The Dream; Casey, Charlie, Lee


that looked like fairies. I stood still watching the butterflies as they moved happily performing their duties. Then I felt a warm hand on my shoulder, I looked and saw a beautiful butterfly that stood close to me.

”Hi ” the butterfly said in a sweet soprano voice

”Hey where am l? ” I asked

”Welcome to the kingdom of fairies of the Sun and Stars ” She said while bowing. ”Im Tinkerbell, Queen Lucias personal maid. Queen Lucia told me to bring you to the palace. ”

My heart began beating fast as I heard the name of the kingdom. My mind flashed back to what my mom said concerning my powers. I quietly followed Tinkerbell to the palace. We passed some groups of butterflies that were working, playing, dancing and having fun.

”Whoa whoa whoa!! ” I exclaimed in awe as we came face to face with the palace. About four guards were guarding the front gate of the palace, three guiding the inner gate, then we passed through a red carpeted long passed that linked to different rooms on each side. We got to the throne chamber and met Queen Lucia, my godmother.

”Who am I seeing, oh see my little baby come and hug your godmother. ” Queen Lucia said as she spread her arms. I hesitated a bit before running into those waiting arms and received a warm huge hug from her. Then I looked into her eyes and burst out in tears.

”Hush, don cry I know you miss your parents but it all happened for a reason. ”

We went exploring the kingdom before Queen Lucia called me to her private chamber. We talked a lot, then she taught me how to use my power and how to develop them. We bade ourselves goodbye and Tinkerbell was commanded to take me home.


I woke up feeling pains all over my body. I looked round but couldn recognize where exactly I am. I noticed Lees face slightly bent over the bed. I gently touched his hand and he raised his head.

”Oh Casey, you
e awake. Thank goodness ”

”Yeah. What am I doing here? ”.

”You fainted, when that bitch was gone, I tried waking you but you didn . So I brought you here and doctor Max said that youve caught flu with fever so it weakened your system. Thats why you fainted. ”

”Ok can we go home now. ” I looked at the drip bag which was remaining very little to finish.

” We will, but youve wait until that bag is finished ”

” Ok ”

Then he went outside to get doctor Max, so I used the opportunity to empty the bag with my power before they came. Doctor Max removed the needle from my arm and asked ” How do you feel? ”

” Much better ”

” Ok I can see that you
e ready to go home ”

” yeah ”. I placed my palm on Lees opened palm while he used his second hand to support me as I stood up. Lee quickly cleared the bills and we went home.

Lee pov

Casey narrated all that happened while she was unconscious.

”So you mean, you actually saw your godmother ”

”yeah ”

”Wow!! ”

” (yawning)Im so tired and sleepy. ”

” Me too ”

I stretched my legs on the couch then like magic, sleep came like a thief and I dozed off on the couch. I felt Caseys head on my chest. I pulled her close, we cuddled ourselves and slept off.

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