Paragon of Sin

Chapter 735 - 730: Soldier Of War Spoils Of War

tdown, Wei Wuyin ’s expression changed drastically. Wasn ’t this out of order? Shouldn ’t he be given a list of things to exchange? Also, Nexus Battlefield?! When did he agree to all this?

Wei Wuyin had satisfied his urge to fight, wanting to now return to the place he was before, and take on the Heavenly Daos ’ intended route for him. After learning about the Battlefield, he knew that he could exchange alchemical products for War Souls or other resources. He didn ’t need to fight this war! Or any war that wasn ’t started by him! It made no sense for the Heavenly Daos to send him here when it couldn ’t gauge his strength accurately.

A Gravity Emission Phase cultivator, totally unprepared in this Battlefield, Blessed or not, was absolute death. Just the oppressive gravity would turn ordinary Realmlords to bloody and broken mush. How could he hope to survive in the eyes of the Heavenly Daos?

He didn ’t want to agree to be shipped off to some Nexus Battlefield. What the hell was even that? Screw all that! He wanted to resist, but the invisible power that was lifting him was far too strong. He didn ’t realize this before, but it was terrifyingly oppressive! 

After bit of struggle, he couldn ’t help but feel defeated.

But when did soldiers have the right to decide their deployment? They were sent wherever their commanders said, no questions asked. They killed whoever their commanders declared the enemy, no hesitation needed. This was why the Heavenly Daos judged the actions or sins of a soldier on the General, not the soldier themselves.

Wei Wuyin understood this concept as a commander and as an Inheritor of Sin quite thoroughly. However, it did little to console his fleeting aspirations of living a comfy life as an alchemist, supplying for those on the Battlefield from behind-the-scenes while avoiding possible death. He had expended almost six years of raw effort to kill a Demi-Mortal Lord expert, walking the very edge of death. One mistake, his life would ’ve ended in a swift twist. He wished he had conserved some fire-attributed pellets, but he wasn ’t certain what would work on a Demi-Mortal Lord, so he used all of it.

Just to make sure.

”7…6… ”

Wei Wuyin deeply sighed in his heart. He wondered if this was Jing Jiu ’s opportunity. After all, with his weapons, talismans, and tools, he could ’ve killed a Demi-Mortal Lord if they were weakened enough. This might have been the Heavenly Daos intentions for Jing Jiu, to become this so-called Soldier of War.

”Fine, ” Wei Wuyin conceded. If this was an opportunity, then he ’ll give it his all to claim every last drop of benefits available. That said, he hurriedly drew upon his void force, unsealing Kratos. He directly formed a connection between the space of Jing Jiu ’s ring and the female titan ’s spatial ring he gave. With their close proximity, he transferred two hundred War Souls after executing Void Crystallization on them. He found that the War Souls didn ’t repulse spatial energies like mystic-graded materials, so it was extremely easy to seal them.

”2…1… ”

Wei Wuyin had done what he could. It was up to the female titan to become a Spiritualist.

At zero, Wei Wuyin vanished.

The phenomenon of white trails and bright, blinding brilliance soon subsided. The mortal and Ascended soldiers were startled by this development. Zi Fu and Tai Hao were the most startled initially, searching for Wei Wuyin ’s extremely noticeable figure amongst tall titans, but to no avail. They glanced at each other, noticing the confusion in each other ’s eyes. This was only exacerbated after several minutes and titans started to claim their War Souls again.

Unable to gain any answers, Tai Hao and Zi Fu left the Battlefield.. They were going to go to their respective homes, both obtaining exactly what they wanted.

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