Paragon of Sin

Chapter 700 - 695: Transcendent Benefits

Other forces also received their purchasing rights, inducing jaw-dropping reactions and prompting deeply invigorated thoughts and decisions. Some were outright confused, especially the Elven Sanctuary ’s Elves. 

While Wei Wuyin had been the Holy Son of the Four Extreme Continent, very, very few even knew his real name or his capability as an alchemist. Not even Ai Yin and Ai Juling. While his combat prowess and talent was renowned, those abilities in the Alchemic Dao weren ’t ever revealed to them.

Furthermore, few considered his rumored relationship with Ai Yin with any merit. Even she had thought at one point that he hadn ’t considered her a true lover of his. It was only when he left that spiritually transmitted letter in the spatial ring that her feelings were directly dispersed, replaced with elation. Originally with Wei Wuyin for his Holy Bloodline, Ai Yi now felt herself develop all sorts of emotions.

This furthered with every legend he left behind in the Everlore Starfield, hearing of all his extraordinary feats. He was incredibly outstanding, and if anything, she felt slightly unworthy after being exposed to the elves ’ true situation in this greater world.

Was she truly of an inferior race? 

With his identity being mostly unknown at first, the elves felt that this was a bait to have them suffer, but after the Golden Life Pavilion assured them of its legitimacy with no ties or restrictions to this wealth, how could they refuse? They had even delved into questioning who this Grand Mortal Sovereign Alchemist truly was, finding out from Shui Jin, the former Ancestral Master of the Navy River Elves in the Four Extreme Continent and sole remaining Starlord, of his identity as the Holy Son.

While he had never come into contact with Wei Wuyin, he was one of the few aware that they were restricted in a trial for some unfathomable force. After all, Wang Yutian forcefully restricted his movements and cultivation, preventing him from disturbing the trial due to his high-level of cultivation. 

The rumored news about Wei Wuyin being a Chosen from the True Element Sect and having recently passed a trial, including originating from the starfield they were said to have been in during the Grand Demonstration, coming to this conclusion wasn ’t that difficult. This was furthered by his physical description, something every citizen of the Four Extreme Continent could verify. 

This led to Wei Wuyin ’s relationships being investigated by the five elven races. They soon located the Qing Clan from the Myriad Yore Continent and the Ai Clan of the Four Extreme Continent, bringing them to the central planet to be housed. After all, they had connections with Wei Wuyin…

And this figure had just bestowed then an extraordinary boon, so it was best that they kept those close to him nearby and in their view. Not out of suspicion…just as insurance. However, their treatment was indisputably perfect. They weren ’t prisoners, but they were protected and provided the best methods, arts, spells, environment, and resources. 

The Elven Race saw hope.

This was especially so in Ai Yin. While her branch of the elven race was considered lesser than the main branch, they gave her all sorts of authority and status. She was utterly flushed with a newfound identity due to her status as Wei Wuyin ’s lover.

While that was happening, unbeknownst to even Ai Yin, the elves were choosing their greatest female prides of the Exalted Elves, awaiting for his return. 

Yet there was an important figure not within the Elven Sanctuary—Qing Qiumu.

Her whereabouts? 



In the Ninestar Starfield, soaring through the Dark Void at a steady, pre-determined pace and direction was an archaically designed Voidship. Situated on this Voidship was the figure that everyone was seeking out, still causing cascading developments with every action of his. 

At the moment, that very same figure was sealed within a room within the Voidship, an exquisite saber formation surrounded the entire Voidship, thoroughly sealing the aura and any internally expelled emissions of energy. Thankfully too, because at the edges of the formation was Utmost Purity Mist that was absurdly thick. 

After being restricted to just a small area, the Utmost Purity Mist had condensed into almost liquid form. If it was allowed to be expelled, its reach would be extreme and downright noticeable by even Astral Core Realm Cultivators on other planets. The semi-permeable atmospheric layer would ’ve been easily breached. 

Wei Wuyin was currently thoroughly focused, with Bai Lin by his side. The fire phoenix expelled embers of nirvanic flames out at times. Her golden-colored eyes were affixed to the cauldron. She had rarely been introduced to the mysteries of the Alchemic Dao, but watching Wei Wuyin work, and his side-profile that was utterly focused and determined caused her heart to radiate admiration. 

Despite her role being fairly minor in terms of what needed to be done, she was putting in 110% effort to perfectly coordinate with Wei Wuyin. 

The process continued for four minutes, an entire array of changes of the seven methods went through a speedy yet stable transition. At the end of it, Bai Lin retreated a small distance, already experienced with the next set of events. Wei Wuyin executed a single hand-seal, his alchemical force poured out in copious amounts into the cauldron. Despite its small size, what could be considered enough to fill a small-sized planet ’s ocean worth of astral force was sent into the cauldron. 

”Ha! ” Wei Wuyin shifted hand-seals, and then clasped his hands into a ball. With a faint tremor in the air, the room shook slightly. This was the briefly manifested and dissipated manifestation. Wei Wuyin let loose a light breath, satisfaction painted his entire expression with a smile. 

With a wave, nine pills that were like nine azure-colored solar stars emerged. They each had Transcendent Radiance Belts! Their auras were otherworldly, touching the borders of Mortal and Mystic Daos. Awed by this, he couldn ’t help but start laughing in jubilation.

He had done it! 

He had used the Earthly Nine Concoction Method to great success for products at the ninth-grade, and even introduced mystic-graded materials to success! The Earthly Nine Concoction Method was a difficult method of the Alchemic Dao where an Alchemist concocts nine portions of materials simultaneously, attempting to mirror the process between them.

This allowed for a mass production of sorts. One of the core reasons why Wei Wuyin possessed so many alchemical products at once for the lesser grades was due to the advanced version of the Earthly Nine Concoction Method, the Thirty-Three Heavenly Method, which was far, far more difficult. 

In theory, if perfectly done, it could concoct nine or thirty-three products in the time it takes to perform a single successful concoction! This was his first time succeeding in concocting nine transcendent-quality ninth-grade products simultaneously! 

This process was incredibly taxing on one ’s reserves and mental energies. Furthermore, it was quite risky. Wei Wuyin could only carry a small cube of Terra-Mystic Ore, limiting his amount of transcendent-quality concoctions, so every failure meant one less potential product. He would need to return to Wu Yu and obtain another cube to replenish, or obtain it from somewhere else.

Allowing the nine pills to slowly float about in a strange orbit around him, Wei Wuyin was beside himself with joy. He thoroughly basked in this momentous accomplishment, knowing that it served as verification of his steady progression as an alchemist. 

In the Eden Earth Sect, back on the Myriad Yore Continent, his former teacher had once taught that an alchemist couldn ’t be considered an officially recognized alchemist of their rank until they could successfully concoct nine products simultaneously using the Earthly Nine Concoction Method.

While this was absurd and somewhat arbitrary in most cultivation civilizations, Wei Wuyin had always carried this belief in his heart and set it as a standard for himself.

With this session of concoction completed, he now felt as if he had finally reached the absolute limits of the Mortal-rank as an Alchemist. A wave of satisfaction coursed through his mind, heart, and soul that led to clearer thoughts.

Bai Lin pushed her head towards Wei Wuyin, receiving his instinctual caress on her head towards her neck. ”You did a great job, ” Wei Wuyin smilingly praised. She had worked hard, so she deserved all the applause and praise. After all, he couldn ’t have done it without her.

After a few minutes to regain his calm state of mind, he turned his attention to the nine high-tier, transcendent-quality, ninth-grade Astral World-Deluge Pill. It was the advanced version of the series of foundational enhancement products, the Astral Sea Pill, Astral Great Sea Pill, the Astral Ocean Pill, and Astral Great Ocean Pill. They were the pills that Wei Wuyin had been using to expand the quantity and quality of his astral force within his World Sea. 

Wei Wuyin ’s eyes brightened considerably, ”Let ’s see how impressive you are at the transcendent level.. ” He reached out for one.

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