Paragon of Sin

Chapter 730 - 725: Soldier Of War Divine To Spiritualist

your mind, Soldier. ” 

Zi Fu said with a soft nod, ”That explosion of flames, do you have any idea what happened? ” This question was on the lips of everyone present. If it was caused by an Ascended, the War Spirit wouldn ’t have protected them. However, how could a mortal-level cultivator hope to generate such might, in the Battlefield no less? 

With energy restricted, that explosion could ’ve incinerated entire planets and a large swath of a starfield in an instant. 

Wei Wuyin frowned slightly, uncertain if he should explain clearly or state his responsibility. While he was aware that every force and individual that participates in the Battlefield swore heavy Mystical Oaths tethered to unique items that reinforced their strength and elevated their punishment, to prevent external conflict, schemes, and revenge outside of the Battlefield, he wasn ’t certain if he should reveal his abilities. 

He was exempt, however. After all, he joined through the Grand Cyclic Stellar Region, not a Azure-Prime Galactic Zone ’s controlled area. 

In the end, he decided against explaining his capabilities. If anyone asked, he ’ll remain silent or use some random excuse that he was forbidden from revealing exact details by an oath similar to theirs. This will bring forth mystery to his identity, and if his play had worked, none of the Ascended would think he was actually from the Grand Cyclic Stellar Region, but an assassin sent to kill Jing Jiu and Cai Liuyang. 

There ’s no way an isolated and abandoned stellar region would deliberately plan to kill two prominently talented figures with such destructive means without reason. While he had his reasons, no one else was privy to them. 

”It doesn ’t matter; let ’s help nurse the wounds of others. ” To these soldiers, however, he didn ’t need to use any excuse. He just outright shrugged it off with a darkened expression, clearly telling them that this information was sensitive and they weren ’t qualified to know. 

A few titans gulped heavily. They felt as if they were drawn into some grand conspiracy against the human and celestial race. It was incredibly brazen to commit such acts in the Battlefield. They took heed of Wei Wuyin ’s nonverbal warning and stayed silent. The atmosphere grew tense.

Wei Wuyin didn ’t just wait around. He went to those injured and started to use wood origin force to heal, acting as a medic. According to Jing Jiu ’s memories, these acts could contribute to the amount of War Souls one would accumulate at the end of the twelve hour duration. 

Every little bit helped, and he wasn ’t certain how much he ’d receive or all the rewards that the War Spirit offered. Who knew if just one exact War Soul was enough to give him that exact reward or not. 

Thinking like this, he couldn ’t help but slightly chuckle as he sent his wood origin force into the bodies of two wounded soldiers, Tai Hao being one of them. He was truly an Exploitative Blessed. It was a habit to maximize his gains and seek out greater benefits for himself. 

However, a few titans were staring at Wei Wuyin in an absolute daze, especially Tai Hao who felt Wei Wuyin ’s pure wood origin force. He was flabbergasted. 

Zi Fu couldn ’t hold back and asked, ”You ’re not a Spiritualist? ”

Wei Wuyin only gave her a brief smile with a lifted eyebrow, ”Didn ’t I tell you I wasn ’t before? ” After saying this carelessly, he focused on healing the two ’s wounds, and used water origin force in the hopes of replenishing their blood supply. It worked, so he was quite satisfied.

Zi Fu was speechless. 

Spiritualists were beings that cultivated an extreme path, much like Purists, and they merged their Spirits of Cultivation with their Sea of Consciousness and Physique, changing their state of existence entirely. Their physical energies, mental energies, and stored essence energies such as innate fire energies, water energies, or wood energies within their bodies, were all spiritual energies. 

Since spiritual energy originated from all three of them, it could similarly replace all three as the dominant energy source. Therefore, there ’s an extremely unique mind-body-spirit connection that was unrivaled. Furthermore, their Astral Core became a Spirit Core during this exceptionally extreme process. 

A Spirit Core, like an Astral Core, had a World Sea. The difference was the metaphysical energy force that was stored within it. There was no astral force within a Spirit Core, just Spiritual Force. This vastly elevated a cultivator ’s spiritual aspects! Their Spiritual Spells, Spiritual Formations, and Spiritual Sense was unrivaled amongst those of their cultivation level!

Since that was unmistakably the case, Wei Wuyin shouldn ’t be able to use wood origin astral force in the slightest! He shouldn ’t have astral force at all! 

Yet Wei Wuyin had proved he had just that! This overthrew their understanding for a moment, because they could clearly feel Wei Wuyin ’s spiritual sense enveloping them with a heavy spiritual strength. This was unfathomable! Unbelievable! What level was his Spirit Units at?

Wei Wuyin ignored their incredulous reactions. But when he recalled Jing Jiu ’s memories, his thoughts stirred. He knew why Spiritualists were so feared, given flee-on-sight orders.

They could still use spells in a location where Starlords were forced to fight like mortals. As long as one was in range of their spiritual sense, they could be subjected to spells that affected their senses, body, or cultivation. They could even be outright crippled because their natural astral force and spiritual protections were severely weakened by the environment. 

Not only was catching them off-guard entirely impossible here, they had a mind-body-spirit unity that made them terrifying just to fight. Furthermore, if they used concealment spells, they had the means to just assassinate anyone they wished. So if they revealed themselves for a moment, humans like Jing Jiu were taught to not engage, just flee, preferably in different directions to split focus and outrun their spiritual sense.

When he thought about fighting an opponent that could sense your every movement, affect your perceptions, or cripple you, and you had barely any defenses, even he shivered. 

According to Jing Jiu ’s memories, he learned interesting details about the process of being a Spiritualist. All those who wished to become a Spiritualist must have forged a particular type of Spirit of Cultivation foundation before having any chance to succeed. And Jing Jiu knew the method to cultivate that type of foundation.

However, he was shocked to discover that…

The cultivation method was the ’Divine ’ spirit aspect he already cultivated!

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