Paragon of Sin

Chapter 893: Endless ProsperityAWill to Reclaim

had their own grievances built-up. At first, they were aware that Wei Wuyin wasn ’t in the Aeternal Sky Starfield from his messages, so his absence was perfectly okay, but after hearing about Wu Yu ’s Earthly Ascension and Announcement of an All-Alchemic Clash Royale, they knew Wei Wuyin was here. Despite that, he hadn ’t visited or given them any messages.

The two simultaneously looked at the spatial rings on their fingers. His aura was still on this ring, and they carried it with them everywhere. Since they last saw him nearly eight years ago, a decade for Qin Rui, he had provided them with unimaginable resources.

They wanted for nothing at their cultivation stage. Even now, this top-tier environment was selected and given to them by Wei Wuyin. The various races here were all the Eternal Monarch Sect ’s elite talents, both young and old, brought here by Wu Yu and the Third Manager of the Ma Clan, Ma Zheng, and allowed to cultivate here freely.

Qin Rui decided to change the topic. ”Grand Princess, your cultivation foundation is definitely more than enough to tackle the Realm World Astral Tribulation and succeed. There ’s no doubt. Why haven ’t you done so? ” Wu Baozhai had been at the Gravity Emission Phase a few years now, and while a few years might be small, she had endless resources and high-end alchemical products to supplement her cultivation base. If she wanted, she could blitz her way to the next stage of the Astral Core Realm.

Wu Baozhai elegantly spun her halberd, feeling its weight and inspecting its condition. She lightly replied, ”Because of him. ” She was always keen and aware of things, especially the aspects of the Alchemic Dao. She had decided to join Wei Wuyin ’s Ascendants in large part of his ability to establish the greatest foundation.

She knew that rushing it wasn ’t good. She wasn ’t like Qin Rui, who was older, her potential already excavated and set. Qin Rui had a weak Soul Idol, Spatial Resonance, and Primary Light foundation, and Wei Wuyin had driven that to a peak, but not the ’peak ’.

Wei Wuyin was bound to be able to open up entirely new paths, as long as she wasn ’t rash. She ’ll wait until Wei Wuyin gives her the okay to make that final, cementing step.


”Good instincts, ” a figure descended from above. A handsome, middle-aged man with a royale beard and innate imperial demeanor landed before the two of them. Qin Rui was taken aback for a moment before she hurriedly performed proper etiquette, deeply bowing as she greeted: ”Grand Monarch. ”

Wu Yu looked at this elven beauty with a wry smile. He always felt stressed when women that Wei Wuyin was interested in decided to be overly respectful. If he saw that, what would he think?

Wu Baozhai could see Wu Yu ’s expression, finding it incredibly amusing. She said, ”Grand Sage Qin, Grand Knight Wu isn ’t the Grand Monarch of the Eternal Monarch Sect. It ’s best to not make things awkward for him, given your…relationship with the Ascendant Emperor. ” She thoughtfully said, referring to Wei Wuyin as the Ascendant Emperor.

Almost every resident of the once Neo-Dawn Starfield still called him that formally. She wasn ’t any different.

Qin Rui had been told this before, but she kept forgetting to demonstrate the taught response during her many years. She looked at Wu Yu, a great Earthly Saint, a top-tier figure amongst the entire Grand Cyclic Stellar Region, with a little awkwardness. It would be a little awkward if your boss ’ woman bowed to you, especially if this happened in front of them.

When she caught how she considered herself, she blushed slightly.

”Grand Knight Wu, we ’ve been here for four months, while we ’re all thankful, can you tell me why we ’re here and what we ’re waiting for? ” Wu Baozhai kept her halberd, exerting a natural aura of grace and strength.

Wu Yu pridefully smiled. Wu Baozhai was growing into a fine inheritor of the Grand Monarch Lineage. ”The Young Lord is concerned for your safety, so I thought I could kill two birds with one stone. That said, you don ’t have to worry; I ’ll return everyone in two months ’ time, just before the Saint Cyclic Renewal Summit begins. I do hope that you ’ll accompany me there, however, and represent the Eternal Monarch Sect as its Chosen. ”

Wu Baozhai frowned slightly. Wei Wuyin was concerned about her safety? Was it the Everlore Association? She thought for a moment and then nodded. ”I ’ll go. ” While it was an extended stay that might last five years, she knew this was a good opportunity to have the Eternal Monarch Sect ’s name resound slightly louder amongst certain circles, taken seriously despite their lowly start.

They may have come from an inferior starfield, but they didn ’t lack talents!

”Great, ” Wu Yu was excited. He will dominate the older generation and Wu Baozhai can rule over the young generation, bringing the Grand Monarch Lineage to the forefront of this world. His burning desire for conquest hadn ’t changed, and he was happy to see that Wu Baozhai had the same burning fire in her eyes.

They talked a bit more, discussing the details of their stay and any needs. With Wei Wuyin ’s wealth and means, anything they needed was merely a word away. Especially for Wu Baozhai and Qin Rui.

Suddenly, another figure descended. It was an old man with vibrant vigor. He was dressed in a grey and golden robes, giving off a feeling of wealth and friendliness, befitting a capable merchant. The robes weren ’t too flashy, but they weren ’t too modest either.

Ma Zheng!

Wu Yu ’s expression changed slightly, looking at the Earthly Saint that decided to make a large gamble, paying off with a 9th Runic Ascendant State. He asked with a dignified expression, ”Now? ”

Ma Zheng nodded, giving the two beautiful women of Wei Wuyin ’s personal circle a friendly smile and greeting. They didn ’t stay for long, the two Earthly Saints shot off into the sky under the watch of Wu Baozhai and Qin Rui.

While they soared to the edges of the Worldly Equilibrium Moon, Wu Yu looked towards Ma Zheng with a stern expression. As if knowing what he wanted to ask, Ma Zheng calmly answered: ”Everything ’s set. ”

Wu Yu looked away, looking at the space at the center point of the three planets. ”Good. If anything happened to her during these four months because of your planning…you should know the consequences. ”

Ma Zheng wasn ’t startled in the slightest by Wu Yu ’s statement. ”I know. ” Xue Yifei was far too important. She was the only genuine link to Wei Wuyin ’s heart known to those who mattered. If something happened to her, who knew what level of hell would be unleashed.

’It ’s time to reclaim what ’s mine, ’ Ma Zheng thought with eyes suffused with steel-like resolve.

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