Paragon of Sin

Chapter 86: In the Sky Sword Domain We Meet Again

base. Her yang energies were vibrant, causing her normally pure, black eyes to be unreasonably bright.

”Oh? ” Those eyes of hers had spotted something. She sent her spiritual sense to investigate, catching a faint glimpse of an abnormal event. ”Lord Wei, ” Su Mei called out.

Wei Wuyin retrieved his palm and turned to Su Mei. Her eyes were truly bright and beautiful. Even he was slightly in awe as to the extent of her vibrant yang energies. After five Yang Blazing Elixirs, it ’s to be expected. Her entire body must be adapting to the fierce energies circulating through her body.

His eyes were drawn away by her gesture. His eyes were far more powerful than Su Mei, and thus he saw more. A slight furrow of his brows later caused his spiritual sense to descend.

His eyes sharply narrowed as a familiar figure emerged in his sense. Furthermore, that figure had noticed his spiritual sense arrive and was currently observing them in the sky.

A few kilometers away, a group of individuals were gathered. They were divided into a clear set of three groups. One was clothed in scarlet robes, sporting the Scarlet Solaris Sect ’s insignia upon their shoulders, chests, or back in full-view of all.

The second group was mixed and matched, but tightly gathered. They seemed like a group of unaffiliated cultivators that were held together by an alliance and a promise of something greater.

The last group were all crisp and clean, sharp auras emanated from every last one. Their demeanors were aloft and calm, exuding an Immortal-like bearing as if they were above all common mortals. It was both awe-inspiring and anger-inducing.

They all carried swords kept in white sheathes. From these swords, faint Sword Qi lingered that seemed to release low-humming sharp keens. At times, one would feel as if a sword was right before their ears, waiting to pierce through and reach their most crucial organ, seeking to end their life. It was quite vivid.

This was a coalescing effect of Sword Intent developed by sword cultivators. They definitely belonged to the number one sect of Wu Country and leader of the Five Great Sects—Sky Sword Sect.

At each group was a single leader that stood out. At the alliance of cultivators was a white-haired middle-aged man with narrow, chilly eyes that seemed to contain the world ’s most harshest blizzard. He was tall yet slim, and despite his cold facial features, he was handsome. His white hair and dark skin gave him an impressive look that was unconventional yet attractive.

His tall stature and aura that seemed to be seething with grand strength helped compliment his looks.

On the Sky Sword Sect side, it was a young woman that Wei Wuyin would notice a mile away. She seemed to be about twenty-five to twenty-six with breathtaking features. Her thin eyebrows, impeccably jade-like skin and long, lustrous black hair that stretched until it barely tapped that round ass of hers were endlessly attractive.

She didn ’t lack in height, being just above six feet, and those legs of hers that barely revealed themselves behind her white hanfu with an icy-blue trim was tantalizing. Despite her attractive looks, such as those plump cherry lips that seemed as soft as water, she carried herself with a fearsome moment.

Her sword that hung at her waist was emitting the highest degree of Sword Qi in terms of purity, and her every being seemed like a sharp sword. Until others who may only have a Sword Seed Intent, her Sword Intent had fully developed.

The last figure was amongst the Scarlet Solaris Sect. And this figure was the one both Su Mei and Wei Wuyin noticed from afar. Her golden eyes could snatch all color from the surroundings. Her jade skin, slim figure with alluring curves, gentle aura, and pearly white smile, made her seem like an Immortal Fairy descending to the mortal world.

She still donned a short-sleeved white cheongsam with golden images of the sun and vines embroidered on its surface, tight-fitting and perfectly accentuating her feminine assets.

When she spotted Wei Wuyin, her eyes brightened as she brushed her pale-white hair behind her ear, a heavenly smile on her lips. She used her voice that was like curated music of the highest level that perfectly suited one ’s tastes. A heavenly hymn in its own right.

”Come here, please. ” While she was merely speaking vocally to Wei Wuyin ’s spiritual sense, her voice caused almost all the men present with weak-wills to turn soft.

It was Mei Yang.

Otherwise known as The Helios Witch.

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