Paragon of Sin

Chapter 882: Worldly Force Lethal Avatars

Chapter 881: Worldly Force, Avatars of the World

The incessant trembling of fixed space, the quivering of the ambient mana, and the shifts and distortions in light, gravity, and heat immersed the Elementus Domain. It was chaos, hectic and violent, and every living being felt a surge of trepidation emerge in their thoughts.

Their heads moved about, scanning for the source, yet it seemed to envelop them entirely. For those of a higher cultivation base, were able to pinpoint the epicenter of this chaos. It came from Origin, their capital planet and sole home of the True Element Sect!

Wen Mingna and Si De were together outside of Wei Wuyins courtyard. When they felt the drastic environmental changes, they turned towards Wei Wuyins entrance, aghast at discovering the origins.

“What is that?!” Si De cried out. Before she could investigate instinctively, the urge to determine Wei Wuyins condition, a soft, powerful hand grasped her arm, a Worldly Domain unfurled to envelop her, and Wen Mingna took charge, flying away with all her might. Despite Si Des cultivation base at the Timelord level, she didnt offer any resistance.

When she tried, she was startled to realize that her connections to all her external forces of power had been sealed off. She even tried to unleash her Worldly Domain, but her Astral Soul didnt respond. In fact, it seemed to become inert in controlling any of its power.

Wen Mingnas Worldly Domain was seemingly unaffected, shocking Si De.

“We need to leave!” Wen Mingna exclaimed urgently. She hadnt felt any danger until just now, bringing her great shock and concern. It didnt take her long before she escaped tens of miles away, stopping as her Worldly Domain remained stable and strong.

“Whats happening?” Si De asked with a wisp of fear in her voice. She couldnt move any of her strength, and her Astral Soul seemed to have been forced into a dormant state. She had lived for over a thousand years, being a cultivator with power for the vast, vast majority of that time, so this situation brought her incredible distress.

“…” Wen Mingna didnt answer immediately, inspecting her Worldly Domain. She could feel that the Neo-Dawn Domain Seed formed by the Neo-Dawn Eclipse Pill was overly active. Her eyes brightened. “He must be commencing his Realm World Astral Tribulation.”

“What?” A voice sounded out, causing Wen Mingna and Si De to turn their heads, spotting the pair of Lin Xianxei and Lin Ming. They seemed to have rushed over on foot, not flying either. When they saw Wen Mingnas Worldly Domain, their expressions became strange.

“How can you use your Worldly Domain?” Lin Ming asked. He had tried to unleash his Worldly Domain, yet it was impossible. Furthermore, his Astral Soul had essentially entered a dormant state. They had to use their physical strength to rush over. Fortunately, they werent very far.

Lin Xianxei looked at the epicenter of the changes, her eyes solemn. She had seen many, many Realm World Astral Tribulations before, but this was unlike anything shed ever felt before. It was extremely intense, absurdly terrifying. It was as if it was amplified by a thousand times…perhaps even more!

Wen Mingna ignored Lin Ming, focusing on Wei Wuyins courtyard. She knew that the Neo-Dawn Domain Seed contained the tiniest wisps of Wei Wuyins aura. She was only unaffected because the Realm World Astral Tribulation wasnt trying to suppress him. At least, not directly.

The reason why most high-level cultivators felt the Realm World Astral Tribulation and higher is because it was a deep, unfathomably vicious warning of the heavens. It essentially meant: Do not interfere.

While those beyond the Mortal Dao could still involve themselves, they would suffer some violent backlash.

When Si De and Lin Xianxei learned that Wei Wuyin was almost certainly undergoing his Realm World Astral Tribulation, they felt complex emotions. The former felt intense fear. She had experienced the lethality of the Realm World Astral Tribulation, and it still brought her shivers recalling her own.

The latter was amazed; the aura of this tribulation was far beyond anything shed ever felt before. She had never sensed a different Realm World Astral Tribulation before. They all had an equal aura, bringing forth equal strength and difficulty for all challengers. Why would the heavens decide to enhance Wei Wuyins tribulation?

What was he cultivating to experience such a drastic difference?

“…” They could only watch as ripples began to flow outwards like titanic waves, pulsating outwards with thrumming sounds. The Realm World Astral Tribulation was definitely beginning!

Above them, the Ascended beings of the True Element Sect were there. They all gazed intently at Wei Wuyins courtyard. Lin Xianxian was the most concerned; she was the only one amongst the Ascended beings present that were aware that Wei Wuyin lived there. When she noticed her daughter with three others, including two of Wei Wuyins companions, complex emotions abounded.

°Absolutely nothing can happen to him…° She had just enjoyed the benefits of association, unwilling to lose any of that. If Wei Wuyin vanished or died, Zhang Ziyi would definitely deal with her without mercy. She couldnt rely on Wu Yu to give her any importance.

When this thought emerged in her head, she realized that while she had his attention, she wasnt under Wei Wuyins umbrella of protection; his subordinates and backing werent hers. If she wanted to protect her daughter and herself…

Her eyes released a glow of resolution.

Above them, Zhang Ziyi and Han Yuhei floated even higher. “The Realm World Astral Tribulation is almost as intense as an Earthly Ascension? If it wasnt for our Mystic Souls Mana Control, I feel like wed be unable to remain afloat.” Zhang Ziyi remarked with shock.

“Theres a suppressive will infecting me, warning me. Ive never felt this before.” Han Yuhei stated as he closed his eyes, inspecting his internal condition. While he was a genuine Ascended being at the Earthly Saint Phase, unable to be restrained by any amped-up Mortal Tribulation, the fact that it was attempting to do so was insanely unexpected.

“Yeah…” Zhang Ziyi felt it too. She had only felt this during Mystic Ascensions. She was prohibited from interfering by the heavens. That said, she wouldnt be stupid enough to do so. There were many records of Soul of Mysticism and Demi-Mortal Lords trying to desperately interfere to save their beloved children or lovers during their Ascension to the Mystic Ascendant Realm but followed along in death.

It was a depressing reality.

This was why things like Mystic Origin Liquid, capable of giving one another shot after failure, were extremely valuable in the cultivation world.

“Why is it so strong?” Zhang Ziyi asked. She had never felt a Realm World Astral Tribulation release such a tremendously powerful aura. It barely lacked in comparison to an Earthly Tribulation. While quality-wise, it was severely lacking. In terms of expansive aura and intensity, if placed in the Mortal Dao, it was roughly the same. Like a gallon of water and a gallon of oil had different weights but contained the same volume.

“We should relocate the population,” Han Yuhei suggested, delivering a massive shock to Zhang Ziyi. He could tell that the tribulation was ramping up. It wasnt done. And since they all were keenly aware of what this tribulation entailed, it was best to be on the safe side.

Zhang Ziyi was about to argue the necessity of that. After all, it seemed too extreme of a measure to take without any justification. But then, as if realizing the various possibilities, she thought about it and decided to agree, not arguing as she usually would.

Down below, Wen Mingna felt the Heavenly Daos whisper in her ear, her Astral Soul thrumming in heavenly music. No one but her could hear it, and she looked to the sky. “Prepare yourself, were leaving.” She warned, restraining her Worldly Domain.

Lin Ming frowned. Wen Mingna had outright ignored his question. For some reason, he felt that this woman was familiar, but he couldnt quite place it.

Si De was startled but when she felt Wen Mingnas hand in hers. She calmed down, looking up and seemingly recalling the incident of being pulled away from her home, brought to an unfamiliar space. She didnt know why she remembered this. A wave of concern stampeded her heart as she looked with her sightless eyes at Wei Wuyins building.

“Hell be fine, I promise.” Wen Mingna softly said, attempting to soothe Si Des emotions. Si Des hand grip was unbearably tight around Wen Mingnas, reflecting her stressed state. Those words had some effect, and a silver light rained upon them, suffused with spatial power beyond Mortal Limits.

With unfathomable proficiency, and the joint effort of two Earthly Saints, the entire population was being forcefully brought away. Their means and powers were exceptionally godly, taking an extremely short period of time before the whole planet was evacuated, brought into a Worldly Domain, and floating as a mass of beings. It didnt matter what they were doing or who they were, none could resist.

In less than a hundred seconds, the entire planet became clear of all life except for Wei Wuyin and relocated elsewhere.


While the planet was evacuated, Wei Wuyin was in the center of the intensifying aura. The roof of his secluded room was ripped off, the walls collapsed, and the floor was filled with cracks with his feet up to his shins embedded into the stone.

Up above, a torrential cyclone of spatial energies formed, growing larger and larger. The cracks on the floor were entirely the result of Wei Wuyin; his weight was being pressed downwards as gravitational forces became increasingly stronger with the growth of the spatial cyclone.

He had formed a Black Hole as his Astral Souls Central Gravitational Mass, kept within him, yet the gravity that he faced was unimaginably greater than the Gravity Source Astral Tribulation, and it was all focused solely on himself!

“…” Wei Wuyin grimly observed the spatial cyclone grow from ten miles to a hundred miles, and it didnt seem to be stopping anytime soon. The astronomical forces of light, heat, gravity, the ambient mana, and fixed-type spatial energies were growing increasingly feral. They were rampant, ravaging the surroundings in complete chaos and reckless abandon.

There were bits of crumbled debris floating and turning to dust, flashes of light, and spots of complete darkness, and the temperature went from blazingly hot to chillingly cold. If it wasnt for Wei Wuyins body being refined by Absolute Hot and Absolute Ice Energies, he would be experiencing significant discomfort.

“More! More! More!” Oris voice was filled with uncontrollable laughter. It seemed particularly amused by this event. The four Astral Souls were glowing with distinct brilliance, seemingly joining together as they combined their Astral Tribulations, a feat they had done many, many times before.

However, this definitely seemed to be different.

Unlike the other tribulations, this Realm World Astral Tribulation, otherwise known as the United Worldly Force Tribulation, the name that felt appropriate to Wei Wuyin who was facing it, was absolutely lethal and rumored to be unchanging. Regardless if one was at the Zenith Mortal State or the 4th Mortal State, one centimeter Astral Core or twenty centimeter Astral Core, or Red Primary Light or White Primary Light, the tribulations strength was always, always consistent.

It was always lethal.

Wei Wuyin knew this was going to be difficult despite his incredible foundation; his Astral Souls wished to push everything to its limits to obtain the best benefits. The fact he was sent across stellar regions and survived inside a black hole was mere previews to this day.

“How does this help me?” Wei Wuyin couldnt help but ask as the spatial cyclone had already grown to three hundred miles. The Sky Layers were churning at this point, and the planet was likely experiencing all sorts of chaos.

He could already feel ceaseless seismic activity beneath his feet. If it wasnt for the planets incredibly refined state, it mightve crumbled from the gravitational force pressing against him, sending him through it. Fortunately, he felt life signatures vanish through spatial power.

He was about to divert some of his attention to do just that or at least leave, but with this development, he felt that having the safety of a planet beneath him was for the best. If his Astral Souls had decided to unleash the tribulation in the Void-Blank Space, chances were he wouldve been shuttled an unbearably vast distance without end, followed by this spatial cyclone and causing unimaginable damage.

It might even attract that strange Void Creature that Kratos had warned him about. This was likely within their considerations when they decided to break through in the Elementus Domain.

Of course, he might not have agreed to do so. It was probably why they decided to act this way.

Five hundred miles!


Wei Wuyins weight increased, and he sank to his knees. The planets rotation began to be affected, slowly shifting out of orbit. Fortunately, its formations began to passively activate to correct this shift.

“What should I expect?” Wei Wuyin held the hilt of his saber constructed from Essence of War, the peak Mystic-Earth saber he obtained from the Battlefield. Those grim eyes of his contained an intense fighting spirit.

“A battle,” Eden softly answered.

Wei Wuyins hand tightened around his sabers hilt. A normal tribulation typically consisted of resisting the various forces as they sought to destroy you and your Astral Soul, similar to the Gravity Source Astral Tribulation, without the refinement or benefits. This type of tribulation wouldve been easy for Wei Wuyin, possessing Void Force, Soul Light, and a thoroughly refined body.

But these Astral Souls of his were bound not to let this experience be easy or ordinary!

“With who?” Wei Wuyin darkly asked; his aura was seething with Saber Intent, Elemental Origin Intent, and Spiritual Strength. The beating of his heart was violently intense. Each pounding beat enhanced the seismic activities of the planet.

“THE WORLD!” Kratos roaringly answered.

By this point, the spatial cyclone directly above Wei Wuyin had grown to a full nine hundred miles and then abruptly began to stop. The aura it emitted didnt decrease or settle but kept intensifying to an absurdly high limit. Wei Wuyins body sank even further, going down to his thighs.

“Tch,” King sounded out. Then, it shockingly said: “When you slay these beings, absorb them.”

“Beings?” Wei Wuyin was startled with questions when the cyclone began to rapidly disintegrate into particulates. These particulates were bright, shining orbs of smoky light. They varied in color and seemingly in energy sources.

They were uncountable in number, and one can only roughly guess they reached in the billions. Wei Wuyin observed their brilliance, like an artificial night sky manifesting before ones very eyes. He was awed for a moment.

Unfortunately, this awe was brought to an unceremonious end as these orbs gathered in four locations. They condensed and condensed until they became no more than four distinct shapes that were thirteen meters in size.

Wei Wuyins eyes widened uncontrollably, indescribable shock infusing his heart without mercy.

These four figures…

They were…

A tree, a saber, a white solar star, and a mighty silhouette concealed by mist!

They were avatars of his four Astral Souls!





Wei Wuyins eyes couldnt widen any further. The four Avatars emitted an absurd, ungodly amount of killing intent!

“Lets kill ourselves!” Ori joyfully giggled.

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