Paragon of Sin

Chapter 753 - 748: Soldier Of War Weakness

pon his life. To teach him the horrendous cost of offending, mocking, or humiliating their legion and their commander. 

”WAIT!!! ” Wei Wuyin shouted out, his voice extremely loud, causing those united voices to be drowned out. This caused the soldiers to be shaken slightly. That was a very terrifying shout, backed by a pair of extremely powerful lungs. Even the stifled air of the Nexus Battlefield stirred. 

The Legion Commander ’s skeletal warhorse neighed in a very deep tone, sounding as if it originated from hell itself. It kicked up a fuss, its eyes fully fixated on Wei Wuyin ’s itty-bitty form before it. 

Wei Wuyin touched the hilt of his saber, as if he was about to unsheathe it in a heroic display, even his aura seemed to faintly change, becoming more steady, vigorous. From his aura, none of these soldiers felt that Wei Wuyin was simple, and they unhesitatingly stood on impulse, grasping their weapons and readying themselves.

Wei Wuyin then said in the most serious tone he could muster:  ”I ’m still considering the terms of MY surrender! Can I have a minute? ” 

”… ” 

This was the third time the Spirits of War, these very intelligent and emotional manifestations, was driven to absolutely stupefied speechlessness, unable to process the situation. They felt as if they were being toyed with, thrown for a loop by a mere mortal.

Even the Legion Commander was startled, ”Your surrender? ”

As if happy that this was said, Wei Wuyin promptly jumped at the chance and smilingly nodded: ”Yes! I mean, there ’s no way a measly mortal like myself would be able to face ten thousand Ascended beings, an entire army no less. Clearly, I ’m just here to die by the most honorable, easiest method. See, I thought the Commander would attack me, providing me with a quick death, but now I see that I ’ve pushed it a little too far. ”

”… ” So that ’s what it was! The Spirits of War were all enlightened simultaneously, as if all the pieces of this puzzle were now being placed together neatly. It all made sense! However, it might be a little too late to want a quick death after those words, no?

Wei Wuyin ignored their reactions, continuing very loudly: ”You see. In a recent development, I ’ve lost my ability to use my eyes effectively, so now I ’m almost entirely blinded. I can ’t fight in the Battlefield, but there ’s some very sadistic individuals here, and I ’m unwilling to die by their hands, suffering unbearable torture. There was even a woman here that wanted to uhm ’suck ’ me dry and make me skinless. If you catch my drift.

”I know I ’m handsome, see this face here, but I ’m unwilling to be toyed with in such a manner until my end. What type of death would that be? But dying at the hands of an elite Ascended being would justify it all. Even if I go to the other world, at least I can say to my family and those I meet along the way that I died fighting ten thousand Ascended beings as a mere mortal, you know? 

”It ’s a silly desire, but I think some of you can relate, right? I mean, if you want to die in that way, then I guess you wouldn ’t. Well…I don ’t, at least not in that way. Perhaps in a sea of beauties, but I ’m a man that would rather die in battle! You ’re with me about that, right? I just don ’t want to die horribly, though. Swift and easy, that ’s the way. So…uhm, I apologize? Wait, should I offer something to apologize? What would you all want?

”Oh I know! I have a few War Souls here. Wait, do you guys use War Souls? Or is that close to cannibalism? Are you guys War Souls or other beings? You seem like living beings, but you also give off a similar feeling as War Souls. Strange, do you even know? Well, I don ’t… ”

Wei Wuyin kept talking and talking, his voice explosively loud that everyone could only listen. 

”… ” The mysterious woman was unable to even comprehend the scene before her. She was startled when Wei Wuyin began to speak about them surrendering, speechless when he mocked them, and outright felt as if she was living in a different world when he wanted to discuss his own terms of surrender. It was such a strange turn of events that it seemed she lost her ability to think properly.

She felt stupid.

So stupid that she had been listening to Wei Wuyin ’s nonsense for a while now, and she wasn ’t the only one! The army of 10,000 Spirits of War were also drawn in, unable to process anything, as if waiting for more explanations or further reveal what terms Wei Wuyin wanted to surrender to.

Guan Yu looked on with his mouth agape. 

After three full minutes of time passed, the Legion Commander ’s warhorse neighed ferociously! This prompted the Legion Commander to snap out of his thoughts that kept shifting alongside Wei Wuyin ’s outpour of words. 

”Enough! ” He shouted, gesturing with his hand towards the first soldier who called out to deal Wei Wuyin a severe lesson. ”Zhou Dou, make it slow and painful! ” 

The Spirit of War named Zhou Dou lifted his head, shaking it briefly to regain himself, and then turned to Wei Wuyin. With a heavy nod, he launched himself explosively towards Wei Wuyin. With his spear in hand, he was ready to litter Wei Wuyin with holes until it leaked out a slow and painful death, as desired by his War Commander! 

”…But I haven ’t said my terms yet! ” Wei Wuyin urgently and fearfully shouted, but thus caused no delay as Zhou Dou rushed forward and thrusted towards Wei Wuyin ’s left thigh, closing their gap of distance in a blink of an eye. If it was a normal mortal cultivator, this speed would ’ve been enough to strike before any proper response.


A saber howl emitted and a lone head flew into the air. A geyser of white-colored blood erupted from a headless body that spasmed slightly before falling with a heavy thud and a rushing skid from its momentum. 

”Well, that ’s about enough time. I ’ll give you one last chance, ” Wei Wuyin held his saber in his right hand, touching its blade with his left, standing before 9,999 living Spirits of War with a cold smile, ”Have you decided the terms of your surrender, Legion Commander? ”

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