Paragon of Sin

Chapter 68: Bai Lins Power

Several days had passed since that day. Many issues had been resolved, including the capture and swift sentencing of the Lei Clan. They once rode the dragon that was God Lei to the skies, and now they tasted the dirt.

Those who watched couldn ’t help but feel pity and sigh at the fates of men. It was fickle and any single decision, as long as it wished ill, could lead to incredibly horrid consequences. Right now, the Lei Clan was an example of a clan-exterminating decision having been made. A consequence that couldn ’t have been predicted.

Not many knew that Lei Yuan had taken advantage of Dai Qiuyue against the sect ’s rules, but they did know that God Lei had been put to death somehow. There were many speculations. The majority believed it was because of Dai Qiuyue having a powerful lover on the outside who came to find her. The minority felt that it was the Sect Leader taking the opportunity to sever a tumor.

While they entertained themselves with various possibilities, Wei Wuyin was looking outside an open window from a spacious room with a luxurious decor. The materials which the furniture was made of exuded all sorts of peaceful and gentle energies suitable to be absorbed, soothing the mind and body. While the walls filtered and refined ambient essence and funneled it into the run, so every causal breath was like a second of cultivation. It was quite extravagant.

He was located in the city nearest to the Jade Lotus Sect, Jade Blessed City. Unlike the sect, the city ’s qi arrays and spiritual formations weren ’t as powerful which allowed Wei Wuyin to relax. Therefore, he could afford a room of the highest luxury.

In this room, on his bed, were two naked bodies with flawless jade skin. They were softly touching each other in a mild embrace, hugging each other for warmth and comfort. They were both seemingly asleep, signs of redness on their thighs, breasts, and buttocks as if they were tightly squeezed without end.

Wei Wuyin sighed softly, sweeping his gaze behind him to see Dai Fei and Jiao Ning resting peacefully after quite an intense battle that lasted for several hours.

”I can last longer than before, I wonder if that ’s a benefit of a cultivation base increase? ” As he recalled his natural stamina, he surprised even himself. Usually, an hour or so and he was exhausted and quite finished. It would take quite a while before he could go another round.

He turned his gaze towards the full moon and saw its brilliance. Today ’s events were recalled in his mind. ”I ’ve succeeded in a surgical mind procedure. However, thinking about it, this is quite a dangerous ability. If I wanted, I could wipe out someone ’s memories or, if I figure out how, give them false memories. ”

His Eden Qi had a remarkable ability to enter the sea of consciousness and manipulate it. That could likely be a mutation due to the Alchemic Heart ’s unique properties. Regardless of how, it made him realize how dangerous it was. If he was truly vile, imagine the things he could do.


In the night sky, Bai Lin soared towards the window with Su Mei valiantly riding her. When they arrived, Su Mei saw Wei Wuyin ’s naked body from outside the room and blushed slightly, but quickly regained her composure. Wei Wuyin was her lord, and she didn ’t have any other thoughts towards him.

Of course, if he desired her, she wouldn ’t hesitate.

”Lord Wei, ” she greeted.

Wei Wuyin acknowledged her with a nod. He had sent her to handle the matter of relations with the Godlord of the Jade Lotus Sect, Qin Feng. He didn ’t go personally for various reasons.

Su Mei diligently reported, ”He extended his desire to become friends, and wishes to not become enemies. Furthermore, he accepted your offer for an exchange. He said that if he provides the materials for pills, pellets, elixirs, and paste he needs at the sixth grade, and you can concoct them, he ’s willing to accept your conditions. In exchange, he ’ll also agree to give seventy-five percent of each product ’s market valuation in essence stones or materials they have available after.

”Here ’s a list of what he requested, and the materials for it, ” Su Mei handed over a storage ring.

Wei Wuyin received it. As he did, he heard the sounds of someone breathing irregularly, and realized that Dai Fei had awakened. However, while she eavesdropped, Wei Wuyin didn ’t mind. Otherwise, he wouldn ’t have had this conversation out in the open.

He withdrew the list and looked it over.

He had over one thousand and thirty-one recipes of pills, three hundred and ninety pastes, eight hundred and seventy-seven elixirs, and one hundred and eight pellets in his mind. They included the very core of the Eden Earth Sect ’s legacy.

Therefore, he knew all the commonly known products on the market and signature ones specific to the Eden Earth Sect. He saw the Jade Spirit Pill, Yang Blazing Elixir, Spiritual Disruption Pellet, and Body Rejuvenation Paste among the list. These were sixth grade products that were highly valued and quite rare.

The Yang Blazing Elixir was a liquid that carried enormously refined and condensed yang energy. When consumed, its effect would be similar to Wei Wuyin, who cultivated an entire six months in the Yang Yore Fields, condensed into a few days. It was a miraculous time-saver and increased the chances of reaching the Fifth Stage of Qi Condensation, Yang Growth Phase.

The Spiritual Disruption Pellet, when thrown, explodes into dust particulates that can cause spiritual sense in a certain area to become nearly ineffective. It was perfect for escaping or ambushing. If prepared, a person can take a pill that counteracts the effect. If used, it would greatly give you a benefit over your opponent.

Not only would their spiritual sense become nearly ineffective, forcing them to use their normal mortal senses, but their ability to communicate with their actual spirit would be disrupted. It could greatly reduce the opponent ’s combat power. Mortal Gods power would drop by at least sixty percent.

”Sixth grade products truly aren ’t anything to joke about, ” he clicked his tongue as he recalled those effects. These were products suited for Seventh Phase to Ninth Phase experts, how could they be weak?

Su Mei was silent and waited for further orders.

Wei Wuyin pondered briefly before withdrawing materials to make a list of his own. Considering he knew what he was making, he now knew what he wanted in return. This will greatly ease his lack of wealth issue, and he could even create a few products for Su Mei ’s cultivation.

After he was done, he handed it to her. ”Tell him to have that prepared in three weeks. ”

Su Mei retrieved the list with care and nodded. She and Bai Lin took off back to the Jade Lotus Sect.

Wei Wuyin felt an aura fluctuate behind him. He turned and saw the sleeping Jiao Ning and pretender that was Dai Fei.

He grinned, ”You don ’t have to worry. I only needed two. The rest of that week…hehe. ”

Dai Fei ’s soft body trembled and she slowly opened her eyes.


In the morning, Jiao Ning and Dai Fei were situated in Wei Wuyin ’s residence. Dai Fei sat on a chair, facing a mirror mounted on a dresser, while Jiao Ning smilingly held a brush as she caressed it through her silky white hair.

”You have such beautiful hair, ” Jiao Ning praised. Her hands felt the silky texture and sheen of her white hair. It seemed particularly healthy and vibrant. When she compared it with her own, she felt a sense of inferiority. She merely had common black hair, and while it was taken care of, it lacked that vibrancy and lushiness.

”Thanks, ” Dai Fei said. While she sneakily took a glance at Jiao Ning ’s awed expression, she felt odd in her heart. Mere days ago, this woman had been a captive who had been subjected to two years of torture. She should, by all means, be twitchy or all sorts of damaged mentally, yet she seemed perfectly normal.

Whatever Wei Wuyin did, it was like he erased a portion of her life. She had never heard of an Alchemist capable of selectively removing memories, experiences, and all sorts of involuntary responses of the body. However, this woman had none of the common issues spring up when one was subjected to such disgusting and vile torture.

This was surprising, especially how she could easily enter a man ’s bed after all that and sleep without terrors emerging in her dreams. Even while they were engaging in such indecent acts, she had no discomfort and her reactions were authentic. At least, she couldn ’t find any irregularities, be it aura or expression.

”Sister Jiao, do…do you remember what has happened in the last two years? ” While she shouldn ’t ask, and she knew it, her curiosity had gotten the better of her as she probed. With Wei Wuyin currently out, she could sate her curiosity, but she still felt a pang of guilt.

Jiao Ning was slightly startled by the question. ”Two years? ” Her words were accompanied by an expression of contemplation, recalling from her memories. After a brief pause she said, ”Yes I do. Dai Qiuyue got into trouble, and we were all imprisoned until he came to rescue us. ” Her eyes gleamed with hot emotion when she thought about Wei Wuyin.

”… ” Dai Fei was silent. She felt it would be inappropriate to further probe in fear that it might trigger something. She already had a hint of guilt for asking, threatening a relapse of her experiences that Wei Wuyin had sealed somehow.

What she didn ’t know was that Jiao Ning ’s memories had been surgically removed from her mind. She could not recall what she did nor did she have memory of it in her consciousness.

Those memories can ’t and won ’t ever appear again.

While they talked, a violent scene was happening within the Jade Lotus Sect.


A splash of crimson blood rained as a head was sent flying. The headless torso belonged to a middle-aged man with greying hair at his temples.

Su Mei held a saber, still dripping with fresh blood as she stood over this body. With her black, slim combat armor, her hair tied back, and her sharp gaze, she gave off a reaper-like feeling as she sent a man to hell.

She was careless a little as a splash of blood touched her left cheek. The gleaming color was ominous and terrifying. She casually wiped it away as she retrieved a transmission crystal.

”Target Eliminated. ” Was the message. Her eyes were the picture of serenity. She brought up a ball of flames and sent it towards the body and head, engulfing it entirely. This was the first target on her list.

Up in the Jade Lotus Sect ’s Grand Jade Palace, Qin Shui, the Vice-Sect Leader of the Jade Lotus Sect and Qin Feng, the Sect Leader and only Godlord of the Sect. They were quietly sitting on a cultivation mat.

Qin Shui had a pouting expression, a child-like expression she would only ever reveal before this brother of hers. ”Did you really give them permission to hunt and kill all those that had abused that woman? ” A hint of annoyance carried within her voice.

While she understood the reasoning from a certain perspective, giving Wei Wuyin the right to execute those of their sect left a bad taste in her mouth. They were one of the Five Grand Sects! Wasn ’t this an affront to their dignity? Moreover, if it were to get out that they offered up their own members without oversight, the spit and ridicule that would follow could drown their title.

After all, who would want to join, respect, or be loyal to a sect willing to abandon them at the drop of a hat?

Qin Feng was well-known as being cautious and passive. In fact, it was his most dominant personality feature. If not, when Wei Wuyin arrived in his arrogant glory, who wouldn ’t try to immediately eliminate such a troublemaker? Despite that, Qin Feng ’s talent and strength can sweep through the lands, so no one could truly criticize him to his face. Only this sister of his could express her dismay freely.

Qin Feng also understood her thoughts, but those members were irrelevant to the big picture. Wei Wuyin was a Lord Alchemist, capable of concocting sixth-grade alchemical products. These were products suitable for cultivation all the way to the Godking level. A single pill of that grade cost more than their lives in his opinion.

”I ’ve entered a contract with God Wei, ” Qin Feng announced.

Qin Shui grew shocked. ”Contract? For what? ”

Qin Feng flipped his palm and revealed a clear bottle. Within this bottle was a single pill that emanated a pure, white glow. It was something Su Mei had personally delivered to him before initiating her executions. It was only due to this that Qin Feng had swallowed his unwillingness to allow strangers to act within his borders.

Qin Shui ’s heart shook. ”Is…is that?! ” She reached out subconsciously, nearly touching the bottle. Even while contained with that bottle, how could she not recognize the Jade Qi emanating from the pill.

Qin Feng nodded, a slight smile on his face. ”This is a sixth-grade Jade Spirit Pill. ” With this, his sister would have no objections. A Jade Spirit Pill was a cultivation pill. When consumed, the dense and refined, yet incomparably gentle, Jade Qi within the pill can be absorbed and increase, if not guarantee, one ’s chances of giving birth to a Heart of Jade Qi.

”A…a…but… ” Qin Shui stammered. While they had Lord Alchemists, their success rate with this pill was abysmal. Out of the last twenty years and more than a thousand attempts, they ’ve only succeeded making two. On top of that, they were both low-quality pills!

While products as a whole tier were divided by grades, their quality was further divided into low, high, and peak. The higher the quality, the less impurities and energies contained with, the more effective and miraculous the product was. For example, a low-quality Jade Spirit Pill can directly increase the chances of transforming a cultivator ’s Heart of Qi by ten percent, regardless of being a man or woman.

While high-quality was forty-percent and peak-quality was ninety-percent. And, this was INCREASED chances, not factoring in your own personal efforts and strides towards your goal. Furthermore, for those who have Heart of Jade Qi, this could be used to help Qi reach its Sublime state faster than normal essence cultivation, helping Mortal Gods at the Sixth Phase to ascend to the Seventh Phase.

Qin Feng uncorked the bottle and a pure jade mist swiftly filled the entire room. They both simultaneously took a deep breath as their Hearts of Qi were stimulated by the aroma.

”It ’s high-grade! ” Qin Shui exclaimed, her heart was wildly racing away. ”No wonder, no wonder. ” She no longer dared to pout nor express her thoughts. In fact, her previous feelings towards Su Mei slaughtering these men were that she wished there was more later, so they can extort another pill. This thought shamelessly lingered in her thoughts.

Qin Feng corked the bottle and kept it. With a slyly grinned as he said, ”I ’ve made a contract with Godlord Wei. ”

Now that she understood the implications, she could only smile knowing her brother was rubbing it in her face and teaching her a tiny lesson. And that lesson was: ”See the bigger picture. ”

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