Paragon of Sin

Chapter 869: Time To Cultivate

urself. Ill handle it.”

“…” Wei Wuyin was slightly suspicious, but he didnt find Ma Zheng untrustworthy. He had performed various actions on his behalf perfectly, from giving demons a home to allowing the beasts to have some freedom, including Xue Yifeis exceptional growth in reputation. There wasnt much that he could find fault with, so he decided to let Ma Zheng handle it.

If a 9th Runic Ascendant State Earthly Saint couldnt handle this matter, and one with immense resources like Ma Zheng, then there was no need for him to involve himself. He might not do much better.

For a few hours, they talked about various topics, getting an update on the Golden Auction and the subsequent events that followed. Unlike with Wu Yu, Ma Zhengs report was far more detailed. He learned that the Neo-Dawn Eclipse Pill had entered the hands of every major faction thus far, despite being restricted in purchasing rights to the Ninestar Sainthall.

For whatever reason, likely involving extremely advantageous deals, the Ninestar Sainthall had dealings with the Imperial Clan and Everlore Association. The Everlore Association then released the Ever-Domain Pill. Despite its low quality and paling by comparison effects, the Ever-Domain Pill and the Everlore Association was easier to generate in vast quantities.

For every one Neo-Dawn Eclipse Pill made, roughly six Ever-Domain Pills were made and sold by the Everlore Association at a cheaper price. Not only did the Everlore Association have more alchemists, they werent beneath hiring external alchemists to increase their production speed.

This actually helped trigger the Saint Cyclic Renewal Summit even more than the Neo-Dawn Eclipse Pill had. The standards of Chosen were already outdated, but this false Worldly Domain was outright making it obsolete. With these false Worldly Domains, those Chosen at the Sixth Stage of the Astral Core Realm, the Gravity Emission Phase, could easily trounce those ordinary Realmlords.

There were too many with the qualification to become Chosen. They needed to thin the herd before the Chosen King Trial made by the King of Everlore began. After all, there were very limited slots available.

After a long conversation, Wei Wuyin had grown closer to Ma Zheng. The man wasnt just smart, he was easy to talk to, and had a work ethic that rivaled his own.

They soon left the Elementus Domain, departing after exchanging means to communicate. When they left, Wu Yu couldnt help but say: “Young Lord, Xue Yifei could be in trouble.”

While Ma Zheng hadnt given anything away, Ma Sujiang was awkward whenever Xue Yifei was mentioned. While she quickly concealed her involuntary facial tells, she had already given away this.

“Old Zheng said its a Golden Life Pavilion matter, so Ill leave it to him to handle.”

Wu Yus eyes narrowed dangerously as he stared at the sky. Xue Yifei was a bloodline descendant of his trusted subordinate, the Bloodforge Emperor, so he felt a sense of protectiveness. If something happened to her….

Wei Wuyin could tell Wu Yus emotions, so he helplessly sighed. “Open the barrier, go with them and ensure things work out.”

Wu Yu was startled. “You sure?”

Wei Wuyin nodded, “Ill be fine. No one knows Ill be here. I dont imagine the Imperial Clan will come back so soon, and they are very unlikely to tell. As for everything else, Ill just let those two release a report saying Ive already left. I have some things I need to do anyway.”

Wu Yu gave Wei Wuyin a thankful look.

“Also, check on the sects state. While the Sky Zenith Alchemic Saint had made some deals, theres no guarantee the Everlore Association will stay true to it.”

Wu Yu nodded. Then, he flew upwards and vanished. The Domain-sealing barrier soon came down.

Wei Wuyin stretched slightly, feeling his bones grow a little restless. Since he lost his sight, he had many ideas for alchemical products, arts, and spells, so it was about time he cultivated a little.

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