Paragon of Sin

Chapter 808 - An Uncomfortable Unnerving Feeling

Chapter 807: Wu Yus Mystic Runes

“Grand Knight Wu Yu?”


The two Ever-Knights of the Evergod voiced their surprise, each homing onto a different aspect of Wu Yus declaration of his identity. The Ever-Knight with tangerine-colored eyes and a soft, feminine-esque voice went still for a long moment, their aura gradually grew turbulent. The other Ever-Knight hadnt reacted much, standing atop the atmospheric layer of the Voidship in silence.

Their reactions, while curious, werent nearly as exaggerated as San Luoyang whose eyes contracted with disbelief after hearing that name—Wu Yu. It was almost as if a ghost from the past had revived, his expression outright pale as snow, and his aura was in disarray.

Tian Muqiu, Mu Yura, and Shao Jing noticed this irregularity, realizing that San Luoyang hadnt just recognized this figure, but he was afflicted with some form of hectic trauma. The story there was likely interesting.

Wu Yu kept his expression steady, a confident smile suffused with hints of haughty arrogance on his face. While his inward emotions were as hectic as San Luoyang, dancing upon the unfolding precarious situation, he remained outwardly serene. He hadnt expected to attract such tremendous attention so early. Furthermore, he was in the Everlore Domain openly, facing two Earthly Saints of the Everlore Association.

He wasnt foolish enough to initiate a conflict with other avenues available, but he understood that showing weakness of any form or meekness would provoke a probing response. Moreover, he had to acquire an identity and justification to be present. Fortunately, Wei Wuyin left explicit permission for him to use the identity of the Ascendant Emperor of Neo-Dawn. This genius Grand Mortal Sovereign Alchemist was as mysterious as he was unfathomable.

In his heart, he wholeheartedly accepted his situation as a subordinate. After attaining the Earthly Saint Phase, the Fourth Stage of the Mystic Ascendant Realm, this feeling hadnt lessened but significantly increased instead. There was no longer a single doubt in his mind about Wei Wuyins potential or ability.

A short while passed before San Luoyang soon noticed the curious gazes upon him, forcing him to come face-to-face with his emotional state. He hurriedly took a few deep breaths as he regulated his thoughts, trying to dissipate the distressing images of his pitiful young form plodding along as a little servant, replacing it with the grandiose figure of his current self.

Softly and slowly, he said to himself: “Cultivation is boundless; there is no possibility out of its reach.” He repeated this three times before his pale expression regained healthy color, his eyes glistened with a strong internalized belief, and he lifted his eyes to inspect Wu Yu, who was observing them with a shadow of a smile.

His expression carried wisps of an icy chill, and his body lifted upwards to fly out of the Voidships formations, entering the Dark Void with total ease, exhibiting his strength as an Ascended being. His robes fluttered majestically as an alchemical aura suffused the Dark Void, highlighting his appearance and reinforcing his status as a skilled Alchemist.

The Ever-Knight standing upon the Voidships atmospheric layer glanced in San Luoyangs direction, their brown-eyes flickering with indistinct light. However, they remained silent as they observed.

San Luoyang took the lead, soaring out and arriving before the Ever-Knight with tangerine-colored eyes. The Ever-Knight remained a few steps back, highlighting their difference in status. While the Ever-Knights of the Evergod were Earthly Saints nurtured by the Alchemist Association, their status was that of Knights, not figures of authority. San Luoyang was the highest-ranking member of the Everlore Association.

Wu Yu observed this display of power and prestige, clearly a tactic to reinforce that San Luoyang was the individual in charge. To think this snot-nosed, wide-eyed brat from all those years ago had grown to an imposing figure.

“Grand Monarch Wu Yu,” San Luoyang called out with a calm yet chilly voice, “would you-“

“Grand Knight,” Wu Yu interrupted as he corrected. He was no longer Grand Monarch, a singular title belonging to one person. He had long since discarded that identity upon his close encounter with death, further accepting it with the amazing growth of Wu Baozhai as a proper heir.

San Luoyangs mouth stiffened slightly. The rude interruption caused his eyes to dangerously narrow. Its been far, far too long since his words had been interrupted.

Suddenly, the Ever-Knight with tangerine-colored eyes erupted with an aggressive aura that shook fixed space, causing Wu Yus robes to flutter widely in the Dark Void. While there was no natural wind in the Dark Void, the sheer pressure and movement of fixed space replicated this feat.

Wu Yus brows furrowed as his body jolted slightly; his Mystic Soul rumbled within his dantian as it diffused wisps of mystic energy that circulated a complete cycle within his body. The chaos in his body was instantly abated, causing his expression to grow increasingly odd as he inspected the Ever-Knight with the light of surprise.

The auric outburst from the Ever-Knight was brief, merely serving as a warning to remind Wu Yu of his current situation and predicament. San Luoyang inwardly nodded after seeing the surprise on Wu Yus face. A hint of a smile formed on his face as he continued: “Wu Yu, would you care to explain why youve initiated an Earthly Ascension in the Everlore Domain? Without the permission of the Everlore Association?”

Wu Yus furrowed brows grew heavier.

“Oh yes, I should offer congratulations for your successful ascension. Congratulations, Wu Yu.” San Luoyangs words gave one a strange sensation.

Wu Yu gave San Luoyang a long, silent stare. San Luoyangs disrespect was lining his tone was easily discernible, making him feel uncomfortable. In truth, this line of questioning was irrelevant, a bait, and he hadnt expected it. It was seeking admission of fault, not answers.

Furthermore, San Luoyang seemingly ignored his declaration of his title. Clearly, this man wanted to trip him into a trap fueled by anger. Any answer would throw him into the hole, justifying detainment or an assault. Because any answer would reveal a dismissive attitude towards the Everlore Association as a whole. San Luoyang wasnt looking for an explanation but grounds to act. This little trick was intricate but easily identifiable.

However, he wasnt certain why this was the case. While they had some history, he had never abused San Luoyang before. The little servant was favored by the King of Everlore, and while they teased him at times, he was mostly ignored and overlooked. He had only recalled him due to the King of Everlores interest…


His eyes glinted with the light of realization.So the little servant wants to show off his power, huh? From standing out to having the Ever-Knight act, to his current line of questioning, it was all a show of strength, not just towards him but for all those watching.

Wu Yus brows eased to a neutral state, replying with: “And you are?”

“…” San Luoyangs faint smile stiffened for a brief moment, answering: “It seems I havent introduced myself. I am the Everlore Associations Grand Secretariat, Northwestern Branchs Association Master, and Prime Mortal Sovereign Alchemist—Tri-Vision Alchemic Sovereign, San Luoyang.” The pride in his eyes was incredibly apparent, almost smug.

Wu Yu nodded, “Not bad. Not bad.”

Those words caused San Luoyangs pride to diminish slightly. Not bad? He could essentially be considered the highest-ranking official in the Alchemist Association, excluding the eternal President King of Everlore and Vice-President Evergod.

Not bad?!

Wu Yu had always been thinking of how to proceed from here. The situation had grown complex, and San Luoyang seemed out to place fault and act against him, causing the situation to become even more intense. He didnt dare to carelessly use Wei Wuyins status too much. If he explicitly stated their relations, it could be twisted into a challenge, and this might provoke a unintended consequences. If he was confident in handling the situation, he might do so, but at the moment, he wasnt.

Considering the unverified rumors of Wei Wuyin being linked to the True Element Sect, this could backfire considerably as hed give ample reason to have him detained as an invading member of another force.

He was stuck in this predicament, and he couldnt easily figure out a way to navigate out of this situation. However, he glanced towards the Ever-Knight that stood behind San Luoyang. He was still new to the Earthly Saint Phase, but the instant benefits that he had acquired were Awakened Mystic Intent and enhanced Spiritual Sense.

The things he couldnt observe before were in full view. For example, despite not emitting his aura, just exerting the bare minimum of his powers to maintain himself in the Dark Void, Wu Yu could determine that San Luoyang had five distinct shadows of Mystic Runes flowing within his body.

There were thousands, if not ten thousand, of very, very tiny runes circulating around him continuously, but they were all repetitions of the exact same five. It reminded him of the World Genesis Elixir that had the same exact three types of mystic runes flowing within it, two that were familiar to him and another that wasnt.

However, when he looked at the Ever-Knight, he realized there were hundreds of thousands of runes circulating around this individual, but they were less distinct. He couldnt immediately determine how many sets of runes they were. That was until the Ever-Knight directly released their aura towards him.

The waves of Mystic Aura carried all the mystic runes, and it became increasingly distinguishable! Wu Yus odd gaze from earlier had been because he realized that the Ever-Knight had three sets of mystic runes! Only three!

If Wei Wuyin had seen this, he would realize why every Ascended being had a distinct aura that made them feel different and why Earthly Saints felt naturally unfathomable. The mystic runes that represented Mystic Intent that circulated around them were indistinct and hard to decipher, but most notably, they were internalized and externalized—a clear sign of Awakened Mystic Intent.

Wu Yu, on the other hand, realized that the rumor that this Ever-Knight was nurtured by the King of Everlore was likely all false, if not somewhat misleading. Considering even the little servant had reached what he could only consider the 5th Runic Ascension, yet this Ever-Knight was only at the 3rd Runic Ascension!

When he discovered this, he looked towards the Ever-Knight that stood protectively by the Voidship, and his eyes initiated his ocular spell, the Spirit Eyes of Imperial Insight. His gaze became infused with multicolored starry light. A piercing light erupted, and the Ever-Knight snorted aggressively, unleashing his Mystic Aura to prevent Wu Yus gaze from penetrating any further.

Unable to see the insides of the ship, Wu Yu faintly smiled. He didnt intend to see inside but merely provoked a response to draw out their Mystic Aura. The Mystic Runes fluttering around the Ever-Knight in the tens of thousands were fully exposed! Like the other, a 3rd Runic Ascendant!

“What is the meaning of this?” San Luoyang realized something was wrong, directly questioning Wu Yu aggressively. However, he decided to use this as an impetus to move forward.

“Youve entered the Everlore Domain without permission and illegally initiated an Earthly Ascension, disturbing the lifeforms of the Everlore Domain. Wu Yu, Ill have to invite you back to our headquarters until this matter is given a proper explanation.” San Luoyang originally intended to place the identity of a member of the Imperial Clan on the Ascended being to further trouble the Imperial Clan later, but since it was Wu Yu, he felt it wasnt needed. Still, he was curious about how Wu Yu cultivated a method similar to the Imperial Clan and even forced an Ascended being of the same cultivation method to kneel with his Roar of the Earthly Monarch.

They could slowly interrogate Wu Yu. And as a newly ascended Earthly Saint, his innate powers and energies wouldnt be remotely close to a true Earthly Saint, let alone two.

Wu Yus gaze softened and relaxed, looking at his hands as he inspected the fluttering runes that lingered around his fingers and hand, instinctively attracted by his Mystic Souls emitted Awakened Mystic Intent.

There were tens of thousands of runes around him, and even more inside of him, and as he counted the number of sets there were, his heart grew more and more at ease. He inspected a particular rune that he hadnt seen prior to today, and it matched perfectly to the unknown third rune that was within the World Genesis Elixir.

“Eight…” As he softly muttered this, he turned to San Luoyang, the smile of haughty confidence returned.

“I can give you an explanation right now: My Young Lord, Grand Mortal Sovereign Alchemist—Ascendant Emperor of Neo-Dawn, Wei Wuyin, sent me here to deliver a message to the Everlore Association, no, the entire Grand Cyclic Stellar Region.” Wu Yus words caused the auras of quite a few spectators to fluctuate; their interest clearly grasped at this moment.

San Luoyangs expression changed. If it wasnt clear before, it was essentially confirmed now. He deduced that Wu Yu mustve failed his Third Ascension long ago and lost his body, somehow hiding out in fear until Wei Wuyin came along and created an Ever-Rebirth Pill for him.

San Luoyang couldnt help but be drawn into a certain pace, asking instinctively: “What message?”

Wu Yu recalled the words left behind by Wei Wuyin, written with a simple stick, and his heart grew firm.


Just as he was about to speak, the Ever-Knight in charge of protecting the Voidship explosively shot towards Wu Yu with terrifying murderous intent!

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