Paragon of Sin

Chapter 761 - 756: Soldier Of War Death

”Is…is it over? ” A Soldier of War exclaimed to themselves, looking at the mass of activity from afar. This participant of the Nexus Battlefield wasn ’t the only being that had observed cautiously, staying far away from the 10,000 Spirits of War, all of which had auras of Ascended beings. There were others, including Commanders of War, who tried to observe.

The events they witnessed from their distance were unimaginable. A few felt so surreal that their heartbeats felt fake. They clutched their chest as they recalled the scenes they had witnessed. 

A single mortal man with a saber in hand faced an entire legion of Ascended beings. Through some ungodly means and circumstances, they turned against each other as he slaughtered his way through imperiously and unstoppably. The image of his pristinely white figure would forever be etched in their minds, unable to be scrubbed even in death. 

The most shocking matter was that…he ’d won! 

Facing all these Ascended beings, he won! As a mere mortal, he won! With only himself as his reliance, he won!


It was absolutely batshit crazy to think of, feeling as if they were in a feverish dream of endless imagination, as if they were witnessing those nigh-impossible fairy tales their parental figures told of fantastical experts and heroes of the ages. 

Guan Yu ’s hand was still tightly holding the mysterious woman ’s as his breathing rhythm was thoroughly ruined. He had fled the fastest he possibly could when he recalled Wei Wuyin ’s warning about an eventual outcome. The stillness of space was merely one sign of its occurrence, and he was instructed to run the furthest he could to avoid death.

He had done so, and luckily too. Despite being so far away, the void flames had nearly engulfed them still. The void flame ’s speed wasn ’t comprehensible to mere mortals, touching upon the profundities of space and time that exceeded Mortal Limits. To him, he had merely looked back for a moment and saw it burst from Wei Wuyin ’s mouth, and then the very next, it was a few dozen meters away from him.

If he hadn ’t moved, he would ’ve been thoroughly incinerated!

The mysterious woman was also shaken, but she witnessed far more than Guan Yu, so she saw how it traveled and moved, where it burned and how it affected time, space, and the dual forces of the void. She was terrified! She had never heard of Void Flames, but she knew that those things were not something to be casually messed with.

When she saw the Spirits of War all get turn to ash without the slightest heat affecting the surroundings, her heart quivered ceaselessly. Fortunately, she was a Demi-Mortal Lord, an Ascended at the Third Stage of the Mystic Ascendant Realm, and despite the Nexus Battlefield ’s restrictions, she would be able to resist its current strength with ease.

But if Wei Wuyin could elevate the strength of those flames alongside his cultivation base, how terrifying would it be when it truly exceeded Mortal Limits?! 

There was a minute of silence and stillness. Then Commanders of War that had hidden amongst the Nexus Battlefield for so long started to emerge out of the woodwork. They were all alerted by the great battle, witnessing it from its entirety. After all, Wei Wuyin had spent three minutes delaying those Spirits of War with nonsensical conversation.

That was more than enough time for them to gather. Those Soldiers of War who were mostly ignorant to the completion condition of the Nexus Battlefield and the true purpose of it also made their way and observed in awed silence. A few unlucky fellows even approached too closely, their underestimation of the Spirits of War caused them to be sniped by swift arrows casually sent forth by the soldiers.

While most were preoccupied with Wei Wuyin, there were far too many, and Wei Wuyin was almost always surrounded. Those at the outer formation, such as those insidiously crafty archers, were free to pick off any curious stragglers. The Commanders of War were too smart for this, not trying to attract aggro. 

At least their deaths served a purpose, telling all those from afar not to get too close. This saved numerous lives from being affected by the Void Flames. 

”He ’s falling… ” The extremely aged Ascended Commander had approached the battlefield with his boney, taut skin, lacking substance, sunken-eyed body. He was amongst the last to arrive but one of the closest to approach. He was the oldest living Commander of War in the Nexus Battlefield, having been here for nearly 32,000 years. His lifespan was at the very limits.


Wei Wuyin ’s body crashed into the earthen layer. The weight of his body induced a minor seismic vibration across the entire continent. After having his physique refined to its limits, his body ’s natural weight was unfathomably high unless he controlled it. 

”…! ” The mysterious woman exclaimed. She was about to rush forward when Guan Yu tightly held her hand. It was in a death-grip, refusing to let go. 

The woman snapped her head back, her eyes were hidden by the blurry concealment of hers, but one could see them glint with light infused with violent killing intent. ”I ’ve already allowed you to keep your arm, do you want me to take your life?! ” 

Guan Yu ’s eyes widened in abject fear. The raw killing intent of an Ascended being up close was extremely terrifying to his every sense, but his hand tightened further. He wanted to speak, to explain himself, but he felt thoroughly oppressive. For some reason, the fear he felt towards this Ascended paled in comparison to the fear he felt towards Wei Wuyin. He could only shake his head vigorously! 

”Then let go! ” The woman spat through gritted teeth. She felt his grip loosen, causing her to relax slightly. But Guan Yu did something that took her by surprise. He used his other hand to grab the shivering one that was about to open up. He clenched harder and gritted his teeth, shaking his head even more vigorously than before. 

”YOU! ” The woman wanted to help Wei Wuyin, find out about his state, but this little insect was too annoying. If it wasn ’t for the fact that he was partnered with Wei Wuyin, clearly a stooge of his, the woman would ’ve crippled him so thoroughly he could only beg for death. 

She was an Ascended being, so she could simply wrench his fingers away with pure strength originating from her body, but she was hesitant to do so. After all, he was aware of the Void Flames and escaped at the earliest notice. What if there was more to this? She turned away to look towards Wei Wuyin. Her heart nearly stopped! She realized the Legion Commander was still alive! 

It wasn ’t just her who noticed. The other Commanders of War witnessed this too. Their eyes all brightened with greed and desire. It was clear by now that the Legion Commander was in a weakened state and allowed his entire army to be sent into disarray and crushed by a mere mortal. While they didn ’t know how this came about, their eyes honed on his imposing figure with greed. 

Killing him would give them unimaginable War Souls. If they killed him, wouldn ’t they be able to escape?! 


Hope for freedom!

It was so close! They were far more aware of the rules than these little fledglings that came and went. Unless the Legion Commander died or surrendered, there was no way to claim victory! However, the Legion Commander was in the sky, so all was silent. It was only after two more minutes passed that the Legion Commander landed atop his warhorse. 

A middle-aged violet robed female Ascended shot forth out of somewhere with a long spear in hand, her movements exceedingly swift as she didn ’t hesitate to exert her fullest strength, circulating her mystic power, and launched it towards the Legion Commander with deadly accuracy. 


The Legion Commander was taken aback by this development. However, he was fully intent on killing Wei Wuyin even if it was the last thing he ’d do. Furthermore, he didn ’t fear any being here. Never have, never will. 

As the spear arrived before him, he skillfully placed his hand forward and an imposing aura erupted from his body. With a heavy grab, he took the spear into his hand and halted its momentum! His true power had returned! 

The raw poison had dispersed entirely from his body and the air, and he wouldn ’t allow himself to be subjected to such things again. He established numerous safeguards with his senses pushed to their maximal extent.

The violet-robed female ’s actions almost prompted others to react, but when they saw how easily her full-powered throw was halted, they instantly stopped. The violet-robed female was astonished and then aghast. The dragonhead helmet turned in her direction, and she felt herself become boggled by killing intent to the zenith degree!

”Here, catch! ” The Legion Commander hefted the spear slightly, arched his back, and then threw the spear without much pullback. However, the speed at which it zoomed past was unimaginably faster than the woman ’s own throw! Furthermore, the action seemed utterly casual!

The woman felt her throat seize. She was about to dodge, but before she could escape from the pressure of the Legion Commander ’s gaze, her senses noticed the spear already at her nose. 

’Oh no… ’ Her thoughts were unable to be spoken out, and it never would. The spear penetrated her skull with unerring accuracy like a metal arrow through cardboard. She was still standing, but a sizable hole had been placed in her head. Her limbs twitched and moved, yet her life was over. 

She fell to her knees, her hands quivered and tensed as if wanting to clench into a fist. But alas, she couldn ’t. Her upright upper body toppled backward, kicking up dust. 

”… ” The silence of her thudding body instilled fear in the bones and hearts of every last spectator.

She was a Demi-Mortal Lord! 


Oh my heavens!

The extremely aged Ascended Commander mumbled loudly to himself, ”An Earthly Saint! ” To deploy an Earthly Saint to this Nexus Battlefield, who was telling this joke? The creators?! How were they, beings at the Demi-Mortal Lord, supposed to fight against an Earthly Saint?! 

They harnessed true Mystic Power! Not the almost counterfeit, incomplete, still Seed-level Mystic Intent! This was just outright unfair! 

The Commanders were even planning to charge ahead and strike together; even the Soldiers of War were thinking similar thoughts. But all those fanciful ideas faded in an instant. They were as still as deadwood. 

The woman was horrified! She was well-aware of that violet-robed figure, and she had been in the Nexus Battlefield longer than she had! Furthermore, she was extremely powerful. They had fought in practice a few times and with no true killing intent in their moves, but her base strength wasn ’t much weaker than her own. 

If she had rushed towards Wei Wuyin ’s body, her life would ’ve been forfeited! She turned to Guan Yu, a little gratefulness and gentleness in her eyes, but when she saw his horrified, totally astonished pair of widened eyes, her thoughts violently stirred! 

Was he not stopping her because of the Legion Commander?! 

But….her eyes turned to Wei Wuyin ’s body. How was he going to deal with an Earthly Saint?!

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