The Filipino Werewolf – ALPHA MERCURY

The Birth Of Mercury - Full Moon

”The names of your leaders are the first ten Cardinal numbers in Latin: James, call me, UNUS; Simeon, my brother, DUO; Raul, my brother also, TRES; Daniel, QUATTUOR; Virginia, QUINQUE; Mary, SEX; Brando, SEPTEM; Ferdinand, OCTO, Annie, NOVEM and Janette, DECEM, and Randy, EYE.These are our names in the Azzo Tribe.Use these names from now on, and forget the our old names and it is stamped on our bodies.We will test them in new life and future challenges.These names were given to all of you because of their Latin symbols on their bodies when I examined them.Each of them have different powers, strengths and abilities to defend our clan.Follow all of you the truth for the good of our clan.We are all warriors of our tribe, hold your right hand on your amulet and stick it in your heart and shouted three times …. The Champ …. The Champ… The Champ…. as a salute to our clan. Say goodbye to your loved ones and family. Let us unite to fight the Azzwang clan. Long live the Azzo Tribe! ”

”The education and training of the residents with their respective leaders will continue until dark. More and more combat techniques are being taught to you including the use of a dagger with a liquid blessing, which will make you a werewolf and return to human form. The amulet, using the strong light coming from the amulet and other use of essential elements; water, air, dust, light, fire, saliva and the use of emotions in the body. We must use these techniques in the right way so that we can advance our faith, to advance the future of our family and to help humanity, ” commanded by Unus.

”Lets train ourselves so that what we do now makes sense and also for our future. Don use your energy in an irrelevant way. Be responsible for your actions and deeds. ”


Unus (James) continues to provide a lot of information to his warriors. ”Listen carefully Azzo warriors, we hope that a new creature, blessed by our ancestors through the love of Septem and Sex. Their love for each other. one results in this significant offspring as the most powerful member of Azzo, as I learned from the Book of Azzo.We must protect him from anything and circumstances, the full moon is fast approaching and this creature must be be born within our care. There is no barrier that wants to occur, even the Azzwangs. So, protect Mary and Brando for the newborn child. ”

As Azzos family prepares for the full moon ritual; the Azzwang also, but they need the carrier of the creature so that they can be strong in the sight of Satano, the leader of the Azzwang tribe told his members to seek a virgin among the nearby residents or among the members of Azzwang or Azzo Tribe for this purpose. He holds the ball of fire in his hand to see the future, and where to find the vi_gin. The Vi_gin can produce a powerful creature according to the wishes of the head of the clan. The spirits of the ancestors, too, can interfere with the development of the creature within the womb of the vi_gin. Azzwangs plan is to take Mary, while the maiden through Daniel and Virginia will be moved by Satano. Thus, a substitute for him was intensified for the ritual of the full moon.

In the cave of Azzwang, Satanos command was strengthened. ”Dragona ! Panika! Come in front of me! Hurry up! ” Satano shouted. ”You two female monsters, find a way to get a vi_gin, now! Now you monsters! ” The two monsters left immediately, they flew to Barrio Patubig to hunt the virgin maiden. Barrio residents saw the monsters and ran to their cave to hide, a normal way of life to them for a long time now. They are afraid of these creatures but they want to live in the lands given to them by their ancestors. The monsters saw a boy and a girl aged 12 years in the mango tree. They quickly caught up and flew back into the cave. The two children cried and cried but no one helped them. Dragona and Panika brought them before Satano who intensified the joy in the end.

”Hide them inside their cage with our old captives. We will use them when old enough for this. Dragona, you choose for me, a boy and a girl, the most matured. Bring them here right now! ”

At the bottom of the cave, in the cell were placed children of different ages for their use; to be used and sacrificed for the ritual of the full moon. And, also for food and other uses according to their preference. Azzwangs have the power to change their forms from animals, monsters, and any other forms they wish. They can predict the future with a variety of medium fire, balls, glass, dust, water, and other elements.

The Azzwang cave is large enough for them to live inside and at the base of the cave. They surrounded the base of the mountain guarding the cave, as they lived with it. The rule of the Azzwzng clan is led by Satano, the ardent follower of Satan. They have no knowledge of the Altarin used by the Azzo clan. All they knew was, the Azzo clan was destroyed during World War II, the Japanese occupation of the Philippines.

The Azzwangs have multiplied nationwide from Luzon, Visayas and some parts of Mindanao. They live with the normal Filipino people through witchcraft, divination, and other drugs that are sold, which prevent the ordinary people from believing, fearing, and loving them. They made money on their goods to live in some corner of the Philippines where they were believed by other illiterate Filipinos. Satano, the ruler of the Azzwang since the 18th century, was brought by a Spanish galleon that originated in Europe, in a sealed black box, and was opened by an Ilonggo robber in Panit-an, Capiz on the island of Panay. Satano changed as the leader of the Baltecz tribe, who later became the leader of the Azzwang clan. The Baltecz tribe was made into two clans; the Azzwangs and the Azzo clans. During the Japanese occupation, heavy bombing in the area sailed to Azzwang on the nearest island, Negros Island via the Hinigaran River – a river connected to the sea. They settled in the secluded mountains of Barrio Paniki which they occupied, living near the cave of Azzwang. The Azzwang clan is unaware that the Azzo clan is already there in Barrio Anting-anting, accompanied by several other people.

The Ramirez family secretly built the Altarin near the Hinigaran River. ”Warriors of darkness, we must prepare for the full moon, to offer Satan a virgin for his pleasure. Yes, Dragona and Panika, male and female virgins must be taken care of until the full ritual for the visitation. of Satan. Give good food here! Ha-ha-ha-ha. ”

”Satano, the report tells us that the Azzo clan formed their army through the Ramirez family. His name is James Ramirez. They, too, have a ritual for the full moon and for the birth of the most powerful creature by the vi_gin Mary, also a Ramirez, and, the creatures father, Brando, also a Ramirez.This means that if the union of man and werewolf was formed by the Ramirez family, their strength would be doubled by one hundred times through this child. I think we should stop this, ” Dragona confessed.

”Crazy Dragona! Let this baby be born and we can take him after the birth. That way, we can feed him our own nutrition and follow us, not for the Azzo clan. Ask Daniel and Virginia about forming the Azzo Clan! Aren they also Azzwangs? ”

”Mighty Satano, Daniel and Virginia have now merged with the Azzo Tribe, we can no longer merge them with it. ”

”As much as you know, Panika is nonsense !! Find them after the ritual! ”

”Okay my Lord Satano!! ”


The light of the full moon in the darkness of night and each tribe intensified their rituals for respect for their beliefs and faith. At the same time, they preserved and offered something important for their ancestors, such as the Azzo Clan while the Azzwang Clan offered their allegiance to the demon. They have their own way of believing in the ritual of the moon. The ten leaders of the Azzo Clan prepared themselves, dressed in various ordinary clothes, for the ritual inside the Altarin, as their warriors gathered at the foot of the Altarin. UNUS (James) first enters inside the Altarin, after a while, the nine leaders are ordered to enter. The warriors looked at the leaders in all sincerity and some watched for intruders or distractions. Inside the Altarin, the 10 Leaders sat at the round altar table while UNUS (James Ramirez) stood in the main part. He cried out the spirit of their ancestors where thick smoke billowed around for a few seconds and a glimmer of light appeared in each section randomly. The Latin symbols on their bodies emitted fire and colors in accordance with their strength. UNUS (James)caught the multicolored flames that covered his body, moved in every direction, and disappeared into his palms. Like the nine rulers, they experienced flames and colors for their symbols.

They receive strength from the spirits, they shout… Te amo….Te amo….Te amo. SEPTEM (Brando) suddenly floats in the air, different colors appear on his marks. It was in the formation of unseen powerful forces for him. Balls of fire, dust, liquid, and colored light entered his body. The force put him next to the table, as did UNUS. The two leaders look at each other with amazement.


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