After the day Itadori crawled into the cabin and slept on an empty stomach he has been working very hard. Finally he was able to whack the tree a thousand times and ok perform 100 hundred push ups without passing out or being completely exhausted. His Sensei was impressed at his recent development. Itadori without wasting time with the hunger to live the forest asked ”whats next Sensei ” with his Sensei proud of his confidence told him ”you have to improve on your speed and reflexes ”. Itadori knew this training was not going to be easy as his said with a serious tone ”how do I begin ”.

The training to improve Itadoris speed and reflexes began as he was instructed to try dodge or repel objects that would be thrown at him with his sword. His Sensei instructed him to go round the area and get as much stones as he could. He did the task swiftly as he gather as much stones as he could. The training drill finally began as his Sensei sat on ground with the heap of stone at his side and Itadori about seven metres away from him. Suddenly, His master began to throw the stones at Itadori, Itadori with his sword was able to dodge and repel some of the stones while the few that he wasn able to dodge or repel hit him but did not cause any damage because of the low velocity of the stones. His Sensei throw about one hundred stone with Itadori able to dodge and repel about seventy, his Sensei asked ”do you want to take a break or we should continue ” Itadori confidently replied ”let us continue ” His Sensei with a straight face said ”I must warn you it only gets harder from here ” Itadori replied ”I don expect any less and I am already use to your kind of training Sensei ” His Sensei smiled as he said ”oh really, don say I didn warn you ”. The training drill continued as his Sensei increased the velocity at which his threw the stones, with Itadori overwhelmed was only able to dodge about thirty out of a hundred stones the remaining seventy hit him causing damages to his body. Due to the damage by the stones Itadori began to bleed as he awaited the next round of stones. Then his Sensei stood up and walked to towards the cabin as he said ”that would be enough for today ” with Itadori enraged because he failed the drill shouted to his Sensei ”come back here, I am not done yet ” his Sensei said with extreme seriousness ”you seem to forget my warning any time you speak to me in such tone ” fear gripped Itadori as his Sensei closed the cabin door. Itadori then fell to his knees, with his eyes watering said to himself ”I JUST WANT TO LIVE THIS PLACE ”. It was night, while his Sensei was asleep Itadori sneaked out of the cabin with his sword and wanted to continue his trainings secretly. He then strayed a bit far from the cabin.He then encountered a monster. Itadori was Soo scared he couldn think straight, he then tried to escape silently but because of the monsters great senses spotted him, without wasting time the monster tried to attack him. As the monster raised his hands to attack Itadori due to the fear within him was unable to move, Itadori FROZE. The monsters hands with force was about to hit Itadori as his Sensei from no where jumped and pushed Itadori out of the way just before the monsters hand hit the ground, producing a hole in the ground. With Itadori out of the way leaving his Sensei and the monster in a one-on-one battle.

Suddenly, Itadoris Sensei slaughtered the monster in less than no time. His Sensei then turned to him and said in a voice of concern ”are you hurt…..are you Ok ” due to the fear within Itadori, he was unable to reply. Considering Itadori was still frozen his Sensei was forced to carry him on his shoulders back to the cabin.

As they arrived at the cabin, Itadori was still frozen and his Sensei put him down from his shoulders on where he slept. The next morning, Itadori woke and was able to move, he looked inside the cabin but didn see anyone. Itadori was scared to step his foot outside of the cabin because of the incident that occured, he arrived at the door leading outside the cabin. He held the door handle for about 10 minutes contemplating on what the outcome might be if he stepped outside. He finally gathered up the courage and opened the door. As he opened the door and looked outside he saw His Sensei and Herupa just sitting doing nothing, he then said ”Good morning Sen….. Sensei ” and his Sensei waited a few seconds before he replied in a voice of disappointment saying ”What were you trying to do ” Itadori then replied sadly ”I….just went to… ” but before Itadori could finish his statement his Sensei replied angrily ”SHUT UP, do you know how worried I was ” Itadori replied looking down at his self ”I am sorry Sensei ” his Sensei then replied ”never stray that far from the cabin especially at night because these monsters are stronger at night ” Itadori then replied ”ok Sensei ”. His Sensei then said ”now you must face your punishment ” Itadori then replied with a sad voice saying ”what would the punishment be Sensei ” his Sensei then replied ”you have to perform a thousand push ups ”.

After Itadori performed the push ups he was then instructed by his Sensei to go and rest considering how tired he looked. Later that night, without listen to his Senseis warning, Itadori went to the back of the cabin with his sword and started training intensively. This secret intensive training went on for two weeks.

A certain morning, Itadori and his Sensei commenced with the training drill to improve Itadoris reflexes. His Sensei said with a straight face ”I know you haven passed the previous velocity level, but there is no time we have to move to the velocity of a bullet in motion ” with Itadori looking tired because of his secret intensive training said ”ok Sensei ”. The training drill began, Itadoris movements were more sloppy than usual and was unable to dodge or reflect any incoming stone. His Sensei then said ”I think you should have some rest, you look stressed ” the only thing that was in Itadoris mind was to leave the forest as he said ”no Sensei, I can handle ” his Sensei then replied ”I know about your secret training at night. Due to that training you don get enough rest, when you are fully recovered we will continue your training ” Itadori didn want to argue with his Sensei so he quietly went to rest.

After Itadori fully recovered he came outside the cabin to continue his training. When he went outside he saw his Sensei tossing a stone up and down in the air repeatedly. His Sensei then said ” Finally you are awake ” Itadori then asked ”may we begin? ”. The training continued as his Sensei began to launch the stones towards him with the velocity of a moving bullet. While launching the stones his Sensei observed that Itadoris movements were in harmony as if Itadori knew were the stones would come from. Due to curiosity his Sensei launched all the stones that were at his side and to his greatest surprise Itadori was able to dodge and reflect ALL the stones launched towards him. His Sensei with a smile said ”I can see your secret training has paid off ”. Itadori driven by only the will to leave this forest said with a straight face ”Yes, whats the next training drill sensei ” his Sensei shocked by this usual act asked ”aren you going to celebrate your development ”, Itadori then replied with a straight face ”I shall only celebrate when I leave this Forest, may we begin the next training drill ” his Sensei sensed darkness starting to creep into Itadori as he said ”Ok, we shall begin the training drill tomorrow ”.


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