Paragon of Sin

Chapter 729 - 724: Soldier Of War Praised

hiding him as he replaced himself with the False God Avatar. Even though Ascended had their Spiritual Sense, they were still severely restricted by the imposing suppression of the Battlefield. They couldn ’t reach greater than a few dozen meters without a special spell or art. Cai Liuyang had used one to mark him. Fortunately, it was a spatial mark, and Kratos could push it onto another with a little effort. Such as the False God Avatar. 

Thinking about how his first self-created Avatar Art had led to him defeating an Ascended left him feeling as if it was surreal. Additionally, Cai Liuyang was anything but ordinary. 

Finally, compressing the vast majority of their Spiritual Energies into a Fixed Soul Spell layered with a trap mechanism. It was extremely difficult to do, conjured up on the spot, and put into practice at that moment. Even if it had failed, there wasn ’t much of an issue with proceeding with the plan, but that was plan C: severely injuring or killing Cai Liuyang in her frozen state. 

However, it helped sell the idea that Wei Wuyin was a specialized cultivator sent to extract Jing Jiu ’s Soul. After all, spiritual energy was the closest thing to the soul. Proving his adeptness sold his story further. 

Wei Wuyin spoke from the heart: ”You all did amazing, every last one of you. Ori ’s acting was astonishing; King ’s power was incredible; Kratos, your concealment was key, without it none of this worked; Eden… ”

”Mm. ” Eden needed nothing else, relaying that it knew all that Wei Wuyin wanted to say and more. Wei Wuyin could feel the roots settled into his Sea of Consciousness shake with joy. Regardless of its aloof attitude, it still liked being praised all the same. 

Wei Wuyin grinned. He felt blessed. Not for Karmic Luck or becoming a Bloodline of Sin Inheritor, but having the opportunity to once again have a family that would unhesitatingly give their all for each other. Facing Ascended beings, they would stand by his side. Facing Hell, they would stand by his side. Facing gods, they would stand by his side.

Could a man want anything more? 

Wei Wuyin enjoyed this feeling as he stood in the midst of scorched earth, feeling comfortable and relaxed. With all the Ascended beings distracted and all the enemies cleared for so far, he was perfectly safe. After a few minutes of this, he started to make his way back to his remaining squad members. He was a Squad Leader, after all.

”The Battlefield lasts for just twelve hours, such a short period of time. However, I didn ’t expect the sheer scope of the Battlefield to be like this. Is it really that large? To span across hundreds of thousands of miles, divided into nine zones of war. ” Wei Wuyin still had his eyes closed, unable to view the horizon yet the bloody expanse of numerous battlefields echoed in his thoughts. While his spiritual energy was almost entirely exhausted earlier, the issue was never his spiritual energy, but the Spiritual Strength of his Astral Souls. 

At the moment, all except Ori was sealed. Even still, it exceeded his limit. That limit was even further pushed than when Kratos was the leading Astral Soul. Ori ’s ’Divine ’ aspect was not for show. All things spiritual, be it pressure, energy reserves, strength, aura, or sense was several times that of non-divine astral souls of the same type and foundation. King was the same. 

However, at the moment, Ori ’s wood origin astral force was thoroughly working to repair his muscle fibers, meridians, and fractured bones from the damage of unleashing his spiritual sense. In a way, he was nearly crippled physically. He tried to use the Mark of Eden earlier, but when he unleashed a strand of lifeforce, it was sucked away by a strange power and vanished entirely.

It was likely due to the lifeforce being pure, unrefined life energy. The act of producing War Souls conflicted with it, so after testing it, he decided against trying to force it. He could only use the power that belonged to solely himself, so his ninth-grade pills and elixirs supplemented by Ori ’s wood origin force will have to do.

”I wonder if that female titan lived, ” Wei Wuyin asked himself as he walked slowly towards where he roughly remembered the former location of his cataclysmic fall.. He added with a faint smile, ”I hope she did; she had a courageous heart. ”

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