Paragon of Sin

Chapter 768 - Soldier Of Annihilation Champions List

The Obelisk of War wasn ’t large, yet it was the entire centerpiece of the Nexus Battlefield and its most crucial item within. Because every last individual here, be it a Soldier or Commander, was here to fight for the right to ’observe ’ it. 

It was thirteen meters in height, roughly as thick as an adult oak tree, completely obsidian black. There were mysterious, unidentifiable silver characters that seemed alien to mortals and Ascended beings alike etched all over its surface. It was clean. Unnaturally so. 

It felt pure and unable to be tainted by the slightest turbid quality in existence. Wei Wuyin had seen this exact structure before. When he had received the Mark of War, he was shown a bloody battlefield of blood, chaos, and death in a vision. 

This Obelisk of War wasn ’t the one he saw before. There was one of these at every battlefield, including the original Battlefield he first arrived in. These monoliths were all situated at the center point of the battlefields without fail. They had very similar designs with faint differences in the unidentifiable characters etched on its surface.

The Obelisk of War began to thrum deeply like a heavenly organ of music. The droning sound had quieted down gradually, replaced by that new sound. Those who were still trying to ’observe ’ the Obelisk of War by meditating while on the ground were all awoken by the sonorous sound. They rose and looked at the Obelisk of War, their jaws simultaneously dropping.

At this moment, seventeen figures were engulfed by their halos of light that became a hollow pillar that reached the sky. The Obelisk of War ’s silver characters started to emit a faint glow and animatedly move about. 

”Oh no! ” Someone immediately discovered that their halos remained silent, including the vast majority of cultivators present, but those seventeen figures, Wei Wuyin included, were engulfed by light! He realized the truth! He hurriedly rushed forward at his maximum speed. He was an Ascended being who had been trapped in the Nexus Battlefield for nearly three thousand years. This was his chance at freedom! This was his ONLY chance!

Why only those seventeen?


He roared out aggressively as he reached out in the hopes of touching the pillar of light. It took a mere moment for him to reach the others, touching the pillar of light, and faintly smiling as he felt warmth engulf his body. With a holler of excitement, he moved to wrap his arm around the pillar.



The steps of the other individuals, slower ones, came to an abrupt halt after witnessing that Ascended had exploded directly into bloody mist. Like a bag of blood and water, he was without bones or flesh. He was liquefied and exploded!

The horror! 

”… ” The stifling atmosphere became heavier and heavier. Just moments ago, they were all happy at the chance to observe the Obelisk of War. As for the Ascended, they simply wished to leave and escape, return to their homes and families. They ’re hearts and hopes were crushed.

Was this it? Why was this happening? Perhaps there was a delay! Maybe there was a chance!

The thought process of many went this path, yet the tower of hope in their hearts was destined to collapse like a pile of flimsy cards against a gust of wind. The seventeen figures encapsulated by a cylindrical pillar of light were slowly lifted alongside the monolith, slowly rising, spinning while releasing deeper sound. Then, those figures shot into the sky alongside the monolith and vanished into the chaos beyond the boundaries of this world.

They vanished. The others were saddened, looking lifeless and lost. But then a familiar sound resounded.


From below, another monolith ascended to occupy the exact same space as before. These silver characters were different from the one before, but similarly unable to be deciphered. The Commanders of War were given a reiteration of the rules by the same War Spirit voice, the very same dissonance and headache-inducing voice as before.

It repeated that they could challenge the Obelisk of War, face 10,000 Spirits of War, claim victory, and observe the Obelisk of War. It was a tragedy to many, while the Soldiers of War were confused, feeling cheated. But those a little smarter thought it made sense; they hadn ’t contributed anything to eliminating the other Spirits of War. 

It was just a pity they hadn ’t realized this. They might have helped Wei Wuyin during his battle. This was a fleeting thought, however. After all, it was incredibly unrealistic to risk their lives against 10,000 Ascended beings and expect to claim victory over them, including an Earthly Saint-level figure.

The Soldiers of War eventually separated once again. Perhaps in a short period of time, another battle of carnage between mortals will once again begin. A battle to escape this cage of war and death.


Wei Wuyin felt it again; the feeling of shifting through chaotic space coursing through his bloodline. He had adapted since last time, so he spent this time trying to feel the flow of chaotic space more thoroughly. It didn ’t last long, however. 

He soon found himself touching a solid surface, feeling a strange pressure engulf him. It wasn ’t oppressive or strong. It felt more like a gust of wind from every direction without end. 

”…I hope I don ’t need to see to observe this Obelisk of War. ” Wei Wuyin was truly worried about this point. The monolith he had seen in his vision had unreadable and unrecognizable silver characters etched on its surface. It seemed more like esoteric runes intermixed with characters than strictly characters. 

”Soldier of War, you have earned the right to observe the Obelisk of War. ” Kratos auto-filtered the voice, causing the sound of a little girl speaking imposingly to be heard. Kratos continued to laugh, causing his heart to erratically beat out of rhythm. It seemed to find this hilarious. 

Wei Wuyin hadn ’t seen what happened or where he was, but he had been brought along through chaotic space and arrived at a strange dimensional space without any boundary and coated in pure white. The ground wasn ’t ground, but some translucent glass-like substance. It reflected the white light and flickered with rays of multicolored light resembling spatial energies galvanized into action. 

This was an unusually tiny Chaos Realm. At the center of which was a white monolith without any characters etched on its surface, an almost exact physical copy of the other obsidian obelisk from earlier. However, the top of which lacked a pyramid. It had a spherical object that was pearl-like, transparent like a bubble, and within was a floating cyan-colored character of ’War ’. 

The entire Chaos Realm was no more than a few dozen meters in all directions, being extremely compact. 

Wei Wuyin couldn ’t see any of this, so he didn ’t move to explore or approach the obelisk before him. After a minute of silence, Wei Wuyin asked curiously: ”How am I supposed to observe? ” 

”… ” The War Spirit didn ’t respond. 

Wei Wuyin grew tense. What if there was a time limit? He hurriedly tried to walk forward and touch around, unable to sense anyone or anything. Almost everything here exceeded his senses; even Kratos was unable to inspect the surroundings. He was completely blind.

This was growing increasingly frustrating to deal with. He decided to invoke his Soul Idols, elevating his spiritual strength to the limits to extend his Spiritual Sense outwards.

”… ” 

A long, long moment passed. Nothing happened. He instantly realized that this space was even more restrictive, even with his strength and means, and as a result, he was unable to manifest his Soul Idols or exert any type of power. 

”Damn it, ” he cursed. After a little bit of waving his hands in front of him, he finally touched the obelisk with his hands, and the Mark of Annihilation manifested itself, pulsating and thrumming fiercely. A scene of excitement emerged on his expression, he happily pushed his palm forward.



Crack. Crack! CRACK!!!


Wei Wuyin felt the spider-web-like cracks spread out as he touched the obelisk. They were minute but numerous until he felt as if the obelisk was slowly moving. It wasn ’t actually moving, but it had been shattered to such an extent that his palm ’s weight was moving the barely connected pieces. 


Without warning, the obelisk exploded, and Wei Wuyin felt it topple in front of him like sand. He could even feel the grains seep through his palms as he tried to grab them. 

”What the hell?! ” Wei Wuyin felt frustrated to the utmost! He had fought 10,000 Ascended beings for this? There better be a world-defying treasure hidden within this crumbled obelisk! 

”Congratulations; you have observed the Origin of All Light! Congratulations; you have gained Insight into the Heart of the World! Congratulations; you have merged your Soul Light with the Mark of Law! ” Three series of congratulations were announced by the War Spirit, causing Wei Wuyin ’s expression to darken considerably. Was this a scam?!

Origin of All Light? He comprehended that years ago! Heart of the World? He comprehended two separate versions of them, Saber Heart and Element Heart! Soul Light merged with the Mark of Law? Wait, Mark of Law?

He caressed the Mark of War mark on his palm. This mark had changed to the Mark of Annihilation after King had taken action earlier, transforming its essential structure and aura. When this had happened, he was curious how or why this occurred or if it ’ll offer any benefits. He even felt that it could ’ve benefitted him tremendously when he eventually observed the Obelisk of War, perhaps causing a mutation of some sort! 

Considering when he obtained the Mark of War, he also saw the vision of the Battlefield and the obelisk itself. This was a logical conclusion. And he was right, but…

”Haaa… ” He sighed heavily. 

How fucking unfortunate. 

”Jing Jiu would ’ve obtained World Heart Intent and comprehended the Origin of All Light. No wonder this wasn ’t ’my ’ lucky chance, ” Wei Wuyin laughed mockingly to himself. Everything Wei Wuyin wanted to obtain from the Obelisk of War, he had already acquired, meeting the requirements exactly. If he had been another cultivator, these benefits would ’ve be legendary, heaven-defying actually, especially for a mortal being. But towards him, they had already been accomplished thanks to the miraculous means of the Alchemic Dao and his own skill, talent, and effort.

Was this because he was too outstanding? Or was the Alchemic Dao far more beneficial than the Heavenly Daos ’ assistance?

Regardless of his mixed feelings, he lifted his palm to feel the pulsating mark.

The Mark of War, or the Mark of Law, had transformed into a Mark of Annihilation. Did this mean he could comprehend the Law of Annihilation in the future? Will this mark help? 

”Soldier of War, hear my proclamation of your glorious merits in the Nexus Battlefield! ” 

”… ” Wei Wuyin groaned. Not this again. He couldn ’t help but ask, ”Can we skip this part? ”

”… ” The War Spirit went silent just as it was about to begin a long, tiring list of astonishing merits. Considering he had done everything, that was bound to be an extremely long list. 

”…Your Merits and Acts of War in the Nexus Battlefield have accrued you with the following rewards! You have earned… ” 

As if heeding his wish, the War Spirit skipped the merits! 

”13,450,324 War Souls! ”

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