mangrove tree of greed

Sa, save me. Please!

Lee Jong-soo begged for his life, but Jin-hyuk snorted coldly.

why me?

If not, can I file a lawsuit through that handsome law firm?




The tree trunk crushed Jongsu Lee with great pressure.

The man who did the deadly thing died.

So, I didn feel any remorse.

A garbage like you is helpful in times like this.

Everyone in the middle ran upstairs.

Now I can move slowly.


Jinhyuk leaped towards the trees body.

Now that most of the tree trunks are absorbing nutrients, this is an opportunity.


Awesome sweetheart!

Not all tree trunks are playing.

With the sound of the wind, two vines aimed at Jinhyuk.

If caught, of course, you will look like Lee Jong-soo.

After being crushed, all body fluids will be sucked away.

Jinhyuk tilted his body.

Its not difficult to avoid.

The tree trunks that cut through the air collided.


Shattered pieces of wood.

35 degrees to the right.

22 degrees to the left.

angle and direction.

Again, there was no error at all from what I experienced in the game.

at the perfect timing. The tree trunk, which was attacking Jinhyeok, rather penetrated into the main body of the mangrove.

Jinhyuk smirked.

Yes. Finding the exact trajectory like this and making it attack yourself is not the most difficult axis.

Oh oh oh oh oh!

The mangroves of greed let out a heavy moan.

Why do you feel pain when you feel almost no pain?

The bulkiness is distracting. Anyone who sees it would know how to pour oil and set fire to it.

Jinhyuk grabbed a piece of wood that had fallen on the floor.

Why don we let each other get tired and quietly pass the wooden?

This guy is event-oriented, so he doesn give any experience points.

At most, one day in the Hall of Fame is the end.

It would be better to get only what you want than to fight to the death or live without losing your strength.


The mangrove roared wildly.

I don know, but that means I don like it.

can do it

If its like this, Ill just have to knock it down.

Jinhyuk pointed the sharp part of the wood shard forward.

[The mangrove tree of greed uses the skill Vampire Vine!]

Boo Woong!


Dozens of tree trunks spewed out at once.

No matter how hard I am, avoiding all of that is unreasonable.

But changing the trajectory little by little… .


not possible.

Jinhyuks eyes narrowed.

At the same time, he moved the fragments of wood he held in his hand according to the timing of the flying trunk.

Kaga Gaga!

A tree trunk that had passed by brushing the ball stuck to the ground on the other side.

starting with that


The real battle began.

While holding the 30cm-long fragment in his hand in reverse.


Jinhyuk walked forward one step at a time.


As the distance got closer, the perceived speed of the attack also increased.


A tug-of-war where even a single mistake is not tolerated.

Jinhyuk countered or countered all attacks.

hythm must ride.

You have to find your unique breathing and adapt to it.

no need to be scared.

There is no reason to be afraid.

Because it has already been repeated many times.

Eventually, the distance was reduced to 1 m.

Now, with just one leap, he was able to dig inside.

pounding! pounding!

I could feel the rustling of the trees.

Through the knotholes, something resembling a human heart could be seen.

thats my weakness

But just then.

Boo woo woo!

Something flew all at once among the branches.

it was a butterfly

Thousands of blue-colored butterflies.

The sight of them flying through the air, scattering sparkling powder, created a picturesque spectacle.


Jinhyuk stopped breathing.

Sleeping Butterfly.

They are the ones who use the dust of the sleeping component as a defense mechanism.

Since the effect appears quickly through the respiratory system, there were many cases of helplessness when dealing with it for the first time.

But in other words.

It also meant that if you didn breathe, there was no threat.

Jinhyeok took a deep breath and in an instant he dug into the main body of the tree.

A piece of wood rotated counterclockwise… .


It just pierced the heart of the mangrove.


A shattering scream rang out.

The branches swayed left and right.

Jinhyuk gave his hands even more strength.

Whoops! Whoops!

After a while, the screaming stopped.

The tree did not move any further.

Finally defeated this guy.


Jinhyuk let out a long breath.

Sweat and heavy breathing.

And a heart that beats like crazy.

Everything made me feel alive.


I think the repeated pattern attack and timing study will be helpful in this way.

Suddenly, I felt grateful for everything I had done so far.

That was then.

[You have defeated the Mangrove Tree of Greed for the first time.]

A status window with a congratulatory message appeared.

Oh right.

Come to think of it, I must have been the first in the world.

Thats the story… .

[Your achievements will be recorded in the Hall of Fame for one day from tomorrow.]

[Tell me the players name.]

Again, this follows.

A system like a beggar that asks for personal information in order to be inducted into the Hall of Fame.

I don have a name. Ill keep everything private.

Jinhyuk answered without hesitation.

The fact that personal information is known is definitely a specification.

If you find out that you are dead now, you will get all kinds of attention.

[Name Unknown, face tessellated and voice tampered with.]

Complete confidentiality is not allowed in the system.

I guess that means compromise by hiding who I am.

Of course, it wasn that there wasn a way to fix it later.

In the early stages, it was unavoidable.

But its better than it was back then.

At the peak of his junior high school age, he was inducted into the Hall of Fame with a look with a barbarian coat and a cigar in his mouth.

The sun is setting… Its a bonus that he mumbled .

Im glad I was lucky.

If it had been a game played by a lot of people, they would have been living painful days forever stuffed.

Damn it. Lets forget it.

Just thinking about it, I wanted to do the duvet kick 12 more times.

Do whatever you feel like.

Jin-hyeok, with his tongue stuck, searched through the cracks in the blackened, dead tree.

Something caught on my finger.

A green pill with a size of 1 cm.

[You have acquired the tree essence Mokdan.]

at Las!

The corner of Jinhyuks mouth went up.

If each berry increases one of strength, agility, stamina, or mana by +3.

Mokdan gives a total of 12 bonus stats.

Considering that 3 points are given per level, it means that the level has risen by a whopping 4 levels.


To be honest, there has never been a better value for money than this one.

Even if you look at the entire 50th floor.


Jinhyuk poured the wood stalks in the palm of his hand into his mouth.

Then I felt a warm energy rising from my stomach.

Where, shall we check if it has been properly absorbed?

Jinhyuk activated the status window.

Name: Kang Jin-hyuk

Gender: Male

Age: 27

Level: 1

Strength 5 Dexterity 6 Stamina 7 mana 5

Owned Stat Points: 12

Occupation: None.

Unique Ability: None

skill: none

level is 1.

But the stat he has is 12.

This is the strongest level 1.

There was no other way to express it.

Has it been about an hour?

[Tower of Trials]

A message was posted in the Hall of Fame stating that the Mangrove Tree of Greed had been slain for the first time.

Related videos will be updated in 10 minutes.

The Korean server community bulletin board, which had been without people for a long time, was already crowded with many people.

-4 daughters!: Whew. Has anyone knocked it down?

-Red Tomah PC Room: Its absurd. That tree, was it possible to kill it in the beginning? In the past, when I played this game with a clenched fist, I died about 100 times and gave up.

-Babamba: How the hell did you kill that thing?

-In succession to the throne: I guess I told you to die alone for 11 years, a game that everyone else had finished within a year.

-Rabbit Gongdue: It must have been luck. The older brother is Hanan among the deceased, but in a normal way, absolutely! NEVER! I can catch it even if I die

-fekk91: Exactly!

-Lovepack7: 222222

-Heisenberg: 333333

Comments flooded.

Except for a few comments at the beginning, most of the reactions were absurd.

Either I was lucky or I took a shortcut.

I think it will be one of the two.

But after a while.

[The video has been updated.]

As soon as the video was uploaded, the dubious reaction disappeared in an instant.

I had no choice but to do so.

Because I saw the whole process with my own two eyes.

-kdc123: Wow… .

-Heisenberg: Heh heh.

-fekk91: I really have nothing to say.

-Heir to the throne: Honestly, isn that enough? Is that a human movement?

-Babamba: Lets see how the wooden fragments are used to traverse. Captain America was on a business trip to Korea.

-Rabbit Gongdue: I can only get admiration. crazy Crazy. I also filmed up to the 7th floor, but looking at that, it looks like it should be crouched down. Even if you die and wake up 100 times, you won be able to follow the toes of that stagnant person?

There were a few highs and lows, but the reaction of those who saw the video was the same.

-Kingsman: My name is Hosik Park, director of Ohsung Semiconductor. 1 billion as a contract. And we can pay you 100 million won every month.

-Jaedragon: Ill give you any money, so if you see this comment, please contact me.

-If the blank sheet is right: Im gathering a team right now… .

Even the comments begging to be together were not boring.

Jinhyuk savored reading articles in the community.

Is it that great?

Of course, its not easy to catch the Mangrove of Greed at level 1.

Well, emotionally… .

Its not that surprising.

Oh! but.

Others haven played mid-to-late tower, so maybe thats the case.

Because I keep forgetting that I shouldn think by my standards.

Jinhyuk smiled bitterly.

By the way, 1 billion… .

Seeing the unrealistic amount, the past came to mind.

It was a life that was difficult to put into words.

Even the rent was often delayed.

There were times when I starved for days to prepare food for the mukbang.

If I had offered this money just the day before, I would have accepted the offer without a second thought.

but now.

give me a billion give you 100 billion

I have no intention of sharing what I know.

Money is not important.


Thats not whats important right now.

Jinhyuk searched for National Museum of Korea on his mobile phone.

A large museum located in Yongsan-gu, Seoul.

At the time of playing the game, in the aftermath of the appearance of the Tower of Trials, the overflowing mana had spread all over Seoul.

Most were not affected much, but there was one major change.

The relics that were just outside the tower were turned into holy relics.

Of course its not real.

Because the relics with mythical powers were inside the tower.

What Im talking about now is a replica.

In other words, it is a duplicate version.

This is where you can get the most replicas.

A place where many relics are stored.

The National Museum of Korea was like a treasure trove of sorts.

the problem is.

The point is that they are not the only ones aiming for this.

Unlike the mangrove trees that appeared in seven places in Seoul alone, there was only one National Museum of Korea.

Surely there will be people from all over the place looking for relics.

And, of course, there will be dead people among them.

Ill have to get ready soon.

Jinhyuk shoved his phone into his pocket.

What moves is the night when all the spectators disappeared.

Jinhyuk stopped by E-Mart located at Yongsan Station.

Because there were items to shop for before the sun went down.

Lets see I got Korean paper to use as paper.

About 5 30cm-long transients were placed in the cart.

Is this enough?

It was a bit disappointing that it could be used as a weapon, but it would be the same for others anyway.

At best, a cleaver or hammer would be all that could be saved.

Jinhyuk pushed the cart and headed to the checkout counter.

At the same time, breaking news about the tower in the ordeal was coming out on the TV on display.

– The government is now actively investigating the situation… .

-The president convened all ministers, including the Minister of Defense, this afternoon… .

– Experts in each field gather… .

However, trying to come up with a one-hundred-day countermeasure was useless.

If you substitute logic and reason for the supernatural, you won get anything.

Jinhyuk looked out the window.

I could see the sun setting over the mountains.

the day is over

The night was coming.

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