Paragon of Sin

Chapter 76: For Myself

her memories, she recalled that day.

”I don ’t want to go! Mommy! Daddy!! Please!!! ”

”I want to stay, I want to stay here! ”

”Let her go! You basta-argh! ”

”You have to leave, Mei ’er. It ’s the best for the village and yourself if you do. Don ’t worry, just be a proper woman and we ’ll see you again! ”

”Sob. Sob. ”

Besides her oldest brother who was crippled, every other member of her family only sent her off with smiles. Even the Elder who doted on her merely watched and accepted her being taken away. They all said it was best for her, but she was kidnapped and no one could do a damn thing.

Su Mei returned to herself, ”I wasn ’t much older than you when I was taken away. While I know now that they were too weak and fearful to take action, I was still abandoned. Then, I was forced to accept my situation. I was introduced into a harem and forced to live with a new family.

”At first, they cared for me. Then, when I was given more attention and focus, focus I did not want, they turned on me. They beat me. They spat on me. They made me feel small, weak, and irrelevant. I thought: why live another day?

”Then, a man arrived. He offered me a chance. A chance to take my own fate in my hands, to satiate my desire, my hunger. I found a reason to live: Myself. I swore that I ’ll live for myself, to do what I want. He never treated me like I ’m weak or abandoned me, never restricted MY choice. ” More memories flashed, of all the missions and times Wei Wuyin and her acted together.

While it was merely three years, it was enough to change her everything.

”I helped you because I saw myself. I saw the young girl that wasn ’t given a choice to live for herself. I didn ’t know if you ’d die, but I acted because I was selfish. I wanted to save you, but also the past me. ” She explained truthfully, holding nothing back.

Ming Li felt the stirring emotions in her story, her own heart quivered. She was taken away from her family, forced into a harem, and treated like trash with no value except to please. No wonder…

No wonder she ’s so strong.

”Thank you, ” Su Mei stood up. She didn ’t expect all of this to happen, but a part of her had been relieved as she acted to help. She had done all sorts of things, even captured the Violet Moon Sect members to be sold into slavery, so she was by no means a warm-hearted person, and she didn ’t want to become a hypocrite.

She merely acted because she saw herself in Ming Li. That was all. And she would not consciously act to save every girl she came across that was in peril. Perhaps she needed to save Ming Li to help remove some ephemeral wish by proxy. Regardless, her heart felt a little lighter.

Humans were complex emotional creatures. But that ’s the key, they had ’emotions ’ and as such their actions can be spontaneous and illogical. Why did she send Wei Wuyin a message for permission to save a girl? In truth, Wei Wuyin had never restricted her freedom of choice, and she followed him with the utmost loyalty because of it. Yet, she still asked.

Why did Wei Wuyin approve? He wasn ’t a saint by any means, and like her, he could ruin lives and kill without a blink.

It was because he knew she needed this.

That was it.

”Ming Li, goodbye. ” Su Mei said, turning to walk off.

Ming Li bit her lower lip, tightening her hold on her knees. She had spent the last few years trying to save her sister, and now she found out she was dead. She didn ’t know what to do now. By the time she gained some glimpse of her future, Su Mei had already left.

Her journey had not ended prematurely, and she still had a long road ahead of her.

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