Paragon of Sin

Chapter 933:The Death of One

uyin, with his Worldly Domain unfurled, flew off Bai Lin, approaching Ma Zheng and the captives. The eyes drawn to his movements were intense. When he arrived beside Ma Zheng, the aged merchant gave Wei Wuyin a frowned look.

He didn ’t know if what was felt towards this captive was genuine or not. However, whether they were smiling or not would be discovered once unmasked, right?

The others were of similar thought: Wei Wuyin wanted to unmask them himself. They hoped that they could get a clue about why Wei Wuyin had acted against Trueborn so viciously, ambushing them and capturing their Earthly Saints.

However, none of them expected what happened next!

Wei Wuyin arrived before the Earthly Saint, a mere few feet of distance, and his silver eyes inspected the mask with an indifferent calmness that was bereft of emotions. Suddenly, he brought out his Essence of War saber, the quasi Mystic-World grade saber!

”… ” The Earthly Saints from every side all watched.

Watched it as it was thrusted!

Without the slightest hesitation or delay, Wei Wuyin plunged his saber into the masked figure ’s dantian. The sheer degree of raw strength he had to exert to penetrate an Ascended ’s physique was excessive, far beyond Mortal Limits, yet he achieved it!

The saber ’s quality didn ’t hurt.

”Urgh! ” A spurt of shock and colorful blood escaped the masked Earthly Saint ’s mouth, leaking at the bottom of the mask.

Wei Wuyin ’s silver eyes were utterly emotionless as he plunged it deeper, touching the sealed Mystic Soul of the Earthly Saint. Their body instantly began to tremble and resist, wanting to break free sensing the hectic danger! Their Mystic Soul howled, yet the seal was too strong to break free in this short period of time.

The saber ’s tip touched the Mystic Soul, then proceeded to stab into it mercilessly. It squirmed and squealed in defiance to no avail.

Wei Wuyin twisted it.

Suddenly, a strange power from his Sea of Consciousness surged through Eden and into his meridians, coming through the saber, and entering the Mystic Soul. Wei Wuyin felt it course through him, into the saber, and then flow into the Mystic Soul.

Then, it went silent.

There were no howls of defiance. There was no pained scream or curses leaving the masked Earthly Saint ’s mouth. It was surprisingly quick as their body became instantly lifeless, flopping to the side.

Wei Wuyin ’s heart quivered. Others might not be able to sense it clearly due to the concealments in place, but through his varied senses, from his Celestial Eyes and Eden ’s mental emission senses, he felt the Earthly Saint ’s entirely be siphoned instantly.

Their lifeforce, their Sea of Consciousness, even their Mystic Soul ’s innate energies, all of it was siphoned as if gulped by a gluttonous mouth. This was all due to that strange flow of power.

Wei Wuyin removed his saber after killing the Earthly Saint. Suddenly, as if the concealments were no longer attached to a life, it slowly fell off. The mask that seemed adhered to their skin fell and robes that hid everything loosened. Suddenly, the once androgynous figure became a feminine. Beneath the robes, one with a voluptuous set of breasts, long, slim legs, and long dark hair was revealed.

The hearts and minds of everyone present was violently pounding with ferocious shock! What…the hell just happened?!

Wei Wuyin took a step back, once again projecting himself into his Sea of Consciousness. His eyes were focused on the Heavenly War Spirit ’s egg. At this moment, there was a thin halo that was very reminiscent of a Mystic Radiance Belt above its head, sprinkling down motes of light. The color of such was beyond description for his mortal senses. Those motes of light were absorbed into the egg.

”… ” Wei Wuyin furrowed his brows.

”Prisoners of War are so tasty! ” The little girl ’s voice resounded again, this time lively as it once was. ”Why? ” It asked.

Wei Wuyin ’s frown deepened, ”Because I wanted to. ” His answer was simple yet honest. He could ’ve ignored the Heavenly War Spirit ’s words or continued questioning it, but he didn ’t. Why? Because the Earthly Saint was marked for death! Their identity didn ’t matter. Of course, the Heavenly War Spirit likely didn ’t know this considering the Earthly Saint was referred to as a prisoner of war.

And it didn ’t.

To the Heavenly War Spirit, Wei Wuyin ’s captives were prisoners of his ongoing war against Trueborn. A pervasive thought that was similar to everyone else ’s.

”Good answer! ” The Heavenly War Spirit exclaimed; shockingly, it didn ’t use the slightest bit of Wei Wuyin ’s mental energies to speak. It was somehow absorbing the motes of mystic light to fuel itself. ”You ’re lucky; these Ascended beings all have layers of protections on them. If you tried to remove their masks or robes, a talisman-like mechanism would activate and detonate their Mystic Souls. ”

”What?! ” For the first time since this conversation, Wei Wuyin was shocked. New novel chapters are published on Freeᴡebnᴏvel.cᴏm.

”From what I ’ve observed, those other Earthly Saints didn ’t have it. ” The Heavenly War Spirit was clearly referring to the three Earthly Saints that attacked Zhan Zheng before. ”But they ’re from the same organization, ” she added.

Wei Wuyin felt terrified. The detonation of a Mystic Soul was not to be underestimated. It was possible that it could collapse an entire starfield, depending on its size. At the very least, obscene levels of damage would be inflicted.

”It might even amplify the explosion by a few times. There ’s some restrictions to it though. The talisman restricts them from detonating their Mystic Souls normally, and igniting their Mystic Souls has a high chance of initiating an automatic detonation. Scary stuff. ” The Heavenly War Spirit ’s knowledge was beyond what Wei Wuyin imagined. How did it notice this but no one else had?

”How do you know this? ” Wei Wuyin asked. Immediately after asking, he realized how foolish that question was. He instantly speculated, ”A talisman like that, huh? Must be a precautionary measure to protect their identities, since Legion Commander Zhan Zheng exposed one of their own before. ”

The Heavenly War Spirit didn ’t answer his initial question either, ”Smart. War always has its tacticians, an ever-evolving battlefield of improvements and traps. ”

However, Wei Wuyin couldn ’t comprehend why these Earthly Saints would agree to such suicidal conditions. If their identities were exposed, it wouldn ’t be too bad, right?

Just as he thought this, an antsy Huoyan Liulan rushed towards the deceased Earthly Saint, her hands trembling as she reached out and pulled off the mask! When the mask was fully removed revealing the face behind it, Huoyan Liulan gasped.

”Auntie Liao?! ”

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