Paragon of Sin

Chapter 799 - Long-Lost Saintess Returns

lace, the base of operations that oversaw this particular region of the Soul-Saint Domain. At the moment, numerous Voidships of varying sizes and opulent designs representing all sorts of heroic talents, established experts, and mystic forces were anchored outside the lunar satellites atmosphere. These forces didnt just originate from the Ninestar Starfield but even beyond.

In the Shattered World Palace, the main hall was filled with all sorts of guests, ranging from youths to elderly experts. The youths were mostly handsome males, with a few female beauties, and they were all talented members of the current generation or Saintesses, all of which were younger than four hundred years of age.

In a particular room of a large, grand design, a female figure was running her slender fingers across her long, buoyantly effervescent dark hair that was twisted and coiled at the bottom in a wild whirlwind style, her multi-pink highlights added a glossy, impeccable finish to her enchantress looks.

This woman sat at a desk with a tall oval mirror, staring at her features that could turn men wild, and women questioning their orientation, while she carried a pair of twin peaks that put the vast majority of her gender to absolute shame in terms of size, volume, firmness, and aesthetic appearance.

This coupled with her inner and outer robes that tightly accentuated her hourglass physique and long, slender legs was overly simulating. No one would question why she ranked first all those centuries ago, understanding it all too well at first glance.

She was none other than Yue Songli, and if Wei Wuyin saw her again, he would be thoroughly shaken. Unlike her previous appearance which was just entranting, beautiful, yet lacking a certain charm, she carried herself with a unique energy that was beguiling to the senses. Her proud chin and set shoulders alongside those lively eyes that looked more alive than ever before, she was almost an entirely different person.

Moreover, her hair was purely black-colored before with a straight-laced and boring style to it that severely diminished her potential looks.

She pouted her cupid bow arched lips, “Mother, why must I do this?” Her complaint prompted a figure to arrive of a middle-aged woman with similarities in terms of facial features to Yue Songli. However, her looks were far from reaching Yue Songli level, yet she was certainly a beauty in her own right, especially during her younger years.

“Your return must be public,” the middle-aged woman walked forward and gently caressed Yue Songlis luscious head of hair. Her eyes rippled with waves of love and heartfelt care, alongside a strong and steady conviction. Those who knew of her would find this outrageous! After all, this was the most feared Highlord in the entire Ninestar Starfield! The Highlord Worldbreaker!

Yue Songli gave her mother a glance, then lowered her head and looked downwards at her painted nails. “I know, but why like this?”

“Whats wrong with this?” The middle-aged woman smilingly asked, adding: “This can also help you reestablish relations with the outside world. Youve been gone for so long…” At the last part of her sentence, her tone shook with heavy guilt.

Yue Songli reached out to grab her mothers hand that laid on her head, giving it a soft rub to reassure her. “Its fine. Im just worried…”

Highlord Worldbreaker, Yue Lixiang, thought she realized where Yue Songlis concerns were. “Are you certain the one who saved you was named Wei Wuyin?”

“Yes! I am, Mother. He told me not to forget, and he also had a Fire Phoenix. I didnt see that Earthly Saint before, but it mustve taken down the Shadow Eggs defenses.” Yue Songli hadnt kept a single detail about her escape from the Shadow Egg of Trueborn a secret. Her mother was fully aware of all, including the silver-eyed youth that waltzed in and took her away in a blazing fashion. Even recalling that event caused her heart to experience emotional tremors for quite a while.

“…” Yue Lixiang gave a slight nod in silence. The events in the Soul-Rising Domain had produced numerous changes, but this Wei Wuyin, the so-called Ascendant Emperor of Neo-Dawn, hadnt made an appearance. However, there was no news of his involvement in either situation, merely the Fire Phoenix and the Earthly Saint that resembled an Avatar or Incarnation.

Yue Songli had learned about all of Wei Wuyins feats after returning, including his status as likely the youngest Mortal Sovereign Alchemist to have ever appeared in the Grand Cyclic Stellar Region. While this was consideredlikely, there was far too much skepticism and uncertainty surrounding this title. After all, no one besides the Ma Clan had even come in any meaningful contact with this figure. He was swiftly becoming a mythological legend.

If it wasnt for the Neo-Dawn Eclipse Pill and the Everlore Domains migration of trillions, few would even believe he existed. Not even the Heavenly Seers and Oracles could scry for any information regarding this man, placing him under a heavy fog of unfathomable mystery.

If the world knew that the Fire Phoenix and this strange Earthly Saint was likely under his orders, they might experience an even greater shock.

“If youre worried about this Wei Wuyin arriving and-” Yue Lixiang tried to reassure her, but was interrupted by Yue Songli.

Yue Songli lifted her exquisite brow upwards with curiosity. She shook her head slightly, “Im not worried about that. If he cant handle competition, then he isnt a real man. What Im worried about is those scumbags, Trueborn. Will this banquet be a target for them? What if they think I have something to do with the Fire Phoenix and the foreign Earthly Saint?”

Yue Lixiangs eyes lit with realization, and she softly chuckled. “My little rose, theres no need to worry. Even if an Earthly Saint were to arrive here to take you away, itll be them that wouldnt be leaving.” Her expression contained endless confidence.

Yue Songli lifted her head to see the mirror in which her mouth widened. “Youve…”

Yue Lixiang smiled in the reflection, her eyes flickering with mystic runes for a brief moment before vanishing. “Lets meet some of your old friends, okay?”

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