Paragon of Sin

Chapter 893: Endless ProsperityAWill to Reclaim

Chapter 892: Mortal & Mystic Relations;Transcendent Discovery

”… ” There was a brief silence amongst the Ascended beings from afar, still stunned by Wei Wuyin ’s statement about Wu Yu ’s mystic foundation and attainments. It was beyond their imagination that an Earthly Saint could reach beyond their Rune Ascension, entering into a higher Runic Ascendant State.

It felt as if their brains were being put into reverse, forced to reconsider their own talent and the potential of having effective nurturing. These were the Sky Monarchs and Imperial Monarchs of the Aeternal Sky Starfield, the strongest starfield and mightiest force within the Grand Cyclic Stellar Region, yet they felt as if their horizons were limited.

Who was Wei Wuyin?

They hadn ’t attributed this result towards Wu Yu ’s talent, many knowing he had failed his Third Ascension before, and was later saved and recently ascended to the Earthly Saint Phase, but to Wei Wuyin ’s backing. He had brought out a genuine Mystic-World grade elixir, using it to support Ma Zheng at the verge of his destined demise, and allowing him to become an Earthly Saint!

Wei Wuyin had the means to be classified as a Saintmaker. Very, very few cultivators had the right to such a classification. Thus, they believed that Wei Wuyin was full of untapped means to help others. These Earthly Saints all witnessed the clear disdain he had towards the Imperial Heaven Qi Method, and they all knew their leaders and deciders were willing to go to war over it.

Yet he tossed it away like trash, not even caring if they paid him for it!

There were even a few that had considerations of acting against Wei Wuyin, robbing him of his wealth using masks and concealments. As long as they didn ’t kill Wei Wuyin, whoever was supporting this genius wouldn ’t act too aggressively, right?

However, when they learned that Wu Yu was an 8th Runic Ascendant, their thoughts were hurriedly dispelled in a twisted panic. It wasn ’t that they were scared of Wu Yu ’s vengeance, but terrified of losing long term benefits for short, extremely short-sighted gains.

Wei Wuyin seemed to be a gateway, and they shouldn ’t ruin this for a chance at obtaining some products they may or may not be able to enjoy later.

All that aside, they grew curious who truly supported this genius. Was he actually the King of Everlore ’s descendant? Or was he simply connected to that legendary figure?

Tian Lingyu bit her lower lip with wisps of fury circulating throughout her eyes as she stared at Yang Chaoyue ’s departing figure. She clenched her right fist so tightly that her knuckles became white. The Imperial Monarch was unable to accept Yang Chaoyue ’s wanton actions, especially after witnessing Wei Wuyin ’s dazed expression. When she saw that prerecorded spiritual jade, not even a transmission jade, she knew its purpose as clear as day.

She clenched her teeth, her right fist grew even tighter, so tight that cracking sounds resounded. She spat under her breath, ”Slut. ”

Unable to hold it in, she turned to Wei Wuyin, loosening her fist, and arriving at the border to meet him by this divider. Tian Muyang gave her a glance, seeing faint signs of blood on her fingertips. He could only release an internal sigh.

Tian Lingyu said with a serene voice, ”You should be cautious of the thorny rose. After all, whatever promise she ’s given you, Mortal beings such as yourself can not be with non-virgin Mystic Ascendants without catastrophic results. And Wei Wuyin, I can assure you, she is by no means pure by any definition of the word. ”

Wei Wuyin was taken aback by the laced maliciousness within Tian Lingyu ’s voice, hidden by a calm outward expression. As a cultivator of the Mind Dao, he was extremely sensitive to mental fluctuations, and he was shocked that he could sense it so clearly.

However, he felt an urge to say ’I know ’ after hearing her comment, looking at the spiritual jade. There was no way a ’pure ’ woman would leave such a message. But he kept it in, a little interested in her comment.

”What do you mean by that? Am I lacking? ” He asked, a little angrily as he inquired. He decided to take this stance, as irritated by her insinuation of his inability, but he was trying to drag out the truth. After all, that mysterious woman in the Battlefield was ready to give her virginity to him right then and there. He didn ’t sense any malicious intent or guilt in her then, so he was curious now.

Indeed, Tian Lingyu responded as he expected. Her eyebrows shot up slightly. She hurriedly shook her head, explaining clearly: ”As you know, Mortals and Ascended beings are two different lifeforms. They possess different innate energies, and…intercourse of any type, dual cultivation or otherwise, always lead to intermixing. Taking such a risk would lead to… ”

Wei Wuyin was inwardly shaken, but he kept a growing frown. Tian Muyang sent a soft burst of spiritual strength Tian Lingyu ’s way, to stop considering Wei Wuyin as an idiot or a child that didn ’t understand a simple concept like this, as if he didn ’t know the consequences. It was only then that Tian Lingyu stopped speaking on the topic.

Wei Wuyin felt waves upon waves cascade on his heart, especially after considering how, every time he met an interested Ascended female cultivator, they always kept suggesting that he wait to become an Ascended being. He had never heard of this before.

”Don ’t stop, ” Wei Wuyin urged. ”Explain why it ’s inadvisable; I would love to hear an Ascended female ’s take on this subject. ” He decided to lessen his frown, using his hand to gesture for her to continue.

Tian Lingyu was unsure whether this was mockery for treating him as an ignorant being or a genius question about her perspective on the matter. She was baffled for a bit.

”Humor me, ” Wei Wuyin said with a faint smile.

Tian Lingyu thought for a moment, gathering her thoughts, and decided that Wei Wuyin was asking for it, so she would give it. But she didn ’t do so openly but spiritually. The information would take hours to delve into if she tried to explain the complicated process that she learned from her cultivation base and status as a ’pure ’ female that was deeply interested in this topic before.

Wei Wuyin was soaking all of it in, and his questions were answered without needing to ask another question. Tian Lingyu ’s words were extremely comprehensive, essentially explaining the incompatibility of Mortal and Ascended beings from both gender perspectives, the consequences, and exceptions to the rules.

According to her, simply put, while dual cultivating, mystic-graded energies flow into the partner ’s bodies, and then they go boom. The physiques of mortals were unable to handle the strain of mystic-graded, highly refined energies, leading to a rather gorey death of Cultivation Deviation.

If they somehow survive, the mystic-graded energies would overtake the cultivator ’s body like a parasite, infecting them, and acting like cement to their every action, causing blockages that neither side could effectively remove without extended expulsion formations and spells or certain alchemical products.

However, it wasn ’t just horrible for mortals, but even more harmful for Ascended beings. The inverse was true, in that while mystic-graded energies were ’too powerful ’, mortal-graded energies were ’too impure ’. An Ascended being ’s physique, meridians, Mystic Soul, and yin or yang energies can be drenched in this impurity, weakening or outright crippling an Ascended being ’s prospects.

It was a strange interaction. However, male Ascended and female Ascended did have exceptions. If the Ascended being completely sealed all their energies, their entire cultivation base, drain any excess, and expunge any latent energies using a special method or paste bath, they could sleep with mortals.

Additionally, if the mortal female ’s ’only ’ partner was the Ascended male prior to his ascension, they could have typical intercourse without harsh consequences. This was true for Wu Yu and Junia, his wife, who continued their relationship after the former ’s ascension. However, the mortal female will obtain zero benefits and dual cultivation, an active exchange of innate energies, would still lead to death for the mortal and consequences for the Ascended.

As for Ascended females, only virgin Ascended females with their Primal Yin intact could safely cultivate with mortals. However, they have to condense their entire cultivation base into their Primal Yin, funneling it through dual cultivation. The Ascended female would be crippled immediately, but the mortal male would receive untold benefits that would remain sealed in their body until their ascension, where it would have unimaginable benefits.

Wei Wuyin now understood that the mysterious woman was likely going to resort to this method. Otherwise, after initial penetration, common logic would dictate that Wei Wuyin should ’ve exploded. It wouldn ’t be much of a session if he died after a poke or two.

Wei Wuyin honestly said, ”Quite an interesting view. I ’ve learned a few things, thanks. ” He hadn ’t known about any of this, but now, he realized that as a mortal, the Mystic Dao was truly beyond his limits. He shouldn ’t even think of touching it.

’I wonder if I ’m another exception, ’ Wei Wuyin thought as he considered his Worldly Domain ’s ability to control mystic-graded energies, and his strong physical body that could contain Mystic Light. He strongly felt that he was an exception.

Tian Lingyu couldn ’t help but feel a little odd. Did Wei Wuyin truly learn something? She gave him a faintly questioning glance, curiosity leaking through.

Wei Wuyin didn ’t tense or grow uneasy at her questioning gaze, giving her a faint smile. ”I was a little rude earlier; I shouldn ’t have spoken like that to you. How about this: take this as an apology and thanks for teaching me something new. ”

Wei Wuyin calmly brought out a square jade box no bigger than an adult ’s fist. There was a faint alchemical aura enveloping it, rich in a scent that could permeate even through the Dark Void. There were rays of light leaking out of the openings, very slightly, but it was clearly unique.

”Mystic Light? ” Tian Muyang instantly recognized the light. So did all the other Earthly Saints. Their interests were piqued, some even looking at Tian Lingyu with a look of shocked envy. Was this a Mystic-World grade product?

However, their thoughts were laughable. Even if Wei Wuyin had unlimited backing, how could he treat that type of product like candy? Giving it out to every tom, dick, and harry without worry? Their opinion of Wei Wuyin had just been greatly elevated subconsciously due to Wu Yu ’s revelation.

They didn ’t doubt it, because it was remarkably easy to determine a cultivator ’s Runic Ascendant State with some probing.

Wei Wuyin sent the box floating towards Tian Lingyu, who grabbed it gingerly, her suspicions fading away as she stared at the box. Clearly, she was affixed to its contents. She lifted her gaze to see Wei Wuyin ’s unfathomably handsome face. Her wild and angry emotions before had caused her to not notice their close proximity, separated by a thin film of energy, and she could see the phenomenal radiance in those silver irises of his, accompanied by soulful black pupils.

”He ’s even better than little yin, ” she blushed ever-so-slightly thinking this, recalling that exceptionally talented relative of hers.

Tian Lingyu was about to keep the box when Tian Muyang sent her a transmission. She pouted as she glanced his way, giving him a little dissatisfied glare. Eventually, she proceeded to open the box. A flush of Utmost Purity Mist and Mystic Light erupted outwards, bringing about an extremely comfortable visual and olfactory feast.

She felt her mind grow abnormally active, even her Mystic Soul slightly moved in the direction of the mist. Unfortunately, the Dark Void dispersed the mist and light with abnormal quickness, vanishing into thin air.

”This is…?! ” Tian Lingyu was shaken. Tian Muyang looked over, inspecting the contents, and his eyes widened too. The other Earthly Saints were just as curious, sending their senses over. Soon, eyes widened all around.

The old Imperial Monarch that had accompanied Tian Muyang and Tian Lingyu since the beginning said aloud: ”Transcendent! ” His voice carried far, and various expressions changed in a drastic manner.

Wei Wuyin quietly watched all their reactions, paying rapt attention to every expression change. He needed to gain an understanding of the value of transcendent-quality products, because while they existed amongst public alchemical records, even in the True Element Sect, he couldn ’t find a single instance where they were publicly sold.

It didn ’t make sense with so many Mortal Sovereign Alchemists at the Mystic Ascendant Realm. He felt that these figures should be able to concoct transcendent-quality products, selling them at an absurdly high price to top-tier geniuses.

”It ’s the Astral World-Deluge Pill! ” The other Sky Monarch, a middle-aged man, added with a bright gaze that fixed itself to the pill.

”A transcendent ninth-grade product? ” Tian Lingyu was open-mouthed, wide-eyed, and just absolutely stunned. She held the pill in her hand in complete and utter disbelief, it was so intense that she resembled a deer in headlights, just frozen outright by the surprise.

Wei Wuyin ’s heart instantly twisted. He realized it now.


He had thought that transcendent-quality products weren ’t that rare privately, and he might be right, but he completely didn ’t consider a simple, very easily neglected fact: transcendent-quality products didn ’t start at the eighth-grade…

When he recalled his second phenomenon of the Alchemic Dao, gaining the Alchemic Stars of Spiritual Transcendence, he gained it from concocting a ninth-grade product, not from his earlier eighth-grade success, the World-Light Refraction Elixir…

Since he became a Mortal Sovereign Alchemist with Bai Lin ’s help, he hadn ’t given any attempt at all to make first, second, or up to seventh-grade transcendent products, thinking it was a waste of mystic-graded resources, only concocting ninth-grade products. He was reasonable, because Mystic-Terra Ore was outrageously expensive!

It was only when those amazed gazes were lifted, honed onto Wei Wuyin ’s figure with dazzled brilliance that he confirmed his mistake.

The transcendent-quality for Mortal-grade products restarted in difficulty from the first-grade…

”Oh my heavens! This has two unique Mystic Auras imbued within as well! ” The old Imperial Monarch exclaimed, pointing out the addition of Terra-Mystic Ore and Nirvanic Flames.

Wei Wuyin directly interjected before the awe and questions pile, hurriedly explaining: ”I ’ll take my leave. You can give Guardian Han your spiritual jades. ”


Bai Lin realized that Wei Wuyin was urgent, and instantly released a cry, erupting in a burst of Nirvanic Flames before shooting off before the other Earthly Saints broke out of their stupor.

Wei Wuyin didn ’t know, but while his mistake had been a horrendous lapse of common sense, a product of his astonishing talent and pickiness of his Astral Souls, his imaginary backing had all but cemented in the strongest possible manner!

Why? Because while Mystic-World grade products have appeared before, even being created a few times on occasion by the joint efforts of the three Earthly Saint Alchemists before, including dozens of Mortal Sovereign Alchemists, and several Earthly Saints, transcendent-quality ninth-grade products had only been made by the Sky Zenith Alchemic Saint and the King of Everlore!!!

There was no longer any doubt in their minds at this moment. And this seed of thought will soon yield results that would shake the entire stellar region at its core!

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