Shadow Slave

Chapter 1: Nightmare Begins

A frail-looking young man with pale skin and dark circles under his eyes was sitting on a rusty bench across from the police station. He was cradling a cup of coffee in his hands — not the cheap synthetic type slum rats like him had access to, but the real deal. This cup of plant-based coffee, usually available only to higher rank citizens, had cost most of his savings. But on this particular day, Sunny decided to pamper himself.

After all, his life was coming to an end.

Enjoying the warmth of the luxurious drink, he raised the cup and savored the aroma. Then, tentatively, he took a small sip… and immediately grimaced.

”Ah! So bitter! ”

Giving the cup of coffee an intense look, Sunny sighed and forced himself to drink some more. Bitter or not, he was determined to get his money ’s worth — taste buds be damned.

”I should have bought a piece of real meat instead. Who knew actual coffee is so disgusting? Well. It ’s going to keep me awake, at least. ”

He stared into the distance, dozing off, and then slapped himself in the face to wake up.

”Tsk. What a rip-off. ”

Shaking his head and c

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