Paragon of Sin

Chapter 801 - Nascent Souls

se. While she wanted to interact with Wei Wuyin more, her innate energies were rather restless and there was some unease in her body.

Her foundation had explosively increased and her body wasnt sufficient to house such abnormally powerful energies. She needed to use these energies to nourish her body, Sea of Consciousness, and dantian.

Bai Lin was resting atop the water. While she seemed abnormally lazy, that was far from the truth. Her action of igniting her Blood Essence had severely depleted her bodily energies, prompting severe exhaustion and weakness. While she hid it with those energetic eyes of hers, she couldnt even unleash her Fire Phoenix transformation even if her life depended on it.

She was currently digesting all sorts of bloodline energies pills that Wei Wuyin had refined from his own Bloodline Source exhaustion. Unfortunately, her issue ran deeper than just exhaustion. Normally, igniting ones blood essence was similar to a cultivator igniting their Spirit of Cultivation. The foundational damage was unimaginable.

Wei Wuyin moved away and found himself a small mountain to hew out a cavern with his Grand Earth Intent, shaping the earthly layer to his will. After ensuring the location was stable and sealing the entrance, he sat in the lotus position and rested his hands on his lap. He regulated his breathing and moved his right hand outwards. From his dantian, a ray of light emanating sharpness hover above his hand.

Soon, it formed a saber that resembled Kings Soul Idol Manifestation. It emanated white mist that effused an elemental aura. Clearly, Element truly had gained aspects of both.


It released a saber howl that faintly shook the mountain. It wasnt very powerful on its own, but it can harness his Saber Intent. Within this Saber Intent, a wisp of his Elemental Origin Intent revealed itself. Wei Wuyin frowned as he glanced at Element for a long while. A dragon-head figure entered his mind.

“Could it be…?” Wei Wuyin was in his thoughts, feeling a little bit of disbelief and incredulity at his assumption. He placed that thought aside and interacted with his spatial ring. Regardless if his assumption was true or not, he needed to verify if the War Souls were capable of elevating the Nascent Saber Soul.

If what he learned from the Battlefield was true, then War Souls could nourish the soul when properly refined. This, however, was based on normal cultivators. If he took this strange existence and proceeded to refine it, he didnt know if there would be any divergence in the result. He hoped this wouldnt harm Element.

Despite its limited usage, it had been with him for over half his lifetime. He cared for it no less than his four Astral Souls.

“…Let me,” King said solemnly.


King barely talked, mostly conveying its emotions through a single sound. However, whenever it resorted to normal words, every syllable was like golden treasure, thoughtful and relevant. This was the first time the three Astral Souls and Wei Wuyin heard it speak solemnly. It was clearly also concerned about this situation.

“Me too!” Ori added, but its uproarious energy was tamed and the tone of its voice was heavy and effused a sense of responsibility and obligation. The two were in concerted agreement.

“…” When he obtained Element, only King and Ori were present within him. They were already showing signs of sentience. Element could be considered their jointly raised child, taking heavily after King.

“No objections; you have my full support.” Eden stated its position, opening continuous channels from it to the two Astral Cores within his dantian. Kratos didnt speak, merely grunted with a heavy throb of his heart, opening a channel as well that split to both Astral Cores.

Wei Wuyin realized it wasnt his duty to refine Element. He warmly smiled and nodded in acceptance, giving them free reign as he began to release a War Soul. It was a perfectly spherical orb of white light. When inspected, the War Soul revealed distinct scenes depicting war.

Wei Wuyin had once seen Cai Liuyangs last moments, holding Jing Jius body protectively in a fruitless manner as she was vaporized. Her fiery death was brutal and sad. In her last moments, her love for Jing Jiu was revealed where she tried to protect his corpse rather than her own body.

When Wei Wuyin once again recalled that scene, he couldnt help but recall a particularly painful memory. He needed a few seconds to calm his mind before he began to observe King and Ori. They had both externalized, connected to tubes of energy that ran into his glabella and heart.

When he gained the Nascent Saber Souls memories of how to nourish it and its basic abilities, he learned that it was a Level One Nascent Soul. He had never come across theLevel designation for ranking before, so he didnt know what this meant or how to classify it. He didnt even know if there was a Level Zero Nascent Soul or if it naturally maxed at Level Nine like most aspects of cultivation.

He decided to keep an open mind and consider this as a different cultivation path, like Genesis Beasts.

“Begin!” King announced.

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