Paragon of Sin

Chapter 762 - 757: Soldier Of War For The Head


On a battlefield where the beings present hadn ’t exceeded the Demi-Mortal Lords Phase, an Earthy Saint was just that—Invincible. Not a single person questioned this statement in their minds, fully believing in its truth. And it was the truth.

The Legion Commander ’s cold eyes behind his fearsome helmet swept the horizon, observing the far-off beings that were gawking onwards with fear and shock. He had slaughtered the chicken, scaring all these pathetic monkeys. An extraordinarily effective tactic. 

However, this moment of superiority was not enough to alleviate his feelings of losing his entire army. If it weren ’t for that dastardly poison, this never would ’ve happened. If it wasn ’t for one particular mortal with strange and unique abilities stuffed into a single existence, how could he suffer this catastrophic loss?

His eyes left those gawking, insignificant insects that were like loose sand, focusing on the figure lying within the crater of its own making. The falsely blind mortal soldier that rampaged throughout, causing unimaginable carnage. His steps were slow as he approached, but every step pressed heavily against the onlookers ’ hearts. 

They knew that when Wei Wuyin died, the challenge would end. Yet after experiencing his god-like assault, taking down 9,999 Ascended beings as a mere mortal, sentiment for his survival was strong and firm. However, few felt willing to throw their lives away. 

Clearly, from all the incredible things, such as the four thirteen-ringed Soul Idols, rapid movements, fierce attacks, and unleashing that last devastating attack that turned the remaining soldiers into ash, that mortal was a spent force. No matter how one looked at it, no matter what treasures, tools, and talismans he had used to conjure such astonishing heaven-defying things, they should all have a price. 

If Wei Wuyin knew that the vast majority of cultivators concluded that his four Soul Idols were manifestations of unique treasures, his feats were contributed by external means; he wouldn ’t know whether to laugh or shake his head. However, the cultivation world was just like that. 

Just like how it wasn ’t normal in the Scarlet Solaris Sect that he comprehended his high-grade Steel Metal Intent or cultivated so rapidly without some strange treasure to support himself in the eyes of those elders and disciples. Similarly, it wasn ’t normal to have four independent Astral Souls, all of which were pushed to the thirteenth-ring and facing 10,000 Ascended beings with one ’s own power.

To them, he had to have belonged to a peak-tier force and unleashed the protective and planned methods of his parents or force. Some of the younger ones might even harbor greed in their hearts, thinking of obtaining these treasures from his corpse after his death. While the older ones wouldn ’t dare, not wanting to bring trouble. Too bad those older were all trapped and unable to escape.

Their only chance was to kill the Legion Commander in front of them, but that existence was a legitimate Earthly Saint! Even the extremely aged Ascended Commander sighed with heavy pity, realizing his fate was to die here after all. There would be no overturning of his fate. 

Guan Yu ’s grip tightened around the mysterious woman ’s hand.

She turned to face him: ”I ’m not going. Your orders were to not get involved at all cost? ” When she asked this question, Guan Yu ’s expression eased. He regained a little bit of his nerves and nodded. 

”I-I…He said that no matter what, I must not approach until the Legion Commander is dead—No matter what. ” He emphasized those words in the same manner and tone that Wei Wuyin had informed him. The severity with which these words were spoken was unfathomably high. Guan Yu, however, neglected to say that Wei Wuyin said this was the only way for him to escape alive. 

Any deviation was similar to forfeiting his own life. How could he allow this woman to ruin anything? Even if her status was special, he outright refused even if he was killed. Because he would die regardless. That ’s why he was so strongly against her taking action. His life was at stake.

Perhaps he would ’ve allowed her to go as an Ascended, especially since Wei Wuyin seemed like a spent force who failed in using his final trump card, but after seeing him take down 9,999 Spirits of War with precision and tactics, he no longer doubted a single word. Everything thus far went exactly how Wei Wuyin said, down to the evisceration of the battlefield from those void flames. 

The woman stared at Guan Yu for a long moment. In the end, she sighed to herself. Turned to the slow-moving Legion Commander as if he was a war god walking the mortal realm, imposing and invincible, and softly muttered to herself: ”If you can pull this off… ” 

She decided something in her heart but didn ’t dare to voice it out to the world.

The Legion Commander continued his leisurely walk, already just a few dozen meters away from the crater. At this moment, an armored hand pushed out of the earth, causing him to look towards it with caution. Wei Wuyin was a being who seemingly had endless tricks; he refused to be one-upped by carelessness, so he remained vigilant. It was the core reason why he was moving so slowly. 

The hand, however, caused his eyes to brighten beneath the helmet! That hand was familiar, from its aura and size! Then, his eyes brightened further as he replayed the battle and realized it belonged to a soldier by the name of Han Yixin! In that exact same location, that soldier had fallen through the earth. 

He was extremely elated! To discover that there was another living soul had eased his own rage, but just barely. However, no one could tell from his expression of his intense emotions and bright smile behind his dragon-head helmet. With a few steps, he arrived and grabbed the hand. He verified the person ’s Soul Aura, feeling even more elated. 

When he pulled, it revealed a heavily armored figure covered in dirt who was barely conscious. When the Legion Commander saw the contours of his face, the familiarity of his aura, sensed the unique traces of a Spirit of War ’s lifeforce, he heavily sighed with relief at finding another survivor. 

He placed him down carefully, gently laying him on his back, speaking some consoling words to the half-conscious soldier. The last of which was: ”Stay here; I ’ll finish this and we can go home soldier. ” 

A grunt of instinctive agreement resounded.

The Legion Commander turned to Wei Wuyin ’s hole, his will for vengeance renewed. He soon arrived at the edge, seeing the unconscious figure in the crater, lacking all signs of energy and power. Absolutely drained. In fact, he seemed barely alive. 

Considering Void Flames was an existence that was in the top five most dangerous, catastrophic existences in his knowledge, this fate felt consistent with his own thoughts of a mortal trying to harness its might. Furthermore, so much of it was released and controlled to not spread chaotically throughout the battlefield. There had to be a cost.

And he felt that he was seeing it. Behind his helmet, he sneered mockingly. 

The woman ’s eyes lit. Perhaps this was a possum-play waiting for the Legion Commander to get close, setting him up for a trap! The moment he entered the crater, it would unfold and end it all. Her excitement was spurred, and she watched with bated breath. So did the others. No way this mortal soldier had just this, right? If you couldn ’t deal with the leader, what was the point of it all? 

But then the Legion Commander did something that dashed their hopes. He took out his weapon, similarly a saber but far more curved than Wei Wuyin ’s. Its length was shorter, but its bent spine produced a cold chill to its edge. Then, he cocked his head to the side and without hesitation, he threw the saber!

The blade rocketed forth like a missile, penetrating the unconscious body of Wei Wuyin! It pressed accurately against his neck, and the head was severed! 

The others didn ’t see what had happened, but they could guess…

The Legion Commander summoned the head with a beckoning gesture, flying into his hand as he observed that incredibly handsome visage. All the spectators could see it. The exhausted expression, the severed neck dripping with crimson blood.

Guan Yu ’s expression paled.

The woman ’s eyes widened.

Was he dead?!

Just like THAT?!?!


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