Paragon of Sin

Chapter 752 - 747: Soldier Of War Army Of 10000

t, but how could she? 

”Guan Yu! Take her! ” Wei Wuyin shouted loudly, gesturing out an order. Guan Yu was deeply shaken by the hymn of war, his face became thinner and thinner. The pressure was unbearable. He wanted to flee. He wanted to run with all his might. The grip on his bident loosened. Was this the terror of ensuing war? 

Struck by this feeling, he was lost for a moment until the explosive shout of Wei Wuyin gripped his heart and dragged it back to reality. His eyes widened as he saw the woman standing a few meters away from Wei Wuyin. Instinctively, he rushed forward after tightening his grip and grabbed the woman, causing her to frown, but her eyes never left Wei Wuyin ’s concerned expression. 

He seemed to be troubled by her presence, striking her with a strange sensation she ’d never felt before. They had just met, so why was it like this? 

Guan Yu glimpsed at the woman ’s face and body for a brief moment. His eyes widened and heart raced uncontrollably. 

Was this…? Holy shi-

”Go! ”

His thoughts were interrupted by Wei Wuyin ’s commanding shout, acting on instinct once again as he dragged her away with swift steps. The two retreated far away, but the woman ’s gaze never left the shrinking figure of Wei Wuyin, lost in her own confusion and feelings. 

Wei Wuyin turned back around, sighing after hearing the receding footsteps. He was unable to see what was before him, but he could feel the terrifyingly ferocious pressure developing. 

Soon, stars in the ceiling of pure chaos above started to manifest. Most were small, some medium, a few large-sized, and a single star that eclipsed the right that was gargantuan. It was the brightest star in the chaotic sky. These stars faintly gave the chaos some semblance of order and unity.

An Ascended commander, aged to his limits, hair as grey as possible, body almost entirely skin and bones, and with sunken eyes as dim and dark as death itself, glanced at the sky with pity and sadness in those dim, deathly eyes. ”Was it her? I didn ’t think she would take this route to end her life. I wish I had the courage…I wish I… ” The man slowly said, lowering his head as his breathing slowed. If one were to observe him, they ’d realize his state was very similar to hibernation, and he consumed the bare minimum of lifeforce. 


A strange, bursting sound resounded, and the hearts of the old Ascended shook as they watched the stars break out of the chaos and shoot down like blazing meteorites. They all shot towards the center of the Nexus Battlefield, directly before the Obelisk of War. 


Explosive landing that shook the mind resounded out endlessly, almost resembling a musical symphony with their timing and different volumes. A wave of gushing wind swept across the entire Nexus Battlefield! 

Wei Wuyin was at the forefront of this wind, feeling his skin get pressed against his flesh and bones, and his legs drag across the ground. If he wasn ’t so inherently heavy, a product of his extremely refined physique, he would ’ve been sent flying for thousands of miles. 

Guan Yu and the woman, however, were directly propelled backwards uncontrollably, distancing themselves for a few miles. It was only when the woman acted, grabbing Guan Yu, did they land to observe the Obelisk of War that was thrumming with sound.

Her eyes were focused not on the Obelisk of War, but on the multi-armored legion that stood before it, lined in a perfect formation, equally divided by squads, companies, and battalions, with their leaders and commanders at the forefront, donned in heavy, uniquely designed armor capable of differentiating each by their little differences.

The only one that truly stood out in these rows of beings, armed to the teeth in body armor and weapons, was the tall figure that wore the most impressive set of plate mail, encased in golden-colored metal, and wearing a dragon head-helmet that exuded faint sounds of bloody smoke. They rode a skeletal-like warhorse with black flames emanating from its hooves. They stood at the forefront of their entire legion, unleashing an incredible aura far beyond Mortal Limits.

Wei Wuyin hadn ’t moved since his declaration, but he was only a few dozen meters away from the great legion of armored Spirits of War. Just their presence could cause the collapse of many brave minds. This was especially so when a single man suffered the violent and forceful gazes of ten thousand Ascended!

Wei Wuyin stuffily coughed, causing all their gazes to become sharper and unleash devastating levels of killing intent. The figure at the lead, the absolutely most terrifying presence on this battlefield, that seemed to be the Legion Commander, looked at Wei Wuyin ’s figure from above his horse.

”A mortal? ” His voice was low, but the entire range of a hundred miles could hear it. An absolutely terrifying power, crucial in commanding armies from far distances with ease. Since spiritual sense was gutted here, this gave this legion commander an undeniable advantage.

Unknown when, Wei Wuyin ’s expression had become pale. Then, it started to become healthier. He sighed out a little bit of relief. 

With his closed eyes, he lifted his head towards the most terrifying pressure. 

Guan Yu watched this from afar and felt his heart lurch. If he was before that great army, at such great distance, he would ’ve pissed himself. He might have even begged for his life. 

The woman ’s eyes narrowed. What was this man thinking?

”A blind mortal? ” The legion commander said, a trace of incredulity within. The army of 10,000 all realized that they were challenged by a single person. This had happened quite a few times, so they weren ’t too surprised. Those who sought to end their lives and were far too cowardly to be unable to do it themselves would seek their hand, and they would unhesitatingly give it. 

However, this was the first time it was a mortal.

Moreover, a blind mortal?!

”That ’s interesting, you all feel alive. ” Wei Wuyin commented softly with awe, but then he revealed an insufferably arrogant grin and shouted loudly: ”Commander of this pathetic legion! Have you decided the terms of YOUR surrender?! ” 

”…. ” The army of 10,000 was speechless!

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