While Itadori was sleeping he had a dream that Hisoka beheaded Itomi and then stared at him saying ”YOUR NEXT ”. He woke up with fear saying ”Thank God it is just a dream ”, He then went outside the cabin and saw The man siting outside staring at the clouds Itadori then said ” Good Morning sir ” politely to the man and he didn reply. The man was quiet for a few seconds before turning to the boy and he said. ”Do I look old to you?. ” He asked angrily. Itadori couldn understand why the man got angry at an ordinary greeting. He assumed the man was in a bad mood that morning so he allowed him shower his anger out on him.

Itadori waited for the atmosphere to be calm again before politely replying.

”No sir. Im sorry. ” He still didn understand his fault. The man didn want him to reply him with a ”Sir. ” He felt he was referring to him as old.

”Do not ever call me Sir again or else I WILL KILL YOU, call me Sensei ”. He threatened. Gritting his teeth as he spoke slowly. Itadori was relief with the sense that he was given a second chance he then replied ”Ok, sorry Sensei ”. Itadori then asked ”may we begin the training sir… I mean Sensei ” he then said to himself ”damn, that was a close call ”. His Sensei replied ”first before we start, I need to explain two things to you about this forest ”, with curiosity starting to creep in, Itadori replied ”which is?? ”, his Sensei then said ”quiting is not an option ”, with Itadori anxiously waiting to hear the second thing said ”Got it and what is the second ”, his Sensei then replied ”There are three grades of monsters in this forest, Grade A, B and C, according to the hierarchy of power Grade A is the strongest then B and finally C ”. Suddenly Itadoris expression changed as he began to stutter with his words he then said ”so there are more than one monsters in this forest (tears about to drop from his eyes) ”, his Sensei looked at him strictly saying ”Never cry in my presence ”, Itadori had to stop his tears as he said ”ok so..sorry Sensei ” his Sensei then said ” I shall continue. The monster that chased you the other day was a grade C monster ”. Itadori thought in his mind how a monster that strong would be a Grade C monster. Then Itadori asked out of curiosity ”how did you slaughter the monster if the soldiers bullets had no effect no it ”, Sensei replied smiling ”we would talk about that later, but first you must learn how to control the power of the strength stone ”, Itadori with a confident face then said ”Ok Si…. Sensei ”.

The training finally commenced as his Sensei instructed him to lift a large boulder, Itadori tried but was unable to lift it, he tried many times but the result was the same. The Sensei told Itadori that if he could not lift the boulder he should not go into the cabin till sun down, the Sensei then went into the cabin to rest.

Hours past and Itadori was still unable to lift the boulder, Itadori then saw his Sensei come out of the cabin with Herupa. The Sensei then said ”We will be back soon ” Itadori got scared about the fact that he will be left alone. He thought of what would happen if the Monsters attacked, he then asked ” But… where are you guys going to ” The Sensei replied ”We are going to patrol the area, if anything weird or unusual happens quickly run into the cabin ” Itadori replied ”Ok Sensei ”. It was sun down and Itadori still unable to lift the boulder, he then went inside the cabin and awaited his Sensei. After a few minutes his Sensei and Herupa arrived, but there was something strange about his Sensei, he had a smile on his face as if him and Herupa had a good time. Then suddenly the Sensei said to Itadori ”follow me ” and without hesitation Itadori followed him towards the place his Sensei cooks, then the Sensei asked ”Do you know how to cook ” Itadori replied swiftly ”No Sensei ” his Sensei then said ”You must learn because I won cook for you again ” Itadori then replied ”Ok Sensei ”. His Sensei then taught him how to make simple dishes such as Udon, Curry Rice and many more, Itadori became very good at cooking.

Days went by with Itadori still unable to lift the boulder his Sensei had an idea and decided to test it out as he instructed Itadori to imagine that ”a monster captured Herupa with the intent to kill ”. Suddenly the atmosphere changed with Itadori boiling in anger his Sensei then said ”store that anger and now imagine the monster ate Herupa ”. BOOM!!! Suddenly Itadori with all the anger he had stored lifted the boulder. When Itadori realized what he had done he drop the boulder and started celebrating. His Sensei with a smile on his face said ”This is not where it ends Itadori ” With Itadoris morale now high he asked ”whats next?? ” His Sensei then said with a straight face ”you must learn to carry the boulder without having to build up anger ” Itadori then replied ”Ok Sensei ”.

Only a few days had passed and Itadori was finally able to control the abilities of the strength stone without having to build up anger. With the Sensei proud of what he accomplished said with a smile on his face ”we are going to have a feast tonight ” Itadori was overwhelmed with joy as he asked ”what would will be having for dinner Sensei ” his Sensei said ”anything you want ” Itadori was so happy as he asked ”Really?? ” and his Sensei happily said ”yes, as long as you prepare it ” all Itadoris joy and happiness vanished as he said ”seriously Sensei, I thought since we are celebrating my success you should do the cooking ” his Sensei replied with a fake smile saying ”thats not how it works, my house my rules ” Itadori replied sadly ”Ok Sensei ”. Night fell and Itadori finished preparing the dishes, they all ate and went to bed.

Now Itadori had finally learnt how to control the strength stones powers the new task at hand was to learn how to kill the monsters that roamed around the forest.


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