Paragon of Sin

Chapter 749 - 744: Soldier Of War Mysterious Woman

s that might have the slightest chance of landing here with that amount, were unable to purchase it for their forces. 

There was once a sect from his stellar region that had luckily obtained a High-Earth Method from the Battlefield. In a thousand years, they had matched the previously strongest force. In another thousand years, they became the absolute rulers of the stellar region. While certain things happened that eventually led to its demise, that force had sparked legends towards the Battlefield and its offered treasures. This was just a cultivation method too. 

Wei Wuyin sniffed slightly. He smelled the scent of wood and foliage. A forest was nearby. According to Guan Yu, this forest was called the Forest Horizon Zone; the Nexus Battlefield wasn ’t very creative. It was very close to the Obelisk of War.

”It doesn ’t matter, ” Wei Wuyin answered Guan Yu ’s question after a long delay.

”How can you say that? Come on, you must have some ideas. I ’ve never met someone as logical and smart as you, and I ’ve met a lot of cultivators. Come on, you must have a guess at least! ” Guan Yu egged, lavishing praise onto Wei Wuyin ’s ego, trying to rid himself of his vexed thoughts.

Wei Wuyin sighed. That statement definitely wasn ’t true, but he didn ’t feel like calling out Guan Yu for his nonsense and pitiful attempt at persuasion. ”My guess? It ’s the War Spirit itself. ” 

”War Spirit? ” Guan Yu was baffled for a moment, then his eyes brightened considerably. ”THE War Spirit? Isn ’t that the ruler of this entire chaos realm?! That can ’t be, right? If one can own the War Spirit, wouldn ’t that mean ownership of the Battlefield?! AND everything in it?! ”

Wei Wuyin didn ’t respond, merely gave an indifferent smile. It didn ’t matter what he or Guan Yu believed to be true. Unless they could afford it, none of it mattered. That said, he was already exposed to Spiritform beings, such as Wang Yutian. 

According to Wang Yutian, his lifespan and soul had been transformed by the King of Everlore somehow, becoming essentially immortal and a new lifeform. This unique state afforded Spiritform beings further, more profound, advantages very suitable for overseeing realms. The various cultivators of the Everlore Starfield, such as Divine King Han Xei had implemented such means to leave behind legacies and regulate the stability of the realm.

Despite this being his guess, he wasn ’t absolutely certain about it. There were a few peculiarities if this was indeed the case, leaving too many unanswered questions. But at this moment, Wei Wuyin simply wanted to focus on the upcoming task, not delve into the incredible mysteries of the Battlefield. 

”Earning the qualifications to observe the Obelisk of War is my only priority, ” Wei Wuyin reminded himself. 

As an Exploitative Blessed, he was exceptional at grasping opportunities amidst difficulty and dangers. And as an Inheritor of Sin, it seems his ability to snatch the fortune of other Blessed was a destined occurrence. While this wasn ’t his fortuitous chance, he sought to make full use of it.

The two trekked across the Forest Horizon Zone, meeting a few Soldiers of War along the way, but their united presence led those lone soldiers to depart in haste. None of these warriors wanted to risk their lives in an uneven fight, so they turned tail at the first opportunity. 

The two soon arrived at the very center of the Nexus Battlefield. If Wei Wuyin could see it, he would instantly recognize it as the monolith he saw after acquiring the Mark of War. 

”We ’re here, ” Guan Yu said, his expression darkening considerably. 

Wei Wuyin nodded. To be honest, Guan Yu was a valuable asset. While he wasn ’t very strong, he had two things that Wei Wuyin lacked at the moment: sight and direction. If he had traversed alone, it would ’ve been a hellish hassle. To begin, he didn ’t even know which direction was the center, and if he interrogated others, they might lie to him out of grievance, seeking to take advantage of his current state. 

Moreover, with the two traveling together, he didn ’t have to deal with others assaulting him without rest. 

”Are you really serious about this? ” Guan Yu solemnly asked, lacking the exuberant demeanor he had earlier. There was true skepticism now that he faced the Obelisk of War, now that he was truly here. 

”Serious about what? ” 

The two immediately turned their heads, with Guan Yu visually seeing the presence of a young woman a dozen or so meters away, her hair was white, and her eyes were dark grey with multicolored flecks of white, black, and even a bit of orange. It reminded one of an uninhabited lunar satellite. She was slim in physique, roughly five feet and four inches in height, and dressed in form-fitting white and black robe.

While Wei Wuyin heard nothing, not a heartbeat or sounds of breathing coming from that direction. So when he heard that voice, his expression changed slightly, becoming dignified. Eden ’s roots quivered within his Sea of Consciousness.

”Guan Yu, ” Wei Wuyin called out. 

”…Yeah? ” Guan Yu ’s eyes were honed intently on this woman that had just spontaneously arrived. Her face was blurry and a little painful to look at. She was clearly using a strange tool to conceal her facial features. A strange action in this Nexus Battlefield. Still, from her body, and the contours of her face, it was highly possible she was a beautiful existence blessed by the heavens.

”She ’s an assassin, ” Wei Wuyin stated. 

”What? ” Guan Yu was startled. However, he understood Wei Wuyin ’s intentions, and he prepared himself for any sudden assault.

The white-haired woman seemed entirely unbothered by their exchange of cautionary words, standing completely while observing them. ”I ’m harmless, with no ill-will to speak of.. I ’m just curious why you ’re here. So, what are you serious about? ”

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