Paragon of Sin

Chapter 717 - 712: Soldier Of War Accepted Without Issue

ll of Wei Wuyin ’s preliminary information, and the most notable was his place of origins: Grand Cyclic Stellar Region. 

°I thought that stellar region was…° The Company Leader ’s thoughts were rummaging through his memories. While the event had taken place long before his birth, happening roughly eighty thousand years ago, the Grand Cyclic Stellar Region was once ruled by titans and taught as an important location in their historical studies. 

According to his history teacher, the Grand Cyclic Stellar Region was named after the Grand Cyclic Titanic Emperor, a Worldly Saint of their race. He was immensely talented, incredibly powerful, and outright an ambitious character with a dauntless demeanor, yet met an untimely end at the hands of a Star-Devourer. A figure that had the slightest chance of becoming a Heavenly Saint had died to a celestial entity. 

How unfortunate…

Furthermore, after that event, the Stellar Region had been segregated from the Azure-Prime Galactic Zone since, deliberately isolated by the Ascended Sovereigns. There was no concrete news regarding it thus far, except rumors that humans had somehow taken control of it.

Just like Captain Zun, this Company Leader of the titan race reacted the same way as he somewhat understood what happened to Wei Wuyin, and even the truths about the Grand Cyclic Stellar Region, ”So the rumors were true… ” There was even a similar tone of melancholy within his voice.

Wei Wuyin ’s brows faintly furrowed. He felt a strange sensation from those dark-brown eyes suffused with a little bit of frustration and helplessness staring at him.

For a full minute, the Company Leader merely stared at Wei Wuyin and then glanced at the Identity Rune. He was assigned to their Company, specifically the 49th Unit, by Battalion Commander Borus. He was unwilling to accept a human, but seeing that he was merely at the Sixth Stage of the Astral Core Realm, his death on the battlefield will be swift.



Sixth Stage of the Astral Core Realm? A mere Gravity Emission Phase cultivator? Impossible!

The eyes beneath that helmet bulged slightly. He started to inspect Wei Wuyin closely, finding that he was unable to glean into his cultivation base with precision or bloodline origin. How could a sixth stage Astral Core Cultivator send a ninth stage Astral Core Cultivator, and a titan at that, flying with a single palm?

With a more inspective gaze, he realized that Wei Wuyin had his eyes tightly shut, and there was a faint spiritual sense gathering information from the surroundings. To have such spiritual strength to casually emit out his spiritual sense, was this a Spiritualist? As if figuring out the answer to this conundrum, the Company Leader nodded his head as if to say: ”So that ’s it. ”

After settling this, his mind figured out what likely happened. Wei Wuyin had arrived with an unrefined Seed of War unintentionally and had been taken advantage of by Battalion Commander Borus, directly recruiting him and sending him off without explaining things about the seed. After all, every acquisition of a Seed of War must be submitted to headquarters with reason and can only be accepted if the arriving group, in this case, individual, was accepted into their battalion.

How cruel. Unfortunately, that was just how greedy and opportunistic their commander was. Instead of sending Wei Wuyin off to the human camp where he might be regarded as a talent and protected after offering his Seed of War, he was pushed onto titans who cared little about his tiny life, even considering him an intruder or spy at first glance. 

The very same pity that Captain Zun felt towards Wei Wuyin, now this Company Leader similarly felt.

Wei Wuyin was starting to feel slightly uncomfortable. It was strange to sense the air of pity in others. Even during his Scarlet Solaris Sect days, he wasn ’t pitied by anyone. However, he still kept his composure. ”Sir, is there an issue with my Identity Rune? ” 

The Company Leader sighed in his giant heart, returning the Identity Rune. ”There is none. I am Lieutenant Colonel Zun Torju, you may refer to me as such from henceforth. You ’ll be the 13th Member of the 49th Squad. Go, find your Squad Leader. ” After saying this, Zun Torju turned, and his aura grew fiercer, ”All of you! Listen… ”

As he proceeded to berate these men, he spoke out a tried and true speech in the hopes of delaying their fears. While he had lost control, as an Ascended, could he truly not have suppressed these men at the first sign of their disorderly nature? How could he not notice? 

He was deliberately allowing their fears to manifest so that he could deliver this speech, as he ’d done many times before. Despite its help in taming their fears for now, the fact he had to give this speech many times was quite telling of its efficiency.

Wei Wuyin was somewhat taken aback by the readied acceptance, including the casual dismissal after he ’d sent an armored titan flying for a thousand meters. After all, that was a Starlord-level titan, and he was a mere human. He expected more…he didn ’t know what he was expecting, just a little more.

Was there something he was missing? 

Wei Wuyin was a little frazzled as Zun Torju gestured for him to hasten. He gave a faint smile and shot off to find this Squad Leader of his, preferably to learn more about the Battlefield. When he finally found the cluster of 49th Unit insignias, he received strange gazes all around.

Deciding to take the initiative, he asked: ”Where ’s our Squad Leader? ” However, those words provoked even greater looks infused with strangeness. Two titans soon brought over, no, carried in an unconscious titan that had a palm-sized dent in his torso ’s armor. There was a faint trickle of blood leaking from the mouth area of his helmet.

Wei Wuyin recognized that figure, his eyes widened slightly.

Oh my…

Did he just…

Well, that was one way to make an impression.

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