Paragon of Sin

Chapter 754 - 749: Soldier Of War 1 Versus 10000

was a monster. 

The poison expert didn ’t wait for further orders to explain, hurriedly going towards the Legion Commander and whispering out a few words that even the others couldn ’t hear. This private communication method in such a suppressive battlefield intrigued Wei Wuyin. Unfortunately, it was unlikely for him to acquire it.

”So that ’s what it is. Insidious. Ingenious. ” The Legion Commander spoke out, his tone heavy and enlightened. ”Men! Do not circulate your internally innate energies! Rely on your physical body until further notice! ” The men heeded his order, mentally restraining themselves from exerting their internally innate powers. This meant they wouldn ’t be able to perform certain feats until told otherwise. Those who were currently suffering had acted prior, doing just that in an attempt to remove the poison.

The poison expert was extremely skilled at her role, discovering that the poison wasn ’t a typical poison, but one that adhered to the innate energies, meridians, and flesh of a being, seeping through the skin and inhaled through their breath, even able to penetrating through standard semi-permeable life-sustaining defenses. 

However, it was incredibly well-disguised as moisture and air particles. To think that two different states existed for this poison that were absorbed as if to ensure a person was thoroughly affected. If one wasn ’t aggressively looking, they would be unable to sense it. If one wasn ’t adept in the Alchemic Dao, they wouldn ’t even know what was happening to their bodies except realizing their bodies had been tainted with foreign particles. Furthermore, they would soon realize that their own bodies were willingly carrying it to every aspect of their body as if it was a cultivation resource.

The poison expert looked at Wei Wuyin, unable to hold back: ”Your means are exquisite, from delivery to composition, your poison is quite something. But even if you infected us with this poison intermixed with alchemic qualities that activates if we circulate our energies, it ’s heavily flawed. It won ’t activate if we don ’t trigger it. Furthermore, its not very long lasting, perhaps only a few minutes or so before it gets refined out by our bodies? ” 

Her tone of triumph and mocking was quite clear. She had discovered the flaw in Wei Wuyin ’s poison, a product of his stealthy delivery method. He had fused Elemental Origin Intent and Alchemic Eden Force to transform the Myriad Gravestone Poison and the World Devouring Rose ’s essence into moisture and air particulates, then dispersed it outward. But even if he did do so, it might prove to be difficult to avoid the instinctive senses of an Ascended, and they may have means to disable it at the very first moment it started affecting them, so he modified it further.

Unless the victim circulated their energies, it would be totally inactive, subtly mimicking its surroundings, be it air, moisture, blood, or flesh. This allowed the poison to build up and permeate throughout, unless one specifically searched. Unfortunately, he couldn ’t remotely activate the poison by keeping his own power within the poison without alerting others. Thus, he was forced to let the victim be the sole detonator—a sad consequence.

That Spirit of War from earlier had acted, circulating all their energies, and the poison subsequently activated. When he was hit with a sudden burst of weakness, his neck met Wei Wuyin ’s saber. While it was quick, the Ascended slowed down considerably for a single moment, and that was enough. 

It was indeed flawed, but effective in restraining these Ascended advantages of mystic powers. And to him, that was enough.

The poison expert gained some confidence after seeing Wei Wuyin ’s expression slightly change. ”Even if we don ’t use our energies to enhance our strength, you ’re just a mortal. Our physical bodies are countless times stronger than yours, and are more than enough to handle you! ” Her confidence infected the others, allowing them to realize that this mortal ’s poison might be extraordinary, but it was still forged by a mortal. While one soldier had fallen to this, that would be it—only one.

Wei Wuyin ’s grin fell, then he softly sighed. ”It doesn ’t matter, ” he shruggingly stated as he started to slowly move towards the army of 9,999. ”No matter the existence, mortal or Ascended, they always underestimate those they perceive to be weak. ”


”But you seem to have forgotten something… ”

Step. Step.

”…I ’m here; standing before you despite knowing all of this. ”

”…! ” Every Spirit of War present was startled by those words. Even the Legion Commander ’s hand clenched tightly.

Step. Step. Step.

”A mere mortal, standing before 10,000 Spirits of War with just his saber in hand, and a will in his heart. Perhaps only a fairytale could rival such a feat, ” Wei Wuyin wistfully said. ”No one tells you how the person in these types of legends feel. Are they afraid? Are they happy? Or were they just suicidal and held no fear in their hearts? I got to say, I feel a little nervous, but mostly… ”

Wei Wuyin ’s body began to transform. A layer of hexagonal grey-scales formed over his skin, compacted and flexible. True Draconic Form!


His saber howled! 

”…mostly, I ’m just really excited. After all, I ’ve never gotten to use my full power since that event. ” Just as those words finished, a spiritual aura of four different spirits erupted from his body, ascending higher and higher with every passing breath.

The Legion Commander realized the situation was developing strangely, making him feel uncomfortable, so he decided to act, no longer underestimating this mere mortal of a man! ”PHALANX FORMATION, ARCHERS AT THE READY!! ” He explosively ordered, causing the soldiers to snap out of their thoughts and act upon instinct.

The heavily armored infantry took the forefront, carrying shields and spears, facing a single man moving slowly towards them. Those others moved back with orderly movements, readying to enter the battlefield at a moment ’s notice. Despite being neutered with the poison in their bodies, unable to use their full power, they were still terrifyingly powerful existences.

Wei Wuyin brandished his saber slightly, lifting his head to ’look ’ at the swiftly moving troops shuffling about at remarkable speeds. Yet he was unbothered, murmuring to himself, ”Let ’s hope I don ’t explode. ” 

Those words seemed to be the trigger that those four Astral Souls of his were waiting for! 


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