Paragon of Sin

Chapter 676 - 671: Other Starfields

r the mysterious Void Voyage Sect that kept a low profile. 

The agreements and oaths made by the Tian Clan after the civil war kept internal competition between forces at an all-time low. A prime example of this was the True Element Sect. Due to agreements and oaths, the World Sect was divided by various internal forces and the strongest external forces couldn ’t capitalize on this weakness. Unable to seize a healthy bite of that delectable snack.

As for the other three starfields with Mystic Radiance Belts, they were ruled by a singular power. Those forces that wished to strike out as independent entities in their territory were booted out of the starfield at best, thoroughly eliminated at worst. The latter of which was mostly to prevent rebellions and chaos over territory. Very few had the luxury as the sixteen mystic-tier forces had in the Aeternal Sky Starfield.

Almost every force of the sixteen forces were established by clans or forces that had stayed neutral or allied with the Tian Clan for certain benefits. Some collapsed due to their own civil disputes or weakness, others breached their oaths and were viciously absorbed or destroyed, while most merged together and eventually became World Sects. 

With the complicated history of the Aeternal Sky Starfield, the division of their ample resources, and the passivity of the current Imperial Clan, they weren ’t feared as when divided, only when united. 


In the Grand Cyclic Stellar Region, there was a starfield with nine titan-sized Solar Stars of uniformed size, all being of the same type, emitting a yellow-colored radiance. Solar Stars were classified in sizes by five types, from smallest to largest: Dwarf, Titan, Colossus, Supermassive, and Absolute.

While the ranges were varied, with some dwarfs being three times as large and bright as others, there was a general rule in terms of size. All dwarfs had a minimum official size, and this minimum size, when multiplied by ten, becomes a titan-sized. The next stage, Colossus, is ten times a titan-sized minimum. Supermassive is one hundred times the minimum of a colossus, and Absolute is one thousand times the minimum of a supermassive Solar Star. 

The vast majority of Solar Stars were dwarfs, including the three Solar Stars of the formerly known Tri-Vision Starfield, publicly named Everlore Starfield. 

The nine titan-sized stars were at the bare minimum, and they all had white rings around them. They were all Solar Stars with Mystic Radiance Belts! They orbited each other in a strange, perfect rhythm that was harmonious. Despite there being nine stars present, night still came periodically to all the planets, lunar satellites and continental flat earths. 

One could tell that the orbit was intricately designed with a specific purpose, orchestrated with excellent direction and perfected distance. As they coursed through their orbit, few planets lacked the proper essence exposure, even those at the edge of the starfield weren ’t starved or neglected.

The nine stars weren ’t all at the center of the starfield, resembling more like lunar satellites orbiting its center like a planet. The Solar Stars weren ’t in motion, however. The planets just orbited faster, moving along an accelerated path thanks to the gravitational forces emitted by each individual solar star. 

This was the Ninestar Starfield, renowned by the Grand Cyclic Stellar Region as the second strongest entity behind the Aeternal Sky Starfield, ruled by the Ninestar Sainthall and home to the highly prestigious Ennea-Hall Alchemic Saint! 

And at this exact moment, a man and beast arrived at its borders through a Void Portal.. They were unaware of the chaotic and high-octane events that they would soon experience.

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