Paragon of Sin

Chapter 868: Slow and Steady

for now. While he was fully aware of the Lin Clans predicament, their conditions for freedom, and Lin Xianxeis secrets, there was little that he would involve himself with.

However, it would be a lie to say that he didnt find Lin Xianxian extremely attractive, a refreshing beauty. This was certainly the core reason for his agreement, and it was his subconscious desire that he had made that joke. He learned long ago that acting against ones desire was harmful to ones state of mind.

If he wasnt like this, then Na Xinyi wouldnt have been freed after. If he wasnt like this, he would kill every Blessed on sight. If he wasnt like this, Xue Yifei wouldve been killed at their ceremony. If he wasnt like this, he never wouldve met Yue Songli and Yao Houyi. If he wasnt like this, he wouldve never obtained the War Souls and Elixir needed to pull off this incredible act.

As someone facing the Eighteen Calamities of Hell as a mere mortal and someone who lost so much already, Wei Wuyin decided long ago to never let himself lose out on opportunities or form threads of lingering, festering regret.

“Young Lord, Ma Zheng and Ma Sujiang are here.” Wu Yu said as he looked towards the edge of the planet, finding a reinvigorated Ma Zheng who seemed to have reversed in age and Ma Sujiang. They were patiently waiting at the borders of the planet, waiting to be noticed patiently.

Wei Wuyin nodded, gesturing for Wu Yu to bring them over. Wu Yu flew upwards, soon bringing them down to the courtyard. The father-daughter duo was quite a pair. Wu Yu was shocked at how similar their facial expressions were. It was clear they were related.

He had met both of them before a few times, yet he was still unable to link them together in such an intimate fashion before, but now…it was so clear.

Ma Zheng held a slight smile, and he clasped his hands in greeting, slightly bowing to Wei Wuyin. This was a gesture of thanks and a sign of utmost respect. The daughter followed suit. Her crying and desperate visage was nowhere to be found, replaced by a serene and controlled demeanor.

Wei Wuyin gave them a look and laughed heartily in return. He was in a good mood. “You dont mind me calling you Old Zheng, right?”

“Not at all,” Ma Zheng replied with a faint smile. Such a familiar term used by his savor? Wasnt this the best way to close the distance between them? While this was their firstofficial meeting, Ma Zheng felt as if he knew Wei Wuyin deeply at this point.

And he felt, no, knew he made the correct bet.

“Then you can call me Wei Wuyin, no need for titles.” Wei Wuyin folded his arms across his chest and got closer, inspecting Ma Zhengs renewed state. He was quite curious how someone with near-endless resources and existed in a Stellar Region with three Saint Alchemists was unable to become an Earthly Saint after reaching such an advanced age.

Well, cultivation was difficult.

“What Runic Ascendant State did you reach?” Wei Wuyin asked, adding: “You dont have to say if you dont want to.”

Wu Yu eyed Ma Zheng. He could easily tell Ma Zhengs Runic Ascendant State with a little probing. Of course, he wouldnt do so. He did, however, feel that Ma Zheng was quite exceptional.

Ma Sujiang was also curious. She hadnt asked before, but her bright eyes betrayed her.

Ma Zheng chuckled, “Not say? How could I not? Would I even be here today if not for you? If there was anyone that should know, it is my own Saintmaker, no?” Ma Zheng began to slowly interface with his Mystic Soul, exerting his Mystic Aura little by little.

Wei Wuyins Celestial Eyes could only see faint shadowy outlines of tens of thousands of Mystic Runes emerge. He was satisfied that his Celestial Gaze was useful, regaining his sight. Unfortunately, he couldnt tell what these runes were.

Wu Yu and Ma Sujiang, however, proceeded to have extremely outrageous and exaggerated facial expressions! The formers eyes widened to their utmost limits in abject shock while the latter was absolutely speechless, gasping as she held her mouth to her hand to stop any further embarrassing noises.

Just from this, Wei Wuyin was certain his Runic Ascendant State was not ordinary. Especially since Wu Yu, an 8th Runic Ascendant, was showing such a strong reaction.

“…” Unfortunately, it just felt unfathomable to Wei Wuyin, Si De, and Wen Mingna. They only looked on with interest, awaiting for Ma Zheng to reveal his state.

Ma Zheng couldnt hold back his big, almost oaf-like grin. It was simple and pure, like a child that had accomplished a difficult task and received their reward. “Theres a reason why I was unable to ascend, Wei Wuyin. Haha, I decided to go big or go home.”

When Ma Zheng said this, he brought out his palm, and manifested nine visible runes that even the mortals could see. They were all uniquely shaped, clearly all different.

“9th Runic Ascendant?!” Wei Wuyin was blown away, his eyes looking at Wu Yu for verification. And those starry eyes filled with indescribable emotion were unable to hide the truth.

“Haha, sometimes accumulation can outdo talent. Cultivation is difficult, but with patience and willpower, theres no limit to a cultivators path.” The sound of deep, undisguised satisfaction reverberated through every syllable spoken.

Awakened Mystic Intent!

All nine Ways of Mysticism!

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