Paragon of Sin

Chapter 90: Advent of Death

The Sky Sword Domain was vast, incredibly so. It spanned across an area of hundreds of thousands of kilometers, featuring diverse environments such as mountain ranges, dormant volcanoes, clear lakes, thick and vigorous rivers, and tall, damp forests. Its variety also made it a cultivation haven with many locations having dense and pure energies whilst simultaneously birthing all sorts of materials.

Its diverse and vast stretches of land that allowed it to be prosperous and resource-rich similarly made it difficult to manage. The sheer volume of materials produced and generated could never be regulated by a single sect or clan, and the total area could never be fully governed. Even the Sky Sword Sect could only control twenty percent of the entire area, and even then only about five percent was strictly under their supervision.

In this grand domain, there was a valley that stretched for tens of miles, deeply entrenched between a wall of rock formations. The chasm was hard to see, even if one flew over it. When they looked down, there would be all sorts of obstructions, the primary of which was white mist that lingered above the rock walls and rolled downwards like smoke.

This mist made it very difficult to visually perceive anything below or within the chasm. If one peered deeper, they ’d see various esoteric markings and uniquely designed lines that structured a grand yet subtle spiritual formation. It melded perfectly with the natural brown-ish color of the rock walls.

The faint spiritual energies funneled into this formation could mislead the perception of spiritual sense, even hinder sensory or optical-based spiritual spells. And that, alongside the natural concealments offered by the valley, this was a perfect location to hide.

Within the valley wasn ’t nothing. There were buildings and people traversing about. It was a small city, condensed and compressed within a few tens of miles. It could be considered a modernized village by cultivation standards, having similar civilization traits of a normal city of the Myriad Yore Continent, and it housed nine thousand, four hundred, and thirty-two souls.

There were paved streets, Qi Arrays, and even formations set to gather, refine, and exude the essence of heaven and earth. And this did not seem to be a location structured in short notice, as there was complex irrigation, buildings, plumbing, and roads that definitely took a decade or so to properly set.

Like many prestigious families, the Yuhei Clan had set-up a safety net in case of the worst-case scenario. Considering their Ancestor that had exceeded the Qi Condensation Realm was nearing their end, how could they not make preparations? The dwindling of generational talents further cemented their inevitable downfall.

This city was the core location picked and set to house the members of the Yuhei Clan until they could give birth to a rightful heir with sufficient talent capable of regaining their throne. If this heir never came to be, then to fade into history, change their surname, and start anew in Wu Country was their objective. If things went their way, they could claim another Country as their own, once more retaking the Yuhei name then.

At the center of this city was a magnificently designed three-storied castle. The walls were white, glistening with a purity while the roofs were dark-colored with the edges being blue. It was truly an impressive sight.

In this castle were two men. A young strapping lad with a square-cut jaw and short brown hair, and a middle-aged man with a tall stature and muscles that were as thick as a grown man ’s legs. They were both impressive, sporting outstanding presences, but their eyes reflected a somber glint.

”Father, is the news of our location being leaked true? ” The young man, Yuhei Chen, asked. A tinge of worry quivered in his tone as he spoke.

The middle-aged man, Yuhei Yan, furrowed his brows in response, remaining silent for several seconds before inevitably releasing a deep sigh. He merely said, ”I don ’t think your sister would make such a mistake. ” He, as the strongest expert of the remaining Yuhei Clan—A Godlord, had the heavy responsibility of ensuring the survival of their bloodline and legacy. However, could his bloodline be the cause of their demise?

Yuhei Chen urgently said, ”But if she did, aren ’t we all in danger? She ’s always been wilful and selfish, and with her relations with that man, it ’s entirely possible that she spilled some information. I simply don ’t trust her words at all, and she clearly doesn ’t fully understand the consequences! ” His words were pleading, but in truth, he didn ’t know what he wanted to achieve.

For the last two decades, they ’d etched out this slice of concealed heaven to bide their time. This location was the failsafe of the entire Yuhei family and with procedures set, this location should remain a hidden secret barring accidents for at least a century.

However, his little sister, to put it plainly, was in love. To put it honestly, she was an idiot. There was a young man from an unaffiliated force in the Sky Sword Domain called Hua Menghu. He belonged to the Earth-Sky Alliance, and they briefly met before the collapse of the Yuhei family years ago. It seemed his innate charm had driven his sister stupid as she pined for his affection day and night.

Moreover, she sent a transmission crystal out to him, breaking every last safety protocol set. It was only because she swore that she had only sent a small love message telling him that she ’ll wait, no matter how long, to be together that they hadn ’t upended everything in fear.

Yuhei Yan could only sigh, both from his mouth and heart. He raised a daughter that dwelled on romance, but was that good or bad?

”I ’ve made preparations. If an attack is imminent, we won ’t be caught with our pants down. ” Yuhei Yan reassured, but it obviously had no effect on Yuhei Chen ’s worried mood. His expression was still flashing with doubt, worry, and trepidation of an assault.


At this time, outside the mountain valley, a group quietly arrived without a hint of leaking their qi. They moved silently, all their auras reserved and their demeanors exemplifying professional conduct.

Mei Yang was at the lead, her eyes quietly observed the beguiling white mist as she quietly muttered to herself. The words were indistinct and unintelligible, but as she spoke, traces of calculation flashed within her charming eyes.

”Ming Shi, inspect this formation, ” she called and ordered. A young woman arrived. She was middle-aged and ordinarily looking, but her mature charm and placid gaze radiated intelligence that could intimidate the opposing gender. She approached the white mist and kneeled, her hands quietly formed handseals as she started to mutter quietly in a manner similar to Mei Yang.

She was a Formation Master. They were experts that studied Qi Arrays and Spiritual Formations. It was a well respected profession and study, but unlike Alchemy, it was a secondary skill trained by many cultivators. Even Wei Wuyin studied Spiritual Formations, capable of erecting them with various Spiritual Spells.

However, true Formation Masters dedicated a majority of their cultivation path into creation, deconstructing, and analyzing the profoundities of formations and arrays, so they were incredibly skilled. An example of difference between them and ordinary cultivators who casually delved into the study was that, while ordinary cultivators could set up formations, it was rather difficult to destabilize or downright deactivate it without brute force.

After twenty or so minutes, Ming Shi stood up. ”A pure beguiling spiritual formation set-up by several Godlords, but there ’s an alert formation integrated expertly within. The main formation is hexagonal in structure and has six crucial points, while the alert formation is a dual design, with two points. ” Her analysis gave them ample information.

Mei Yang, Jian Daiyu, and Dong Fa quietly considered this knowledge and their approach. Shockingly, Mei Yang didn ’t take the lead as the strongest cultivator and discussed the plan of action with the others, including their own Formation Masters. This continued for a few minutes until a conclusion was reached.

Wei Wuyin simply quietly waited to the side. He was a last-minute addition, and while his cultivation base was impressive, his comprehension towards formations definitely paled in comparison to these experts who trained for hundreds of years. He was more focused on finding an opportunity to enact his plan to woo Jian Daiyu.

”We ’ll split into two groups, eliminate the alert formation and then forcefully shatter the beguiling formation. ” This was Mei Yang and the others ’ plan. She would use her high cultivation base to shatter the formation and launch an assault. They would storm the location from two sides, with the order to kill with extreme prejudice.

If there ’s weak cultivators or mortals that can be incapacitated and restrained with ease, then that would be good as well. Later, they could be sold or used to extract information about the Yuhei Clan. They may get lucky.

Wei Wuyin didn ’t interject his own opinion. Again, he was merely a last-minute addition and he was focused on other matters.

”Dong Fa and Wei Wuyin, you ’ll lead your team to the southern formation node. When you receive the transmission, destroy it. Me and Jian Daiyu will take the northern formation node, then I ’ll strike the nearest node for the Beguiling Formation. That ’ll be the signal to strike. ” Mei Yang assigned them with a smile. Taken aback, Wei Wuyin was about to say something.

”I think— ”

”This is the preferred and optimal line-up, ” Mei Yang interrupted with a knowing smile. She was obviously acting to decrease his chances of interacting with Jian Daiyu. He suspected this might ’ve been done on her own prerogative, but Jian Daiyu may have also desired this.

He shrugged. Fine, let it be. Abruptly, he felt a sudden sensation. It was an ominous twist in his heart that seemed to prelude something. Unfortunately, this feeling came and went as swiftly as it occurred.

His eyes changed subtly. ”I ’ll take this mission a little bit more seriously. ” With his mentally instantly overturned, he and Dong Fa ’s group left under the lead of a Formation Master. While he was leaving, he looked back and saw that beautiful swordswoman. In the end, he turned away and focused.

After a few minutes, they were in position. Dong Fa had tried to start a conversation with Wei Wuyin, but Wei Wuyin wasn ’t in the mood to make friends. His mentality had already changed and besides perfunctory replies, it led to nothing substantial.


A transmission crystal in Dong Fa hands lit, and he turned serious. At this time, he acted alone, but he was more than enough. Strands of his white hair started to release frost and cold air, while his entire body started to exude a faint light-blue light.

He focused on the node and clenched his fist, ice qi that had reached its most sublime state was released, causing the immediate surroundings to lower in temperature. The others expected this, taking a few steps back and forming their qi wards. While Wei Wuyin, who birthed Absolute Zero Ice Qi, remained mostly indifferent without a hint of protection.

「Arctic Ice Art: Glacial Explosion」

A fearsome, truly glacial and frosty power erupted from Dong Fa ’s fist. This was an art designed for his unique Cultivation Method, a part of a series of arts that worked incredibly well for it, amplifying his combat strength. These types of cultivation methods were called Legacy Arts. They existed in high-level methods.

Wei Wuyin lacked this, as all the Qi Cultivation Methods he obtained this far have lacked any form of specialized arts or spells. Only the True Dragon Transmutation Method was of this category, possessing Martial Arts and Spiritual Spells suited for its specific cultivation structure. This was what Wei Wuyin truly lacked in comparison to other Godlords, with almost all of his arts being generalized arts and spells designed for all cultivators that fit a general criteria such as cultivating fire qi or lightning qi.

And the power of this art was exceptional. Within that fist was a frosty force of incredible power. He swung downwards and smashed into the ground, causing an explosion similar to a geyser eruption. The earth lifted was shoved away, creating a frost-covered crater that reached deep.

The node had been destroyed.


Shortly after, a small sun-like existence appeared to the south and smashed downwards erupting in a brilliantly devastating explosion of fire and light; the workings of the Helios Witch. She had taken action to shatter the beguiling formation.

The mist cleared up almost instantly. The chasm revealed numerous humans with lifted heads as they observed the sky, confusion and even fear in their eyes. There were kids playing ball in their playgrounds, adults enjoying sensual times with their loved one, and laughter as people enjoyed the company of their fellow man.

They had no idea of the hell that was about to descend.

Mei Yang shot into the sky, her eyes vicious and glacial unlike her normally playful and cheerful self. She coldly shouted, ”Kill! ”

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