Paragon of Sin

Chapter 700 - 695: Transcendent Benefits

hink it ’ll do? ” Ori cautiously asked, its voice incredibly tense as Wei Wuyin was about to consume it. The World-Light Refraction Elixir had nearly killed them, and its tensed state was fully warranted. After all, that was just an eighth-grade product.

”…Tch, ” King was usually dauntless in everything it did, but its sharpness was a little hesitant to swing at this moment. Still, he wasn ’t going to dissuade. A saber must strive forward without fear. Even in the face of certain death, its edge could end death itself. Was its thoughts as it hunkered down and prepared itself. 

Kratos ’ rapid heartbeat was the most noticeable. The experience of perceiving the Origin of All Light was felt by all of them. It was a ghastly feeling, like having one ’s soul pried open and seen by everyone. It was downright uncomfortable and invasive. 

Eden, on the other hand, was the prime example of cool, calm, and collected. As an Alchemic Eden Soul, how could it fear a product that it made? That would be completely ridiculous!

Wei Wuyin felt a tightness in his Sea of Consciousness. He winced slightly as the roots of Eden ’s spirit dug just a little deeper. He can ’t lie and say he wasn ’t a tad bit concerned. The thought of directly exploding had emerged more than once. 

Could a mortal even consume a ninth-grade transcendent product? He was skeptical. Very skeptical. Still, he had to brave such dangers to progress towards his maximum limits.

The Astral World-Deluge Pill was one of the main products that he had used to bolster his Astral Cores to seventy-three centimeters in size. They ’ve consumed over three hundred of these products each, so it shouldn ’t be too bad, right? 

Despite that, as the Transcendent Radiance Ring touched his lips, his entire body shivered and he heavily gulped. Shit! How embarrassing was this?! When did pills that he concocted have the ability to make him feel apprehension?

With a cold snort, he directly gulped the pill. His throat brightly lit with an azure-colored light, causing his nostrils and the space between his two lips to spew out azure radiance furiously. As it traveled downwards, its route could be visibly traced until it reached the area of his dantian.

King ’s astral core was vigilant. It seemed ready to eviscerate it at a moment ’s notice.

”Mine! Mine! Mine! ” But not everyone shared the cautious mind of its three siblings and one true father. With a joyful shout of excitement, Ori ’s Astral Core directly sucked the pill into it, directly bringing it to its Astral Soul. 

”… ” The four of them were utterly stunned. They were supposed to divide it amongst the four! What was Ori thinking?! However, none of them said a thing. They, with rapt attention like no other, observed Ori. 

The sounds of tense mental pulses could be heard by the four, causing Wei Wuyin vicious headaches. The sounds of ferocious heartbeats could be heard by the four, causing Weo Wuyin explosive body aches. The sounds of saber howls could be heard by the four, and Wei Wuyin ’s meridians felt an endless stabbing pain.

”Can you three just stop?! ” Wei Wuyin was in more pain than when he overly exhausted all his strength or was scorched by his own pellets until he was just a burnt piece of flesh! The latter of which was excruciatingly painful!

The three of them were just too tense at the moment. Ori ’s state had their paramount importance, so Wei Wuyin ’s shout led to nothing. He just had to suffer, unable to laugh or cry while they remained vigilant.

After a few hours of silent refining, Wei Wuyin was sprawled on the floor, not even paying any attention to anything anymore. The pain was too unbearable! They didn ’t let up, but intensified. His blood flow was all over the place, sometimes even reversing. His mind experienced split second black outs sporadically. They were incredibly frustrating! And his meridians were in constant pain, as if a torturer was just stabbing him deeper and deeper into his nerves. 

He was just done. 

Yet Ori was experiencing nothing except being drenched in azure light since the beginning. There was no violent change, no distress signal, and no chaotic reaction that might lead to severe bodily harm, like an explosion. Just…azure light…

If it wasn ’t for his understanding of Ori ’s personality, he might ’ve suspected that Ori was doing this on purpose to see him suffer. 

After his limits were pushed to its furthest, about to externalize his Astral Souls forcefully, Ori ’s delicate yet excited voice resounded: ”That felt good! So gooooood! ” 

Wei Wuyin ’s left eyelid violently twitched. But when he set his anger aside, inspected Ori ’s Astral Core, his eyes widened in abject shock! 

”What the hell?! ” Within his World Sea, he saw faint Mystic Runes! He could actually see them, clearly in fact! They floated within his Astral Core like fishes without a purpose, loose and free. The only times he ’s seen these runes were with his Alchemic Stars of Spiritual Transcendence, and they were as vague and hazy to their feasible limits.

But these mystic runes were as visible as inked letters in a book. There were at least three. Each of a different shape and structure. 

”… ”

Yet what truly shocked him was Ori ’s Astral Core. It had directly leapt from seventy-three to seventy-six centimeters! That was three whole centimeters off one single pill?! WHAT?! 




It had been a long time since his Astral Souls had left his body so disgustingly quick that his body ’s calibration went out of whack, and he felt his mind, heart, and meridians seemingly explode as he directly started to lose consciousness. The last thing he saw were three colorful spirits zipping to those eight ringed pills floating in the air, and a fourth, slightly bigger spirit, soon followed with a yelp of excitement and a competitive roar….

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