Paragon of Sin

Chapter 874: Mortal Saint Alchemist A New Material

in his high-strung and messy appearance. He turned to Bai Lin, his smile a little mad, saying: “From the beginning of trying to refine the War Talisman, Ive been trying to create a way to replenish Soul Light. It has a lot of uses, not limited to that, but if I can do so, then the War Talisman can be an incredible trump card.”

Bai Lins eyes reflected Wei Wuyins excitement and madness. They seemed like two peas in a pod, ready to shoot out into the unknown with madness in their hearts and their lives on the line.

“Hahaha!” Wei Wuyin abruptly laughed, lifting his head upwards to the ceiling and clenching his hands into tight fists. Bai Lin released her own clarion laughter, producing a dual harmony. Soon, Wei Wuyin settled down.

“Its all in place!” He lowered his head, his Celestial Eyes revealed a central mass of white light! The Seed of Creation! “Im going to transform all of this; Im going to create new material! Itll work. Itll work. Definitely!”

Wei Wuyins Eye of Creation had a unique power that could nurture and reproduce materials of the world, and it seemed connected to the Material Dao. But he felt an urge to try something, and that was using it not just for nurturing, but generating new material! When he used the Scarlet Jade as a test earlier, he had infused his Grand Earth Intent into it, giving it a remarkable change in not only grade but quality.

Without further delay, he looked at the Soul Ashes of Divine Jade. The Eye of Creation directly absorbed its form! He tapped into his Shifting Elemental Primary Soul Light and Elemental Origin Intent, mustering up a tremendous amount of spiritual energy, and began to brew!

After two minutes, the Soul Ash of Divine Jade was formed in the Seed of Creation, and with a forceful exertion, the Soul Ash of Divine Jade had lost its cyan color, becoming entirely white.

Wei Wuyins eyes were incredibly wide, and Bai Lin was next to him, her eyes focused keenly on this new material. A material forged from Soul Ash of the Divine Jade, Elemental Origin Intent, and Shifting Elemental Primary Soul Light!

Suddenly, the ash turned into flames. Then, the flames became specks of droplets. Then, the droplets became blobs of magma. Then…

It kept shifting until it once again settled into being white-colored ash!

“…” Wei Wuyin looked at Bai Lin, who met his gaze with the same intensity, and they lingered there for a few seconds.

“YES!!” They shouted. It worked! He didnt have 100% confidence that it would work! But it worked!

“What do we call it?” Wei Wuyin was in his feelings when Bai Lin asked, causing him to freeze. He looked at the strange soul-based material that contained the aspects of the nine elements and its endless permutations.

“What do you think?” Wei Wuyin asked. He wasnt the best at naming things. Furthermore, this was merely a single version. He intended to make versions for all his Primary Soul Light, to design a specific alchemical product that could replenish Soul Light of any type, including for all types of Primary Light.

This material was the new catalyst for a unique product. There was a certain name for this type of product: A Specialized Product with Infinite Variations! Moreover, this wouldnt just help his new product! This would open up endless variations to the False Worldly Domain generated by the Neo-Dawn Eclipse Pill!

If before, the Worldly Domain generated was pure, non-attributed, then this would produce unique Worldly Domains! A Worldly Domain of Fire! A Worldly Domain of Elemental Origins!

An entirely new product line was designed off this sole experiment.

Neo-Dawn Eclipse Pill: Elemental Water Variant!

Neo-Dawn Eclipse Pill: Elemental Fire Seed!

Neo-Dawn Eclipse Pill: Elemental Origin Domain!

Whatever the hell the name is, this would allow those who consumed this pill to use their Worldly Domains to have countless references and a pool of readily available insights into Intents! Not to mention its enhancement in power!

Bai Lins eyes grew serious. It took her a long minute before she suddenly said in a low tone, “Neo-Dawn Soul Ash?”

“…” Wei Wuyin gave Bai Lin a lifted brow. Wasnt that name…too on the nose? At least she didnt have Kratos naming sense.


Wei Wuyin felt a growling rumble come from his heart. He couldnt help but smile.

“How about Infinite Dao Soul Ash?” As if struck by a spark of enlightenment, Bai Lin looked at the material and felt as if something hit her. When the name was spoken, Wei Wuyin felt his heart race.

“Infinite Dao Soul Ash…” As he said this, he felt as if the entire world rippled for the briefest of moments. Did he just speak into existence a materials name thatll last forever? He felt that, if there were divinations performed to discover what this material was, itll always be Infinite Dao Soul Ash.

“I like it! I like it!” Ori chimed in her feelings towards the name.

“Its okay, I guess. Not better than Sky Dragon Gate.” Kratos puffed out a soft roar, clearly sticking to its guns.

“Tch.” King accepted it.

“You still need to devise a method or spell that can create this material without you,” Eden didnt mind the name, but it pointed this out. Even if its a new material, if others couldnt create it, then wasnt it worthless to have a name? However, since the Everlasting Spirit of Nine Flames existed, he should be able to create a variation of using lower forms of Primary Light and Intent through continuous infusion to produce something similar through a spell.

Wei Wuyin nodded, his emotions calming down. He reached for the Infinite Dao Soul Ash, intending to properly seal it. “I wonder if this material can be used to eventually create an easier way to achieve Primary Soul Light besides the transcendent World-Light Refraction Elixir,” He casually asked no one in particular.

“…!” Wei Wuyin instantly froze up. He slowly, extremely slowly, lifted the Infinite Dao Soul Ash to his eye-level. A bright, brilliant, and charming smile emerged on his handsome face. But then, his eyebrows furrowed.

“Lets focus on one thing for now,” Wei Wuyin placed this idea at the back of his mind. Right now, he was going to create three more Infinite Dao Soul Ashes, one for each of his remaining Astral Souls!

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