Paragon of Sin

Chapter 783 - Domineering Commander Of War

flesh, bones, and surface of her skin became red-colored flames animatedly flickering about. She became a flame-like humanoid! The temperature of the immediate vicinity rose as she entered her Demi-Mystic State, the Vermillion Flame State. 

The other Highlords realized this, and they too entered their Demi-Mystic States as if flames were burning inside their bodies. They seemed like living flames as they grabbed the nearest beings to them and shot off into different directions from the dragon-head Earthly Saint.

They had clearly bitten off far too much than they could chew. However, the Tang Matriarch wasn ’t foolish to think her decisions were wrong. There were variables she had rightfully believed would come into play with absolute confidence, but they hadn ’t. 

The Earthly Saints of the Ninestar Starfield had remained silent even after an Earthly Saint had started to kill lesser-stage cultivators! This was against the rules. Furthermore, it was a foreign Earthly Saint! They should ’ve immediately reacted and restrained him or her, not allow them to unleash their powers within the confines of their Starfield!

An Earthly Saint could devastate a domain with utter ease! Moreover, the Trueborn was certainly after the one responsible for the destruction of their Shadow Egg! They should ’ve immediately acted and brought the Earthly Saint into a segregated space!

Her calculations and assumptions weren ’t outright wrong, but Ma Sujiang and Ma Zheng had caused the Earthly Saints of the Ninestar Sainthall to hesitate due to a possible Ascendant Emperor of Neo-Dawn connection. Furthermore, the Trueborn Earthly Saints were hesitant to act after discovering the strange state of the Legion Commander. They didn ’t wish to be baited out into the open and bring an avatar or incarnation into their trap! How stupid must they be to risk that? 

Her Voidships and the lives of a few subordinates were lost due to these variables! If they had immediately acted, then the Fire Phoenix would ’ve still been trapped by her arrays, her Voidships would ’ve been unharmed, and she would be in a ripe position to capture the Fire Phoenix in its damaged state!

She wasn ’t wrong! 

The Legion Commander glanced at the fleeing figures leaving trails of blazing flames across the Dark Void. He couldn ’t help but think that the trails were quite detrimental to escaping pursuits. That must be very inconvenient. 

Idle thoughts aside, the Soul Rising Saint calmly asked with a faint smile: ”Am I qualified now? ”

”No, ” the Legion Commander didn ’t even skip a beat as he replied. He thought for a moment and then lifted his hand towards the scholarly Demi-Mortal Lord by the name of Highlord Solarflame. He was holding a Soul of Mysticism expert and a Starlord in his hands, traveling at his fastest pace. 

”No? ” The Soul Rising Saint ’s eyebrows twitched.

The Legion Commander clenched his hand towards Highlord Solarflame, and a strange force vibrated throughout the Dark Void. 

”…! ” Highlord Solarflame felt a terrifying force encroach on him. It was instilling sensations of tremendous deadly crisis. He didn ’t hesitate to ignite his Mystic Soul despite the cost, exploding with twice his speed as he blazed an even larger fiery trail. 

The Soul Rising Saint waved her hand towards Highlord Solarflame. The force that was approaching vanished without warning alongside the sensation, but he didn ’t look back and shot off into the vast distance. 

”No? ” The Soul Rising Saint said again with a wisp of ridicule in her tone. 

The Legion Commander breathed out slightly. He turned to the Soul Rising Saint, a cold glint flickered within his eyes. ”A mere 5th Runic Ascendant thinks herself powerful; I ’ve never seen a better joke. ” 

”…! ” The Soul Rising Saint ’s smile stiffened.

The Legion Commander continued derisively: ”You think relying on this artificial Domain of Mysticism is sufficient to lord over me? Hinder me? ” The rhetorical question was clear, and the Legion Commander gave his reply to her actions. 

He turned his head towards the far off Highlord Solarflame who was rushing away, over thirty thousand miles away at this point. His eyes shone with a sharp light. Abruptly, a saber howl resounded and two piercing beams of saber light shot from his eyes! They traveled the Dark Void with frightening speed!

The Soul Rising Saint was already insulted, her patience running on empty. She had only shown such restraint because of the Ascendant Emperor of Neo-Dawn possible connections with this foreign Earthly Saint, but she no longer considered this. She decided she ’ll teach him an unforgettable lesson. So what if he was aware of the Grand Mystic Domain Array that engulfed her Soul-Rising Domain granting her incredible powers or that she had Ascended using five Runes of Mysticism? Knowing did not negate her advantages!

She swiped her hand again at the rays of light, but her expression abruptly changed. Without warning, a tiny-sized Void Portal appeared before the two rays of light and they sank into it before it closed immediately afterwards. 

”AHHHH! ” A shriek of abject terror, regret, and unwillingness resounded. The life aura of Highlord Solarflame abruptly ceased any emissions alongside the other two. 

”… ” The Soul Rising Saint ’s eyes widened.

”I have orders not to kill you; don ’t make me cripple you, ” The Legion Commander calmly said. He then glanced at the directions the other Demi-Mortal Lords had escaped to and stepped forward to begin his pursuit. However, just as he was about to do so, the surrounding fixed space around him started to rapidly vibrate and distort.

”A Shell World? How troubleso- ” the Legion Commander vanished in a burst of silver light.

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