Paragon of Sin

Chapter 732 - 727: Soldier Of War Returned

Wei Wuyin was enlightened by this discovery, finding the avenue of cultivation that was Spiritualism more feasible than before. Just from his perspective as an Alchemist and a cultivator of two Divine-type Spirits of Cultivation, he understood how and why. 

As he finished healing Tai Hao and the other soldier, he slowly rose and moved to the next pair. He had plenty of elemental origin astral force to spare, capable of offering some stabilizing aid with swift precision. The soldiers didn ’t halt him at all, fully allowing him to send his astral force into their bodies. 

They were awed by the sheer quantity and power of astral force that could be mustered from Wei Wuyin in the Battlefield. Furthermore, only life energy Cultivators, those often referred to as Medicinal Sages, were medics on the Battlefield. However, they were as rare as Spiritualists. These beings had very little to no combat strength, and the refinement of their bodies were severely lesser than others of more vigorous energy types. 

Yet Wei Wuyin, being neither a Spiritualist nor a Medicinal Sage, had the means to fulfill both unique roles. This startled them and they looked at Wei Wuyin with amazement but also a tinge of frightful fear. How exactly did this man cultivate? 

Wei Wuyin could feel the inquisitive stares, but he remained stoic outwardly. His mind was more focused on Spiritualists and how they were born, scouring through his memories of Jing Jiu ’s memories. Eden perfectly replicated all the details as he provided aid to the soldiers, recalling every single detail available.

According to Jing Jiu ’s thoughts, the Divine-type Spirit of Cultivation was just one of the three requirements. The second requirement was far more difficult to acquire than the first—an initiator.

There were two available initiators for the process that was known, yet both were outside of mortal means to do so. After all, Spiritualism defied conventions of cultivation at its core, being a rather unorthodox cultivation path. Whether this was good or bad in the far-off future, it was unknown, at least to Jing Jiu.

Wang Yutian had once said an Earthly Saint could help facilitate the growth of an artificial Domain Seed in those at the Fourth Stage of the Astral Core Realm, Spatial Resonance Phase, and that he had done so twice before. This broke conventions, and such required those beyond Mortal Limits. 

The process of Spiritualism Conversion was no different. It needed an initiator, and that was typically a high-level cultivator of at least the Worldly Saint stage or a formation like the Engorging Foundation Evil Method. This was extremely difficult to acquire, especially since you needed the help of a Worldly Saint at minimum to truly and reliably pull it off. 

After all, the Engorging Foundation Evil Method was a risky maneuver, and it resulted in the death of one and damaged souls of two, yet Lin Ming would still have to deal with all sorts of consequences. In fact, they all had the risk of dying right then. Be it in the matter of an artificial Domain Seed or Spiritualism Conversion, an expert uses the appropriate materials to refine them and oversee the process, ridding of most flaws and risks. 

The second initiator was an alchemical elixir called simply: Elixir of Spiritualism. It was a peak-tier, Mystic-Earth graded alchemical product. It performed the job of a Worldly Saint, if not slightly better at higher qualities. It was one of the Mystic-Earth elixirs offered by certain sects and forces outside in exchange for earned War Souls. 

The third requirement was luck.

A lot of luck.

Either of these procedures had their set of issues and this could eventually lead to losing one ’s Spirit of Cultivation, resulting in being crippled or experiencing cultivation deviation, resulting in possible death. It was not a safe avenue to explore. Of course, the failure rate for the Elixir of Spiritualism was far lower than at the hands of Worldly Saints. 

Jing Jiu ’s memory also suggested that some Worldly Saints would offer their services to perform the act in exchange for War Souls, because Earthly Saints and above were unable to directly participate. This was the cheapest option as well, yet it carried the most risk. The peak-tier Mystic-Earth Elixir of Spiritualism was, however, extremely pricey—almost ten times as much!

Wei Wuyin was intrigued to realize that Alchemical Products were still as scarce and expensive as the Everlore Starfield or the Grand Cyclic Stellar Region. In fact, the general prices were extremely consistent across the board. While there may be some deviation, it wasn ’t a lot. 

Wei Wuyin finished another pair, moving to another. His thoughts continued to stir as he thought about these War Souls. However, he was also a little dissatisfied. According to the Battlefield ’s rules, he would be sent back to where he came from, yet War Soul exchanges for the forces and sects of the Azure-Prime Galactic Zone occurred in an intermediary location where they originally gathered prior to being sent to the Battlefield.

Not every soldier had the same exchange options, limited to what their force or nearby allies forces offered. Since he would have to arrive at these locations with the War Soul in hand, he wouldn ’t be able to gain benefits from these forces. His only benefit was the exchange offered by the War Spirit. This didn ’t include anything within the Alchemic Dao.

So there would be no concoction methods or products he could claim, giving him a little bit of a heartache. It seemed if he wanted to expand his knowledge of the Alchemic Dao, he ’ll be forced to visit an alchemic association in the Grand Cyclic Stellar Region. 

As for Jing Jiu, he knew little to nothing about the Dao of Alchemy or concoction methods, so he was left with no help from the deceased Blessed. 

Regardless, the War Spirit offered incredible things, and his harvest thus far wasn ’t bad. Not bad at all.

A smile couldn ’t help but form on his face, filled with excitement and glee. While Jing Jiu ’s rings were mostly filled with a random assortment of things, Cai Liuyang ’s ring wasn ’t just filled to the brim with mystic stones, mystic-graded materials, pills, elixirs, and pastes, but the spatial ring itself was definitely Mystic-Grade!


Because it can store mystic-graded resources and materials! 

There was even Terra-Mystic Ore within the ring! There was no repulsion force emitted, seemingly suppressed by some unseen power that exceeded Mortal Limits. Jing Jiu also had a similar ring, yet it was a third the size of Cai Liuyang ’s. He was a War Blessed after all. How could he store his mystic-graded loot from the corpses of his enemies if he didn ’t have the means to store them?

The size of Jiu Jing ’s spatial ring was more than enough to store the Terra-Mystic Ore that he ’d acquired, let alone Cai Liuyang ’s! 

Soon, he completed delivering aid to every remaining soldier within his Battalion ’s deployed company, including Zi Fu. He wasn ’t even the slightest bit exhausted. 

Zi Fu stared at Wei Wuyin. From start to finish, her gaze beneath the helmet was watching him without pause. Her thoughts were a mess. She didn ’t know what to think, feeling as if the anomaly that was this human was far, far too incredible to be real. The questions she held in her heart were endless.

Just as she mustered the tinge of courage to speak her thoughts, a thunderous shout resounded throughout the Battlefield.

”All Members of the Helix-Titan Battalion! Retreat! ” After saying this, a pillar of light shot into the sky from the ground, and within this light was the unique double-helix insignia of the Helix-Titan Battalion.

”All Members of the Demon-Source Battalion! Retreat! ” 

”All Members of… ”

Commanding shouts rang out continuously ordering the remaining soldiers. There was an accompaniment of a surging pillar, thick and noticeable from a thousand miles away. 

The soldiers roused themselves, ecstatic of this order. Typically this only happened roughly six hours in, not nearly an hour. This was a sign of the Battlefield, at least their particular zone, their particular area, had come to its first conclusion. Now their Ascended will protect them, and they ’ll survive until the end to earn War Souls. If they earned enough, they could freely retire and go home! 

If not, a second round of war awaited.

Some were happy. Others? They wore dark expressions, their eyes reflecting their solemn attitudes. 

Wei Wuyin glanced upwards. 


A feeling surged through his mind and body, yet no influence sprung forth. Familiar with the Karmic Luck Deductions already, he was aware this meant someone he was tied to by karma had just received the benefits of his Karmic Luck Value.

Karmic Luck Value: 44,052.4.

First Calamity: Survived – 7/7.

Second Calamity: Claimed – 1/1.

Third Calamity: Suppressed – 16 Years.

Karmic Luck Value: 43,809.6

First Calamity: Survived – 7/7.

Second Calamity: Claimed – 1/1.

Third Calamity: Suppressed – 16 Years.

’242.8? ’

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