time. I saw him smirk and I think he just wants to sabotage me in front of the fans.

”Whatever, PKao. ” I unconsciously replied

Krist, Up, and most of the staff are now looking at us and making the set feel awkward. Well, we have to be professional and continue the show.

I just want this to end now.

”Hey, are you okay? I have an extra shirt there. You need to change. ” Krist asked me with his concerned eyes

”Im okay P Krist, thank you for your concern. Lets just get this over with. ” I said annoyingly

Krist just laugh and said, ”Yes, I want to go home now, lets bail this show? ” he half-jokingly said

Okay. Lets stay here and be professional and just stick with my love team.

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