Paragon of Sin

Chapter 825:Stellar Nest Likeminded

force within.

“…” The masked figure remained silent as the environment kept piling up with strange sounds, and soon, the faint batting of wings began to be heard. The Stellar Rains had accumulated such a vast number that their winged flight that was typically soft was not converging into a sound loud enough to hear.

Even if the two wanted to speak using their voice, it would be drowned out by the hectic sounds.

The masked figure shook their head, pointing towards the area behind Wei Wuyin. That was the direction where Wei Wuyin came from, now engulfed by the background of innumerable glitters of starlight.

“You entered. The backdoor of the Stellar Nest might be stable outside, but here, it moves after entry or exit. I had used a method to determine its location. Unfortunately…” The masked figure no longer explained. The rest was abundantly clear.

Wei Wuyin felt enlightened. No wonder he felt incredibly strange when he arrived, the backdoor began to move the moment he entered. He would be as if he had just jumped off a flying vehicle immediately after it went from still to top speed without warning. The residual spatial wake it generated caused him to be shaken. Perhaps if one didnt have a strong physical body, theyd be ripped to shreds immediately.

If this was true, then the United Source True Queen truly failed at her job allowing him to enter. The escape plan was ruined by his desire to enter and her failure to prevent it.

“You wanted an Earthly Saint to act as a guard dog for you to secure a safe return? How courageous,” Wei Wuyin commented with genuine praise. It seemed his original theory that the United Source True Queen was being used was mostly true. But if so, then the United Source True Queen certainly didnt know about this, otherwise she wouldnt have held back in telling him.

As he thought about it, he came to a realization. Helooked behind where the exit shouldve been. “Determined? Not affixed?”

“…” The masked figure didnt respond.

“A thousand and one,” Wei Wuyin said, returning hislook to the masked figure. “You determined the location?” It soon became clear. The Stellar Nest wasnt subject to divination, a commonly known fact, but everything had set principles, even spatial entrances and gateway doors.

If the backdoor moved, then there had to be a logic to this movement. Distance, direction, timing, and more, all of which likely can form a reliable pattern. The masked figure running directly towards him suggested he had known the rough location of the backdoor.

“Did you use a thousand guinea pigs to calculate the location of where the backdoor would be? Is it the reset principle, to move it to where it originally was? Or was it to manipulate it to be right where you wanted? Where are those Starlords?” Wei Wuyin couldnt help but ask.


“Somewhere,” the masked figure responded.

“Ruthless,” Wei Wuyin stated. If the backdoor was the only entry and exit for cultivators, then those Starlords will have to either be incredibly lucky to find the next location or die here of old age or from the Stellar Rain. To not only use an Earthly Saint as a line of defense to secure your exit, but to sacrifice a thousand Starlords to ensure that itll be in a convenient location! That sounded like something he might conceive.

But he couldnt understand something, “Youre under oath to return. How will you explain yourself?”

“…” The masked figure lifted the miniaturized solar star slightly. This seemed to be an unintentional movement, a sign of confidence.

Wei Wuyin looked at the miniaturized Solar Star of endless colors in the masked figures hand, then the Stellar Rain, and then recalled the Zenith Stellar Source. He didnt know the details of the oath, but chances were the oaths werent airtight enough. Perhaps a stipulation was deviously included.

What would he have done?


‘Id swear if I obtained Stellar Rain or the Zenith Stellar Source, that Ill come back through that entrance. But only if that wasnt my goal. If the backdoor can be moved outside, its possible it can be manipulated to jump elsewhere. Its almost impossible to find a Stellar Nest backdoor, even as an Earthly Saint. Wei Wuyin thoughtfully concluded, putting himself in the masked figures shoes to generate a reliable, deceptive loophole.

Greed blinded all; time was likely not on the United Source True Queens side when the oaths were considered. She saw what she wanted to see: a payday or bust with calculated sacrifice and risk.

He felt that he understood 80% of what happened, including that Stellar Rain or the so-called Zenith Stellar Source wasnt the goal here. Perhaps like bees in a hive, there was honey here that was far more valuable than the queen.

“I guess shes lucky Im here,” Wei Wuyin chuckled. Who knew how much thought and planning went into this.

The masked figure looked at Wei Wuyin throughout it all, but then they gave off an androgynous laugh. They said in praise, “Shes smarter than I originally thought; sending a restrained Ascended being here to secure her interests. It was my fault for underestimating her intelligence and means, I wont lower my guard against an Earthly Saint again.”

“…” Wei Wuyin was inwardly surprised by their statement.

“But if you think a restrained Ascended being is enough to stop me, youre underestimating me.” The masked figure began to slowly walk towards Wei Wuyin. T



From the masked figures body, a torrential explosion of spiritual strength erupted that flooded the entire world in mere milliseconds. It was a heavy deluge of spiritual aura that engulfed the world.


The strange sound emitted from the Stellar Rain lifeforms gradually ceased. Their bloodlust and killing intent was replaced with fear, a similar, if not greater fear than when Wei Wuyin unleashed his own spiritual strength against those Stellar Rain from earlier.

Wei Wuyins eyebrows lifted in abject shock. That spiritual aura…

That was entirely within Mortal Limits, tainted by the Mortal Dao!

Furthermore, it felt stronger than his!

Who in the hell was this masked figure?!

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