Paragon of Sin

Chapter 733 - 728: Soldier Of War War Spirit Altar

Wuyin wasn ’t going to break away from the crowd and stood up, upright and tall. He looked at the buzzing halos that vibrated with a strange sound frequency. 


Without warning, a square platform fell from the sky like lightning. It was a cube, with stairs carved into its four sides leading upwards to the top. The cube itself was at least a hundred meters high and was a shade of white in color. It greatly resembled the white light from Long Chen ’s Seed of War. 

It landed on empty space between all the Battalions present, as if predetermined, about a mile away from everyone. The tens of thousands of titans present all had their eyes brighten and excitement exuded from their pores. A few were even grinning crazily as if they had witnessed the greatest event in their lives. These few were definitely Ascended who claimed the lives of other Ascended in their level or assisted in their demise. They were thrilled by this development like children being told the candy store was free for them.

Borus Yusang was outright losing his image as a Battalion Commander with his greedy grin. It was quite embarrassing, even slightly ugly. But not a single person paid any attention to him. They were all focused on that single cube. 

Wei Wuyin was unable to see the cube, his spiritual strength and spiritual sense still wasn ’t at its fullest potential, especially since he resealed all his Astral Souls again. The mile long distance caused him to forfeit his ability to observe.

After the buzzing of their halos stopped, Borus Yusang regained his prestigious demeanor and imposing air, directly commanding with a thunderous boom. 

”Alright! It ’s time to claim your War Souls! Remember, if you decide to store your War Souls and not trade them, use your Identity Rune! They ’re specifically designed to store them, and can be extracted and traded after your departure from the Battlefield. As a reminder once again, you must acquire ten War Souls to earn your right to leave! If ten War Souls are not earned, you will be required to remain in the Battlefield! Any deserters will be killed with EXTREME PREJUDICE! ” 

These words came from Borus Yusang, yet they were said by every Battalion Commander across the entire Battlefield, be it titans, humans, or celestials! 

When those words were said, the halos of all the mortal soldiers started to rapidly thrum with a deep hum. The vibrations it emitted caused the bodies of these tall titans to tremble, yet this only caused these titans to become happier.

”First Squad! Ascend the War Spirit Altar! ” Borus Yusang commanded, issuing that order. Those a part of the 1st Squad lifted their excited bodies and strode towards the War Spirit Altar with excitement, pride, conflicted emotions, some melancholy, and some anger.

Wei Wuyin watched as they began to ascend the stairs. It didn ’t take long before they reached the top. At that point, he expected a grand War Spirit to descend or a phenomenon exceeding the Alchemic Dao manifestations! 

However, what happened left him feeling uncertain. After a few minutes, roughly five, the 1st Squad simply walked down. But not all of them, some weren ’t present. He expected this, but he didn ’t see any War Soul or grand phenomenon. Still, those that wanted to leave the Battlefield were sent back home. That much he knew.

A few amongst the squad had expressions of disappointment and frustration. Some were holding back their tears, revealing exhausted expressions, far from what they had shown when they walked towards the War Spirit Altar. They clearly did not reach the ten War Souls quota to leave or hadn ’t earned enough to acquire what they wanted. Unwilling to depart after learning this, they stayed to fight more in the hopes of obtaining more.

Borus Yusang then commanded the 2nd Squad to move. They did so but in lesser numbers. The other Battalions functioned the same way, sending one squad after the other. They were orderly and there wasn ’t much fuss, but the mood of others was starting to decline after the 20th Squad returned with almost all of them staying, unable to leave.

The benefit of a short run was a higher chance of survival, but it also cost many their chance to earn enough War Souls. This continued until Borus Yusang called out:

”49th Squad! ”

Wei Wuyin ’s mind stirred into activity, expectations filling his thoughts. He brought his measly squad of three towards the War Spirit Altar. Just as he was about to take the first step, a voice sounded out from behind him.

”Sir! ”

Wei Wuyin realized it was Zi Fu. He turned and gave her a lifted brow of curiosity. Zi Fu didn ’t hesitate, directly asking: ”Can you, if you have enough, get me an Elixir of Spiritualism! ” She spoke out her greatest desire, a desire she couldn ’t hope to claim on her own. 

Wei Wuyin was startled.

Zi Fu realized her words were abrupt and selfish, so she hurriedly added: ”I know what I ’m asking of you is costly, but I- ”

”No need to explain, ” Wei Wuyin interrupted her, continuing with a bright smile: ”It takes incredible courage to make such a big ask from a stranger. However, I feel like we have some fate together. What do you think? ” 

Zi Fu was startled. Her breathing stalled for a moment. What? Fate together? While she was a soldier at heart, willing to fight for her desires and to grasp her own fate, even die for it, she was still a being with emotions and thoughts. Wei Wuyin ’s smile was astoundingly perfect. Her titan-sized heart raced slightly at the implication. 

Wei Wuyin laughed softly, ”If you agree to leave the Battlefield after, and take this- ” flipping his palm to reveal a spatial ring after a pause, he continued: ”with you everywhere, then I ’ll do it. As long as I have enough War Souls to give, of course. ”

Zi Fu was fiercely taken aback. She looked at the ring and beneath her helmet, bit her lips. She didn ’t know what the ring was, so she was unsure. 

Wei Wuyin added, ”It ’s not harmful to you, your force, or the titan race. You have my word. In fact, there ’s alchemical resources in here as well. I ’m quite intrigued by the prospect of seeing a true Spiritualist. Or will you pass up this opportunity? ” 

Tai Hao just watched, totally shocked by this event. He didn ’t know how to proceed, so he just observed silently from the sidelines. However, he wondered if Zi Fu would accept or reject such a dubious condition.

Zi Fu didn ’t actually wait for long to decide. She grabbed the spatial ring and nodded, ”I will. I swear t- ”

”No need, ” Wei Wuyin interrupted again. She clearly wanted to swear an oath, but he didn ’t think it was important to do so. However, he hadn ’t decided what to do with Zi Fu yet, but this will open up some possibilities for him. 

Then, Wei Wuyin turned to Tai Hao, flipping his palm again to reveal another ring, ”This has ninth-grade products inside, of various tiers. You can take it and keep the ring on you at all times or refuse. Your choice. ” 

Tai Hao was taken aback. He glanced at the spatial ring and didn ’t even need to think, grabbing it and inspecting its content. His eyes widened in disbelief. This was far more than what he could obtain from what he wanted from the War Spirit! 

”I ’ll do it. ”

Wei Wuyin kept his bright smile, nodded, and started to walk up towards the stairs leading to the peak of the cube. When he did, he felt his halo vibrate. As he climbed further up, the halo on his head started to vibrate with such intensity that he felt his entire world throb!


Then as he reached halfway, the entire cube started to wildly shake! Wei Wuyin sensed a large disturbance above, and he heard the outrageous exclamations from Zi Fu and Tai Hao, including those who shouted in shock, awe, wonder, surprise, and fear from afar! 

He lifted his head and he felt his body lighten! 

’So there is a phenomenon! ’

Just as that thought shot through his mind, his body was engulfed by white light and shot forward, scaling the stairs in the matter of moments. Shortly after, the white cube started to emanate a radiance that blinded everyone! Including Ascended!!

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