Secret Past


behind me. I stopped laughing immediately and turn around to see her face full of guilt.

”I know because I am too. We are in the same pack. ” She scratched the back of her neck nervously, waiting for my reaction. I looked between all of them and said:

”Prove it. ”

They nodded and started walking toward the back door.

”Follow us then. ” My dad said.


We were standing in a small clearing in the woods behind our house. I watched as all three of them started taking off their clothes, though they left on their underwear. I cover my eyes.

”WHAT THE HELL GUYS?! ” I screech.

”LANGUAGE! ” my mom yells.

”We have to strip or else we will tear our clothes. I guess we aren bothered by it since its a normal thing for werewolves. ” My dad said. ”But you need to see this so uncover your eyes please. ” I peeked through my fingers, then put my hands down to my sides. I watch in horror as I heard their bones break, making their bodies contort into impossible positions. Fur sprouted on their bodies as I watched their face stretch out and their legs get longer. Before I could process anything, three large wolves were standing in their places. Augusts wolf was a beautiful amber color with black on the tips of her ears and tail. Mom was light brown with white on her paws. And dad was black with white on the tops of his ears and tail.

I stood there for a moment, shocked. I watched as Augusts wolf lowered herself to the ground, slowly crawling to me. She stopped right in front of me and nudged my hand with her nose and whimpered. I smiled and ran my fingers through her soft fur.

”You are beautiful August. ” She yipped, jumped up, and licked my face.

”EWWWWW! You bitch thats so gross! ” I screamed and wiped my face. I heard laughing and looked up to see my parents back in their human forms.


They walked up to me and smiled.

”You took that better than I thought you would. ” My dad said as he laughed.

”So am I a werewolf? ” I asked them.

”If you are I can smell it. ” I heard August say from behind me. I look over my shoulder and she is also back in her human form, fully dressed.

”Oh… ” I said. Kinda sad that I wasn . My mom cleared her throat. Catching my attention.

”But you
e not human either. ” She said with a smile, somehow knowing what I was thinking.

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