Paragon of Sin

Chapter 815 - The Search

hort moment.

Wei Wuyin, Wen Mingna, and Wu Yu entered the archaic Voidship and floated in the Dark Void. Wu Yu began to explain the various changes he felt towards his new cultivation level, the events that happened in the Ever-Knight battles, and his discoveries. When he proudly revealed his 8th Runic Ascendant state to them, they werent that impressed, but when he mentioned the 3rd Runic Ascendant state of the Ever-Knights, Wei Wuyin was absolutely stunned.


While the trio discussed the events peacefully, the rigorous search for Wu Yu continued. After finding nothing for five full days, yet knowing fully that Wu Yu hadnt escaped the Sky Shell World before its manifestation, the Everlore Association deployed the four Earthly Saints to search the area for an exuberantly high-price.

For another three days, they scoured the entire Everlore Domain without missing a single spot, but discovered nothing. The Everlore Association was clearly frustrated as they upped the suppression of mystic forces, giving the four Earthly Saints exemption tokens, and redoubled their efforts. The sheer cost of maintaining the Earth-Sky-Heaven Mystic Array per minute was astonishingly, heartbreakingly high.

It cost the Everlore Association roughly a mystic stone in similarly graded materials every minute, including rare spatially-attributed mystic-graded materials. In ten days, they had already lost 15,000 Mystic Stones worth of materials just maintaining the Sky Shell World and the suppressive effects of the formation. This was exacerbated by their increased suppression.

While they were rich, they werent that rich. At this point, they were going to have to tap into their reserve funds, kept for emergencies and war invasions. The Everlore Association might be a haven of alchemy, wealthy bastards of absurd wealth called Alchemists, but materials of the mystic-grade were finite at any given moment.

Unable to bear the cost, they deactivated the array after the thirteenth day in a defeated manner. They concluded that Wu Yu had somehow escaped prior to the activation of the array, an attempt to save face for their inability to seize a foreign Earthly Saint in their territory.

But their attempt was a bandaid to a rapidly deteriorating situation after the bubble sealed their territory! When freedom of movement was regained, the Earthly Saints left their territory with satisfied smiles, news of the events started to spread across the Grand Cyclic Stellar Region like wildfire.

While an official story was put out there, explaining the destruction of Rainbow Sky and the severe loss of life on the Ever-Knight being interrupted while refining a volatile mystic-graded material, and when jolted by another Earthly Saints attack, even a newly ascended Earthly Saint, they temporarily lost control of their powers. An unfortunate event.

The Everlore Association offered all sorts of compensation and expressed a willingness to establish a memorial. It was them taking the blame and trying to make amends that allowed them some reprieve, but some wasnt enough. The news of Wu Yu, the All-Alchemic Clash Royale, and recorded events was spread. This included Wu Yus words of saying it was deliberate!

Supposedly, the Everlore Association had stealthily tried to seal away the recordings after the erection of the Earth-Sky-Heaven Mystic Array, so only low-quality details were revealed, but it was enough. Typically, the dissenting voices of the Everlore Association were non-existent, but this matter was huge!

Because that Ever-Knight had clearly acted while Wu Yu was acting in a non-hostile capacity, attempting to announce the All-Alchemic Clash Royale for Wei Wuyin, the mysterious and elusive Grand Mortal Sovereign Alchemist that invented the Neo-Dawn Eclipse Pill! Furthermore, the first thing that happened was the destruction of Rainbow Sky.

Those intelligent cultivators delved into the event with a microscope and a scalpel, and soon word that the Everlore Association believed Wei Wuyin was on Rainbow Sky was spread. At first, it felt too much like a conspiracy. But then the emotionally-charged roar of Wu Yu andpunishment of the Ever-Knight whilesparing his life on the orders of the Young Lord spoke volumes.

Wu Yus acting had lit a fire in their minds that couldnt be extinguished!

Was the Everlore Association trying to kill Wei Wuyin? And if so, why? Since the King of Everlore, and even slightly before that, alchemists were always treasured resources. Because you cant breed a talented alchemist with any known means, so it was mostly up to luck. Every last one was far too important and beneficial to the starfields continued growth.

Unfortunately, the Everlore Association put out an announcement after facing the heat that stated Wei Wuyin was not on the planet when it was destroyed, and his life was not in danger. While there was some semantics involved, the Alchemist Association lowered the intensity of questions regarding this topic.

However, without warning, the Golden Gate Pavilion issued a statement regarding this statement. It was a single word directed towards the Everlore Association, and it birthed renewed speculation. It said: “Fear!”

While cryptic, many concluded that the Everlore Association was scared of the backlash, or perhaps Wei Wuyin was now afraid of the Everlore Association even if they werent at fault! Still, the Everlore Association responded swiftly to this message, saying that they invited Wu Yu, the Grand Knight of Neo-Dawn, to the Saint Cyclic Renewal Summit, swearing to end hostilities to reassure Wei Wuyin of his safety. Just like the others, he would be protected by the Mythical Oaths established and no longer pursued.

This move brilliantly maneuvered the belief of that single word, making it seem as if the Everlore Association wanted to display how they had no ill-intent toward Wei Wuyin.

This settled the raging assumptions but further brought into focus the Grand Knight of Neo-Dawn, Wu Yu! His identity and who he was soon became widely public knowledge, and the stellar region was shaken!

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