After Itadori handled the thugs and ate what he had gotten he then fell asleep. While asleep he started seeing clips of Itomi and Hisokas battle then he woke up in an unknown place, he thought it was still a dream and went back to sleep. The dream still continued but their faces were not clear enough for recognition. He then woke up in the alley he lived in, his legs hurts as if he just walked for 222km. Itadori was so scared as he wonder what had happened, he said it was as if ”HE WAS CALLED TO BATTLE ”. He could barely move because of the pains in his legs, Herupa decided to go out on his own to get food for Itadori during the day. Two hours passed, Itadori still unable to move was worried about Herupas whereabouts as he saw him run into the alley with a piece of bread in its mouth and he was covered in blood as if was stoned. As Itadori thought of the trouble Herupa went through for him tears from his eyes rushed down his face as he divided the piece of bread into two portions one for him and the other for Herupa.

Night fell and Itadori was able to move but not freely, he looked at Herupa and he was fast asleep but Itadori could not fall asleep because he was scared of what might happen. It was 12:00am when Itadori lost control and fell asleep. When he woke up he saw himself in the same place as before, he went back to sleep as he woke up he was still there. Suddenly, fear gripped Itadori he then looked back and saw Herupa, he ran to him and shouted saying ” What happened where are we ” and Herupa unable to speak to human understanding, no answer was given. All of a sudden Itadori heard a voice in his head saying ”you must prepare for the battle ahead of you ” he looked around but did not see anyone, so he began to run. While running he tripped on something he then decided to look back to see what it was, as he looked back he saw a brutally killed body with claw marks on its chest. In so much fear of what had happened to the dead body with tears dripping from his eyes he began to run. While running Itadori got tired leaving Herupa behind and decided to lean on a tree (panting). Suddenly, he heard gunshots and decided to turn to see what made the sound. As he looked he saw people dressed in military uniform shooting at a monster. In no time the monster started to slaughter the soldiers as if their bullets had no effect on it. With Itadori fear level rising he began to stagger, as he attempted to run away he accidentally stepped on a dried twig which snapped. Itadori then turned to see if the monster had noticed him. The monster had already seen him so he began to run for his life. While running the monster was at his back approaching him really fast about to slaughter him. Because of the fear and the stress he had gone through since he got to this unknown place he fell unconscious but before his eyes closed he saw a man beheading the monster. As he woke up he saw himself in a cabin and a towel on his forehead he then stood up swiftly shouting ”Herupa ” reason being thats the only one who LOVES him. He then ran outside the cabin, as he went outside he saw a man making dinner then the man said ”Go rest some more dinner will be ready soon ” Itadori replied saying ”Who are you and where is Herupa ” with the man looking confused said ”My name doesn matter and what is a Herupa ” just before Itadori was about to talk the man started walking towards the back of cabin Itadori started running towards him saying ”where are you going, get back here ”. As Itadori arrived at the back of the cabin he didn see the man but luckily he saw Herupa playing with a ball. He ran towards him and hugged him saying ” I will never leave you again (with tears dripping from his eyes) ” the man then appeared at his back saying ”dinner would be ready in 10 minutes after which we will have a discussion ”.

When Itadori went back into the cabin he saw that the man had already kept dinner on the table. The man then told Itadori and Herupa to eat up, this was without a doubt Itadoris largest meal. They all ate till their hearts content. After eating, the man then said ”it is time for our discussion ” then Itadori sat down on the floor and awaited what the man had to say. Then the man asked ”How did you get here ” Itadori without knowing the answer himself replied ”I just woke up here all of sudden ” the man moved on to the next question ”have you been able to do extraordinary things lately ” Itadori without hesitation told him how he was able to fend off the thugs that tried to attack him. The man without wasting anytime asked the next question saying ”have you been having strange dreams lately ” Itadori told him about the dream he had were a man was beheaded. The man started off by telling him who those people in his dreams were, he told him that ”the one who was beheaded once wielded the source of your unusual power ” he also told Itadori about the other stones and about how Itadori possessed the strength stone. Then Itadori asked ”Where are we and how do you know all this information ” the man replied ”We are in suicide forest 111km for Tokyo and the reason that I know all this information is because (voice tone changed as he became sad) the man who was beheaded was my sensei ” Itadori with tears dripping from his eyes said ”I am really sorry for your loss ” with the man confused asked ”Why are you crying you didn even know him ” Itadori replied ”I am really sorry that is how I am ” The man then said ”I am done have some rest you will begin your training In the morning ”.

With Itadori not knowing the kind training to expect went to bed.

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