In the beginning, In a contest of power between the two most powerful warriors in the universe. Hisoka the man who cut through basically anything using his hands or legs and Itomi the man who wielded all the stones of destruction (strength, speed and psych stone).

After days of fighting in a desert Itomi let his emotions get the best of him and payed dearly for it. But just before Hisoka could reach for the stones, Itomi quickly performed a ritual that distributed the strength and speed stones to one who was worthy but before he could complete the ritual for the psych stone he was beheaded by Hisoka. Hisoka was so enraged for not getting all the stones but with the psych stone he swore to be in possession of all the stones for a reason unknown.


A 10-year-old child named Itadori was living on the streets of Tokyo by himself. He frequently begs on the street throughout the day. Most times he goes days without having anything to eat. He would go begging from shop and get beaten up by the shop attendant saying ”We suffer the same way, so don think because you are young you will get what you want ”. The thought of stealing came to his mind, he would try and get beaten up.

On a rainy night Itadori was at the end of an alley. Suddenly he heard a sound in a nearby dumpster he got scared but having nothing to lose he went to go check it out he then saw a puppy the first thing that came to his mind was dinner without wasting time he quickly tied it using a rope he saw in the dumpster and grabbed a broken bottle about to stab the puppy but as he looked into the puppys eyes he just realized he couldn cause harm to it. He then untied it and laid on the ground crying due to unbearable hunger and slept off. When he woke up he realized the puppy didn leave but rather slept by his side and suddenly he got an idea. He went out of the alley with his newly achieved puppy the city was as busy as usual. He decided to try out his Idea as he instructed his puppy to try to steal a piece of bread. While the puppy was trying as a decoy Itadori quickly grabbed two pieces of bread and started running as soon as his puppy spotted him it followed suit with the shop attendant not knowing what had happened. Itadori returned back to the alley with his puppy and had what he could only call a feast. After he finished feasting he realized he didn name his puppy and decided to name it HERUPA meaning ”HELPER ” in Japanese. They kept on executing their plan using Herupa as decoy.

While at a corner the strength stone was watching.


With the strength stone still lurking. Itadori could now fend for himself because of the team combo of him and Harupa his new dog. There was no need for him to beg on the streets, he executed the team combo every night and It would sustain him and Harupa till the next night.

Meanwhile, Hisoka now with the psych stone possessing the same powers as ATHENA ( the goddess of wisdom ) and could manipulate objects around him and could create a force field around objects and himself due to excess brain power. He had already started plotting on how to get the other stones, the other stones now had to be quick in selecting the one worthy.

After night fell in the city of Tokyo, Itadori and Harupa performed their team combo. They were on their way back not knowing they were being followed by thugs. On arrival to the alley Itadori was stopped by the thugs looking to collect his catch he was beaten up Harupa wanted to interfere but was also beaten up and the thugs went unharmed with Itadoris catch. Itadori was so helpless all he could do was cry, these tears brought back bad memories but what never changed was the fact that Harupa never left his side. All he could think about was how the universe turned its back on him, they both fell asleep on an empty stomach.

While asleep, the strength stone knowing it had to select the chosen one swiftly, without hesitation attached itself to Itadoris chest. Without knowing what had happened Itadori woke up the next morning feeling very energetic, he said it was as if HE WAS KISSED BY AN ANGEL. He felt he could do all things, with that feeling decided for the first time to perform the team combo during the day. After having the fun of running away for shop attendants, night fell and he decided to go back to the alley he lived in with a little catch. As he reached the end of the alley about to start feasting, then suddenly he saw shadows approaching him, he still had those chills with all the energy flowing through him. As he looked closely he saw the same thugs who beat him up and they said ”In order for history not to repeat itself just give us what you have ” Itadori replied ”if you guys feel so strong then why not just go get yours rather than bullying a little kid ” and the thugs laughed saying ”it is easier ”. Just when the thugs were about to lay hands on Itadori he had what he could only describe as a spiritual awakening as his own body moved on its own to fend of those thugs leaving them running saying ” how can a kid be so strong ”. Itadori was so shocked about what had happened and all he could do was **ILE.

With the strength stone still silent in itadoris chest you must wonder what would happen next.


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