Paragon of Sin

Chapter 751 - 746: Soldier Of War Declaring War

Wei Wuyin shook his head, ”I don ’t. ” 

”… ” Now they both were rendered speechless. Unable to comprehend the reasoning for refusing this godsend opportunity! Guan Yu felt an urge to viciously shake Wei Wuyin until he got an answer. Fortunately for his life, he didn ’t have to resort to that.

”If I was younger, I wouldn ’t have any issue with accepting desperate women, like yourself, who were driven to the brink by their circumstances. I ’ve done it a few times. But I ’ve understood myself more since, and I refuse to take advantage of women in such a way again. ” Wei Wuyin ’s experiences since becoming an Inheritor of Sin had changed him, not just his mindset, but as a person.

Whether it was Na Xinyi, Jiao Ning, that girl from the Violet Moon Sect, Xue Yifei, Long Chen, Yuan Longshi, Lin Ziyan, the Heavenly Daos ’ influence, Ai Juling, or Yue Songli, his experiences with them each had slowly evolved his own principles and morals, establishing a strong, very strong foundation of his own self-confidence as a person, as a man, and as a leader, including what he wanted from his women. He didn ’t want nor need to take advantage of fragile, desperate, or despairing women to satisfy himself or his ego. He had developed his own unique sense of pride.

This was especially cemented when he met Ai Juling. While they had only met once in the Four Extreme Continent, she had the most impactful reflection on his insight into what he wanted. Despite being kidnapped and taken away by force, after revealing his intentions to court her, she wasn ’t terrified or repulsed, and she even wanted to be with him due to his revealed value and personality. 

This thoroughly instilled into him the understanding that he didn ’t need to take advantage of women or place them in precarious positions. His life, his strength, his means, personality, wealth, and just his overall value was sufficient to court and obtain a woman he desired. It was absolutely beneath him to do anything else. If his value wasn ’t enough, then it wasn ’t enough. It just wasn ’t fated.

In a way, he wanted to be their choice. 

Not their only choice. 

”How about this, ” Wei Wuyin reached out and grabbed the mysterious woman ’s hands, realizing her skin was quite smooth and exuded a comforting warmth, and touched her spatial ring. This startled her, but as an Ascended, and a Demi-Mortal Lord at that, she held no fear towards any of Wei Wuyin ’s actions. So she watched on curiously. 

Wei Wuyin exerted a little bit of spatial power, shifting 10,000 War Souls from his Spatial Ring to the mysterious woman ’s. This was enough for her to leave. He calmly continued, ”If you still want to after this, I won ’t refuse. ” 

Wei Wuyin wasn ’t able to see the woman ’s expression, wasn ’t able to determine her exact appearance, or anything about her, yet from the vigorous shaking of her body leading to her hand. He felt all her intense emotions. He could feel her gaze on his face, so piercing and suffused with incredible shock, extreme confusion, an entire array of emotions, that it seemed as if it tried to penetrate his Sea of Consciousness. 

Wei Wuyin revealed a smile. He didn ’t say anything but let her hand go, proceeding to walk towards the direction of the Obelisk of War. As he stepped closer, he could feel a faint wave of cascading pressure battering his face. The sounds of clashing weapons, blood-curdling screams of agony, roaring shouts of rage and bloodlust, and blood splashing endlessly into the world. The hymn of war echoed out endlessly. 

Guan Yu watched, confused by what just happened. He glanced at the mysterious woman and felt tempted to once more express his willingness. 

However, the mysterious woman moved. She was shockingly swift, arriving beside Wei Wuyin in almost an instant. She reached out and grabbed his hand with her own, causing him to halt his steps and turn around. While he was unable to see her, she had undone her facial concealment, revealing herself to Wei Wuyin. 

”… ” There were faint sounds of breathing escaping from the woman ’s mouth, but not a single coherent word. She wanted to ask how, why, and who, yet none of it came out. She had never felt so incapable before than in this moment. Her greatest life wish had been fulfilled without any reasoning that made sense to her, overturning her entire understanding of the world in seconds, and in men as a whole.

Wei Wuyin was still inundated by the hymn of war, facing the waves of pressure, yet he answered her unspoken questions: ”I earned all of them myself, and I gave them to you because I don ’t want anyone to choose me because I ’m the only choice available. I want to be chosen because I ’m the best choice. Now, you have an entire world to choose from. ” 

Be it the Ascendants, Valkyries, those three Ascended from the United Source Starfield, the crew of Vanishing Colossus, or the Golden Life Pavilion, his approach towards them has always remained consistent. They had the agency to decide. Those he courted were no different.

”Now, am I still an option? ” Wei Wuyin revealed a bright smile. 

”… ” The woman found herself enlightened. The sheer degree of confidence to take such a bold action and allow it to be her choice, not out of bleak desperation that she was going to die here, alone and barren in a hellish world, but because she wanted to. There was certainly no mortal man in this world who she thought would ever do anything like this, refusing her, giving her back her agency, and then asking her that question.

They would ’ve first taken. Then, they would ’ve left her here to slowly die in despair, or as she planned to do—take her own life to end it, but only after taking everything that they needed from her. Everything she readily offered.


She pressed heavily against Wei Wuyin ’s hand, grabbing so tightly it seemed as if she didn ’t want to let go even if the sky collapsed.

Wei Wuyin felt the stinging pain, but his expression didn ’t change. ”I ’ll take that as a yes, ” he nodded while grabbing her hand and slowly moving her fingers, freeing himself. ”We ’ll talk more after this; for now, step back. ” 

After saying this, he continued walking forward and felt the pressure reach another level! With a heavy breath, he held his right hand to the direction of the pulsating waves of pressure. 


On his palm, the Mark of Annihilation formed!

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