Paragon of Sin

Chapter 766 - Soldier Of War Fully Recovered

rly, he suffered injuries from that palm attack. Wei Wuyin ’s facial expression grew dark, but it eventually eased into a serene calm. 

”I didn ’t expect anyone to be that close to me. Did you forget this, ” Wei Wuyin pointed at his closed eyes. This caused Guan Yu to stiffen. He had almost forgotten that Wei Wuyin was blind, feeling a little guilty for his actions. 

”Are you really blind? ” A soft, feminine voice asked skeptically. It belonged to the petite, pretty young woman that had been brought along as one of the fourteen Ascended beings.

Wei Wuyin wryly smiled. He didn ’t answer. He wasn ’t genuinely blind, but if he opened his eyes, spiritual light would flood out and engulf his entire visual perception, effectively blinding him.

”Do you think he would feign blindness for fun? Think he gets a kick out of it, huh?! Such an idiotic question. ” Guan Yu bit back, defending Wei Wuyin from this skeptical woman ’s curiosity. It caused the petite woman to grow silent, but her sweet-sounding voice became cold as she snorted aggressively.


”Argh! ” Guan Yu cried out in pain for the second time, following a harsh slapping sound. His body was sent flying, crashing heavily into the ground, eliciting an even heavier cry of pain, and then a series of groans and spitting of blood. 

This caused Wei Wuyin ’s eyebrows to furrow deeply. He hadn ’t been able to see what happened, but what happened was clear. Without hesitation, his hand touched his saber ’s hilt. There was saber light that beautifully flowed across his right hand and forearm. 

”Whoever just attacked, stand out, ” Wei Wuyin demanded. 

The atmosphere became thick and tense; faint sounds of saber howls resounded. 

”… ” There was silence. 

”Why? ” The mysterious woman asked. Seeing Wei Wuyin ’s aggressive stance, she realized that young woman ’s actions that they might casually dismiss, an Ascended disciplining an insolent mortal, had provoked an issue.

”Your hand or your life—you can choose, ” Wei Wuyin indifferently stated in a glacial tone. There was no other option given. 

”… ” 

If a mortal typically said this normally, these Ascended would laugh, but Wei Wuyin had just slaughtered an entire army and an Earthly Saint that had one-shotted a Demi-Mortal Lord. There was no way that they took those words lightly.

Guan Yu ’s pained cries still resounded in the distance. An Ascended was an Ascended, so being slapped by one was terrifying. Half of his face was slightly deformed, and his right eye was leaking blood and fluid, stressed to the point that it nearly exploded. It was disturbing to see. 

”He- ” The mysterious woman was about to speak, but she couldn ’t get out more than a single word before being interrupted.

”I will kill everyone here if that person decides to not choose, ” Wei Wuyin ’s voice became vicious, lacking the slightest bit of warmth. This instilled a chill in the hearts of everyone. He didn ’t care why this person did what they did, or if Guan Yu deserved it. Guan Yu had spoken on his behalf and he had plans for Guan Yu. As for these Ascended? 

They were inconsequential.

”… ” The silence became stifling. 

”It was me, ” the petite woman eventually spoke up. Wei Wuyin couldn ’t see, but all of the Ascended present were looking at her with admonishing looks. This was her fault, so she should take responsibility. In their eyes, she had become a detriment to their chances at freedom. And if Wei Wuyin truly decided to act, could any of them stop him? None of them wanted to die because of her. So what if she lost an arm? As an Ascended, she could recover that.

The moment her words sounded, Wei Wuyin moved with unbelievably quickness, his saber left its scabbard, and the edge sliced into the direction of the voice without hesitation. A series of surprised gasps resounded, but Wei Wuyin ’s saber edge eventually halted. 

”Wait! ” Was the prompt that led to his saber stopping, belonging to none other than Guan Yu. If he hadn ’t spoken, a petite Ascended would ’ve lost her head. She hadn ’t even reacted before Wei Wuyin ’s saber edge arrived, causing her heart to pound thunderously. 

While the 10,000 Ascended beings were restrained by poison, that had little to do with their physical abilities and reflexes. These attributes of theirs went unhindered, yet who knew how many Demi-Mortal Lords met their end at his saber? This was attributed to Wei Wuyin ’s physical body being extremely refined. Be it his physical strength, endurance, flexibility, or speed, they were all unbelievably high.

In this restricted environment where cultivators were forced to fight in a similar manner as mortals, he reigned supreme. 

Guan Yu rushed forward, giving the petite woman whose expression was insanely pale a look. Her life had flashed before her very eyes, and the glint of saber light emitting from the edge caused her to heavily gulp. Wei Wuyin never intended to give her a choice, only kill the one responsible without mercy! It was only now that she realized why he could dominate the battlefield. How domineering and decisive!

”Please don ’t kill her, ” despite holding his face and speaking awkwardly, Guan Yu still pleaded. This caused Wei Wuyin to frown, but he didn ’t hesitate. He fixed his stance and sheathed his saber. 

”Alright, let ’s bring this to an end. ” Wei Wuyin didn ’t ask why Guan Yu asked to spare her life, it didn ’t matter to him. He didn ’t know that this simple action of his had established a tie between that woman and Guan Yu, a tie that would eventually lead to an unexpected, surprising event.

Wei Wuyin asked Guan Yu, ”Where ’s the Obelisk of War? ” 

”Directly in front of you, ” the mysterious woman answered. Her voice was a little softer, but if Wei Wuyin could see her expression, they would be able to see fascination and excitement. Only a domineering man met her standards. To decide death with a single word and spare it with the next. 

Wei Wuyin nodded and then walked forward. He lifted his hand up and calmly stated: ”I claim victory against the Nexus! ”


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