Finally, Itadori was able to control the strength stones ability without having to build up anger. Now a new challenge arise on how to kill the monsters in the Suicide forest.

The next day after Itadori was able to lift the boulder, Itadori came outside the cabin all hyped up for the next part of his training, he then saw his Sensei as usual staring at the sky. Itadori then said ”Good Morning Sensei ” his Sensei replied in a happy tone ”Good Morning Itadori, how are you doing ” Itadori thought in his mind whether his Sensei was high or something considering that he was being too polite as he said ”I am good Sensei, may we begin training Sensei ” His Sensei then said replied ”why are you in such a hurry, your training is not going to be all rainbows and butterflies ” Itadori then replied confidently ”I do not expect anything less from you Sensei ” his Sensei with a smile said ”thats my student ”.

His Sensei said ”lets get down to business, the only way you can defeat a monster in this forest is by beheading it else it would just regenerate ” Itadori then thought how he could behead a monster when he has only brute strength as he asked ”I only have brute strength, how do you expect me to behead a monster ” his Sensei was annoyed as he said ”you didn let me finish ” Itadori then replied ”my bad, sorry Sensei ”. His Sensei continued as he said ”I shall continue, considering you have only brute force you will have to select a weapon of your choice to get precise and critical hits ” with Itadori happy that he was going to get his own weapon said ”Ok which weapon would I have ” with his Sensei proud of his confidence said ”there are a list of weapons such as Kiseru, Gunsen, Kama and Katana. Which would you rather have?? ”. With Itadori in thoughts said ”I can not use Kiseru because I don smoke and Gunsen is too feminine, I will just use whatever you use Sensei ” his Sensei then smiled saying ”that would be a Katana then?! ”.

Itadoris Sensei told Itadori that he must learn to make some weapons by himself. So Itadori and his Sensei went out to get materials for Itadoris katana, immediately they returned they began to make Itadoris sword. His Sensei taught him how to make the sword, Itadori payed very close attention to the processes.

When the sword was finally ready, they went out of the cabin to where there were many trees. Itadori was so happy about his new sword as he asked his Sensei ”what is next Sensei ” his Sensei then replied wearing an evil smile ”you must whack that tree thousand times after which you must perform a hundred push ups and you must complete your drill before entering the cabin ” with Itadoris morale and happiness dropped stuttered with his word as he said ”buh…. thats impossible ” his Sensei then replied ”you better begin or you will miss dinner ”. Itadori had no choice but to start whacking the tree as his Sensei watched. As Itadori whacked the tree passed a hundred times said to himself ”if I continue with this intensive training, I…I MIGHT JUST DIE ”. After a few minutes Itadori asked his Sensei if he could have some rest as he panted uncontrollably his Sensei replied ”No, if you take a break you will have to start your count all over ” with the stress on Itadori his kept Shut as he continued to whack the tree.

Before he could reach one thousand, he passed out right in front of his Sensei. When Itadori woke up it was morning and he was in the cabin, he tried to moved but he body refused to move due to the stress he went through. There was a towel on his forehead, he was running temperature. His Sensei was force to go get medicinal herbs for Itadori and to cook for him due to his sickness, Herupa was just right be side him since he fell sick. Itadori felt bad because of the stress his Sensei and Herupa were going through because of him but no matter how he tried he couldn get back up. It took him two days before was was fully recovered, After which his Sensei instructed him to continue with his training out of anger Itadori rudely asked ”How is this training necessary to me ” with his Sensei shocked about his attitude, replied ” it helps builds your stamina, imagine you are in a battle that has lasted over a day don you think you will try to whack your opponent more than a thousand times ” Itadori was speechless because of how true that fact was. His Sensei then said with anger and all seriousness ”and also If you ever talk to me in such tone I will beat you up till the extent that you shall beg me to end your life and I shall say NO ” suddenly fear gripped Itadori as the atmosphere changed, he knew that there was no atom of joke in the words of his Sensei. Without wasting time Itadori picked up his sword and started whacking the tree. After Itadori whacked the tree passed 600 his master said ”when you are done whacking the tree, perform your hundred push ups and then come inside the cabin ” Itadori then replied with a faint voice ”Ok Sensei ”, his Sensei then went inside the cabin.

After Itadori finished whacking the tree and performing his hundred push ups, he crawled into the cabin, he said it was as if his hands were about to FALL OFF. As he crawled into the cabin his Sensei told him to go prepare dinner, but because of how he was so exhausted was not able to perform the task. His Sensei then went to prepare dinner and a special mix for Herupa. Itadori was forced to watch them eat without having anything. Herupa offered the special dog mix but Itadori turned it down. Itadori without having a choice slept in a weak body and an empty stomach.

Would Itadori ever get use to this training, will Itadori ever ESCAPE THIS FOREST.


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